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    I am a new member, a small dick leather sub. On here, looking for cam master(s).

    Ilike young, hard, dominant tops who like to hard fuck, use and humiliate a slave, inflict CP, CBT and TT, use a slave as an object, as a toilet, ashtray or pimp out. I wil lick boots and ass. I will do anything a young Master says.

    I have a very small dick. Often guys laugh or feel sick when they see my dick. Another, when first inspecting me, said my even my nipple was bigger. He also said my dick was so repulsive he felt like puking.
    My Master says as I have no dick, I have to have my cunt fucked by guys who do have one.

    I like to serve young dominant tops who enjoy using and humiliating a small dick slave.

    Photos in gallery.

    Available for use as ashtary nd toilet as well as for CP.CBT, anal, oral, ws, verbal/gob, boot licking and general worship.
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