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    Finnmark: This is really more of a plea than the start of a thread.

    As of this moment on this day LPSG has 10076 members. They are the most varied lot of people (men and women) you could imagine. Straight and gay. Old and young. 'Well-equipped' and (in spite of the title) average or 'modest'. From many countries and continents. I live in the UK, and have not been part of it for very long (some are 'founder-members'!), but already have felt myself to be in the company of interesting friends, who - in spite of the title of the group - have many 'other interests', though no doubt one thing in common!

    Membership lists have just reached 288 pages, and I have spent just a little time checking back on the most recent 20. These pages total 696 recent new members, of whom just 18 have contributed a 'post'. Scanning back further the percentage contribution is still tiny.

    I think this is rather sad and disappointing for all of us. Each individual has some point-of-view, some experience, some worry maybe, to share and thus support the whole. Who knows what encouragement we may gain from each other. That's been my experience in a short time anyway. It is a forum in which we may talk with a frankness and freedom (and, yes, anonimity!) that is quite impossible elsewhere. For many that is a great release.

    So, to new and not-so-new members from whom we have not yet heard ... the warmest of welcomes from a friendly crowd! Please come and join us - and enjoy!
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