New Mandingo movie coming, need ID on a girl...

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    So here it is:

    Mandingo's Cougars - WCP Club

    I don't know why I even pay attention to Mandingo's movies anymore because the women are usually not too hot, and the scenes usually lack any notable chemistry... but his dick is so perfect for porn that I still hold out hope that he'll do at least one or two more scenes with a true size queen who finds a way to get off on it.

    Anyway, I have no interest in Katie Kox (weird giant aureole, and a terrible actress), Klarissa Leon (it says Leow, moronically enough), or Cynthia Vellons (serious butterface action on these last two), but I think the two other blondes might make the grade. I know the one that looks more like a natural blonde is "Jamey Janes," and that scene definitely has potential, but the other, dark roots dyed blonde is billed as "Heather Hunter" on the box. This can't be right (she's obviously not the Heather Hunter of old), or if it is then she hasn't done any work elsewhere. I'd like to see some photos of this girl so I know whether to expect a decent scene, because I'm damn sick and tired of the way they use the most flattering shots of not-so-hot ladies on most Mandingo covers so that you'll be fooled into thinking there might actually be the potential for more than just one truly hot pornstar in his movies.

    Anyway, can anyone help me out on this ID?
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