New immigration points system plan

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    Border and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said:
    "Our new points system means that British jobseekers get the first crack of the whip and that only the skilled migrants we actually need will be able to come.
    "By moving points up or down, we can make sure the numbers we allow in to the UK are in line with the needs of business and the country as a whole.
    "When we set the points pass mark, we will listen to independent advice - the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the needs of the economy, and the Migration Impacts Forum (MIF) on the effect of migration on society."
    Employers who break the rules and employ illegal workers are already facing much tougher sanctions.

    This was actually 'unveiled' just over two years ago and is similar (in principle) to the Australian and Canadian systems. The timing is coincidental with recent reports of 'large' numbers of predominately Eastern European immigrants apparently migrating elsewhere and numbers of new arrivals falling.

    UK Border Agency | Tighter new rules for skilled foreign workers
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