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    I'm trying to grow into my user the moment I'm short and fat. Well, I'll still be short...but I've given myself till my next birthday (October) to lose 12" off my waist. It'll take "quite a bit" of work, but at just a bit more than an inch a month, it's achievable.

    But, since getting fat, my underwear has gotten bigger...and more (and more) poorly fitted. Not a huge deal, when sitting and typing...but a massive problem when active, like when doing cardio. It's become an issue, and it needs to be addressed.

    Google research has revealed that I have a fairly large package, and that I hang low (but nothing approaching some of the monstrous statistical outliers posted on this forum!!!), which explains why I have always required support. In the past, boxers and freeballing have never worked. I need the support of briefs, and have recently tried my first jock straps, which at least contain me, without falling out or spilling over.

    My problem is that I can't find briefs with proportions that actually hold me in and up, without cutting off circulation. And, I've not yet found a jock strap that has a pouch of sufficient size...they're supportive, and do hold me in, but "squish me" in. My jock straps are insufficiently comfortable to wear in lieu of briefs.

    Based on some of the posts here, it would seem that pouch briefs would be appropriate, but many don't come in a 44" waist...and frankly my weight is going to be changing so much, that I'm not ashamed to admit that cost *does* matter! Remember, I'm aiming to lose a FOOT off my waist in the next year. I don't want to spend $20 or more per pair, every other month!

    Honestly, I'm here to get some help. So I'll just ask. HEELLLP!!! I know what the problem is...I don't yet know how to formulate the questions.

    It's kind of a weird place to be.
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