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    where you wouldnt want to
    Hi, I'm SBK (yes I like superbike) :)
    I decide to post becase just 5 hours ago I lost my virginity and it felt weird but so unimportant at the same time :frown1:
    I talked to this girl and I ended up at here place and when the time came ... I couldn't get it up and it wouldn't go up ... I tried almost everything. finally it did go up like 75% and I fucked her a little and then I came but to tell you the truth I didn't feel almost anything ... maybe I was too nervous and the condom was too thick? It didn't feel right at all and I know I wont do it with that girl any time soon (never actually)... maybe when I'll have a GF, maybe then it will be enjoyable because now I can say that I just got rid of the big V stamped on my forehead and nothing else ....
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