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    Rather than give a short introduction I will give the full story and then parts of maybe some future postings will have been explained.

    I’m 50 years old. 5’ 10” tall, 154 lbs, blue eyes and brown hair.
    I’m semi retired from my own business.
    I married at 21 and divorced at 32. I’ve been single ever since.
    I’ve had approx 52 partners, some short term, some longer.
    I’m uncut and rather ‘well endowed’; have a slight upward curve and so I’ve been told a rather unusual ‘tapered’ shape. My (ex) wife was a nurse and jokingly referred to it as a ‘natural vaginal dilator’. Several partners have commented that they perhaps wouldn’t have enjoyed the full thickness, without the gradual ‘opening–up’ my shape caused during slow penetration.
    Length 8¼”; circumference varying from 5¼” just below head, 6” midway, 6½” at base.
    When first seen my erection has been met with surprise and shock. And although I’ve never had a ‘refusal’, even fear and (initial) reluctance by some. Others have expressed the opposite reactions. I have personally found that although they don’t all necessarily want/need one, most women are curious about large ones. Some will even see them as a challenge to their ‘feminine abilities’ and upon ‘taking’ one successfully will be almost triumphant. There are some, sometimes unkindly called “size queens”, who because of their own natural vaginal size or from being stretched by repeated childbirth, who actually need a large one (at least in girth) to ‘feel anything’.
    I have only, unsuccessfully, tried anal once. My partner did ask for it but cried off before I was hardly a quarter in. Several partners have literally panicked at the thought that this might be going to be attempted when being put into ‘doggy’ position’ my knob had accidently touched their anus.
    For my early years I hated my penis.
    I became ‘capable’ at 10 years old when my penis was 7” long. My parents took me for medical advice because I was so ‘unusual’. That was a real confidence booster – not - to a lad who didn’t understand the changes that were taking place in him.
    At school I was regarded as a freak and called many names.
    I reached my present size at approx 16. Whilst boys of the same age were having sex no girls would consider trying it with me.
    I first attempted sex at 17 – due to my inexperience and size it was a mutually painful, humiliating experience.
    I didn’t see her again.
    A few weeks later I was ‘seduced’ by a 28 year old divorced woman, with 3 children.
    As a frustrated teenager with raging hormones it didn’t take much doing.
    Over several months she taught me the responsibilities of being well endowed and how to ‘use’ it without causing discomfort, even pain, for mutual pleasure and satisfaction, along with all the many other pleasurable things associated with sex. We saw each other 3 or 4 times a week for about 6 months.
    I have thanked that woman for what she taught me ever since, knowing that without her I could have suffered more years of frustration, unsatisfactory relationships, unhappy and possibly hurt partners.
    Several years later, when I met her again, she told me that she was the older sister of the girl with who my first attempt had been so disastrous. She said that when they had been discussing sex her sister had told her about my size causing her so much pain and as her ex had been ‘well endowed’ and she’d been missing it, she had decided to find out about me for herself. This taught me an important lesson about how some women talk, how some women are curious about and some even needful of a larger than average erection.
    I had maybe fifteen partners before I eventually married.
    My marriage was sexually happy but due to my work commitments was not successful.
    Women Talking.
    My wife had a very close group of 8 friends. Of these 5 were married and 3 divorced. Three of them had had four children, four of them had had three, one of them none.
    After she left it was about 3 months before her “best friend” offered to ‘console’ me. I took her up on her offer.
    With-in 12 months the remaining 7 had offered their ‘services’. I took them all up.
    From comments that slipped out from all of them during more intimate moments it eventually transpire that my (ex) wife had discussed my ‘equipment’. Finding this out did at first annoy me and I felt ‘used’ for what I had, not who I was but I quickly realised that I had also been ‘using’ them.
    What ever my (ex) wife had discussed she had at least, unintentionally, given me a ‘good reference’.
    Since then I have had twenty four (?) partners, none (I think) that initially knew of my endowment. Whether by some subconscious selection none of them have, luckily, been virgins and have been experienced, or very experienced singles, married, divorced or widowed.
    I have had one relationship of over two years with a divorced woman who I intended to marry but who very unfortunately got killed and my present one of just over twelve months with a widow eleven years younger than me.
    Did I/do I feel any guilt about married women? No! It “takes two to tango” and nobody forces them. The only things that do force them are inattentive husbands; sexually selfish husbands, sexual mismatching of size (natural or otherwise caused) and the frustration these can cause in a healthy woman.

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