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Do you think that the really hot Str8/Married guys would let a guy suck their cock?

  1. If so, in what situation?

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  2. Only the good looking ones?

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  3. Only the unattractive ones?

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  4. When they are in a fight with their wife or girlfriend?

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  5. When they are separated or broken up?

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  6. When they are drunk?

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  7. When they are on a trip?

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  8. When they are by themselves and no other friends they know?

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  1. DavidBriggs

    DavidBriggs New Member

    Jan 14, 2012
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    I am new to this site.
    Somehow I saw a picture of yunghungdad ("YHD") and I followed the thread to here. Who could resist "YHD", I am a pretty masculine guy and had a lot of good looking guys in my time, but he does take your breath away. One night with him and you think all the problems of the world would be solved. A pretty high torch to hold. Or am I over fantasizing it. :). Maybe I am just horny. Definitely fun to go to bed thinking about.
    On to better things, I have a hot BF of 18 years. I am sure he would agree with me about YHD but he would never verbalize it (that would be too un-masculine). I think we have a problem with that in our relationship. Trying to be too masculine. Not letting our guard down.
    We have 3 incredible sons, Josh 27 (my foster son), Brett 26 (Jim's biological son from his first marriage), and Shane 25 ( Jim's youngest son from his first marriage). They are incredible guys, very well rounded and gay friendly. Brett is married with 2 small children a beautiful wife and Shane and his girlfriend are expecting. We have a very full life.
    We have a 50' Christ Craft "Constellation" power boat in Long beach that we take out once in a while. I have a very successful construction/design firm in Pasadena that keeps us very busy. My mother was a very well known interior designer in Los Angeles and I inherited a lot of her class when it comes to design. That has been truly a gift and one of my main reasons for success. We remodel homes on the side for "spec" purposes.
    We live a normal life in LA. We live in Pasadena by the Rose Bowl. We have a lot of friends all over the country.
    Hoping to meet more as this life progresses to the next stage.
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