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New Story: "Tricolore" (Straight)

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by nikubashira, Apr 7, 2010.


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  1. nikubashira

    nikubashira Lurker

    Jan 1, 2007
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    Hello all,

    This is a story I've been writing that I thought I would post here for your enjoyment. It is inspired by the style of many other stories I have seen and enjoyed on this site and others - here is my way of giving back a bit. I will update as often as possible, but will likely not be more often than every 1 - 2 weeks. As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

    Part I.​

    When one is in Pont-Neuf on a Saturday night, there is no better place to be than Tricolore. It could well be the best venue in the best party city in the world, Paris. To go on a Saturday is key, as the entire club is transformed according to a theme, be it a humid jungle, a “disco inferno”, or a masquerade ball. This night, however, was the club’s signature party, the Tricolore dance party. Each person wears a button showing one of the three colors from the French flag. A white button shows the person wearing it is mostly interested in dancing. A person wearing a blue button is looking for a dance, and perhaps a phone number, or a stolen kiss. A red button signifies that that person is looking for nothing simpler than to “get lucky”. You don’t need to be an expert in sociology to imagine how this type of party goes. On the one hand, wearing a red button is honest. On the other hand, it’s a little obvious. Wearing a white button could be seen as a signal to stay away. Conversely, it could be seen as a challenge. For twenty-four year old Natsumi, the choice was clear. She had a huge amount of excess energy, and she wanted to dance like a maniac all through the night.

    “It’s so loud, you can even hear it from outside!”, said Yvette, Natsumi’s roommate.

    “I know! Good thing I brought ‘protection’!” Natsumi replied.

    Yvette looked confused for a second, and then realized Natsumi was talking about earplugs, which she was now removing from her tiny purse. The two young women were waiting in the closely packed line-up to get into the club. Yvette noticed that Natsumi had worn a brand new dress that night, a low cut, slinky black one-piece with gold accents that emphasized her slim waist and long, luscious legs. Yvette herself was young and fairly pretty with her long blonde hair, but she had always been jealous of her friend’s amazing figure. While Yvette had had many more boyfriends than Natsumi, she recognized that guys always noticed Natsumi first. Trouble was, Natsumi would always find something wrong with all of the guys that tried to date her. Too aggressive, bad taste in clothes, needy, and so on.

    Yvette had never seen her bring a guy home, but she was always trying to make Natsumi unleash her wild side. She knew it was there, because she would often hear muffled moans coming from Natsumi’s room late at night, as she screamed into a pillow during long, intense masturbation sessions. It was true. Nature had blessed Natsumi in many ways, but her incredibly tight and amazingly sensitive pussy was the one she loved the most, especially after she had discovered it was capable of orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Natsumi was very proud of it, and kept it shaved completely smooth, not for anyone in particular, but mostly for herself. Any porn photographer might have paid thousands of euros for five minutes of camera time in front of that beautiful pink slit. She often wondered if there were any men out there that could completely satisfy her. She had only slept with three men – one had good stamina, one had good technique, and one was above average in size. Is it too much to ask for someone with all three? She wondered.

    Finally, the girls got inside. The club was indeed louder on the inside, and filled with dancing lights and stage fog. The layout was that of a large circular dance floor surrounded by several smaller, elevated platforms. Off at the sides were placed several L-shaped sofa chairs for lounging, with one bar at the front and one at the back. Young, well-dressed men and women from various social scenes all over Paris were here tonight, everyone from fashion designers to financiers. Natsumi and Yvette were directed to the button table, where an attendant asked them which button they wanted. They had agreed in advance that they would both choose a blue button. Middle ground. Perfectly respectable, if a little boring. Yvette did just that, but Natsumi asked for a white button, speaking French with a slight Japanese accent.

    “Blanc, s’il vous plaît”.

    “Oh, come on, Nacchan!”, cried Yvette. “Have a little fun!”

    Natsumi smiled demurely and replied, “Don’t worry, I think I’ll have my hands full no matter what color I wear, judging from the crowd here”. Yvette looked past the crowd to where Natsumi was looking, and saw three young French guys at the bar checking Natsumi out. They looked like they were in college. Yvette took Natsumi’s arm and the two ladies walked past them, arm in arm, while the three guys looked them over. One tried to meet Natsumi’s eye, to give her a wink, but she didn’t even look at him. The other two were hypnotized by her breasts, which were a perfect ten. Full and round they were, with the very pointiest of cute brown nipples. Her boobs had grown recently, forcing her to buy new bras. Tonight, she had decided to wear her “scoop” bra, which produced a very hot cleavage line of the type that, if seen during the day, might cause traffic accidents. As she walked past, she gave her tight little ass a bit of an extra wiggle, just to drive the boys crazy as they stared. Perhaps she would think of one of those boys when she pleasured herself later that night. Or, if she was especially horny, all three of them.

    “Come on, time for a drink!”, said Yvette insistently. “We don’t have to drive, so we can drink as much as we want!” That was definitely one of the advantages of living in the city – you could take the Metro anywhere. Even though neither of the girls typically drank hard liquor, she knew it was going to be a long night, so she ordered two Jäger bombs for her and her friend. For energy! They downed them quickly, and immediately they both regretted it.

    “Wow, why did we get these… Red Bull really tastes gross…” Yvette said.

    “Why not let me get you something tastier then?” A deeper voice said from behind them. It was the French guy from down the bar, the one who tried to wink at Natsumi. She turned around to face him, and noticed that his two friends were behind him.

    “My name is Marc. My friends and I think you are very beautiful. Why don’t you and your friend come and dance with us?”

    Up close, Natsumi could see his features more clearly. He had dark, wavy hair, with fine features and greyish eyes. To her, he looked a bit like a tanned version of the lead singer from Green Day. Natsumi didn’t say a word, but turned around from the bar, heading towards the dance floor. She glanced back over her shoulder to see if they followed. They all did. Yvette had started talking to the other two guys, who she soon learned were named Antoine and Gilles. All three of the men had red buttons, she noticed. A pulsing beat filled the dance floor as Natsumi began to swing her hips, finding her groove easily, her gorgeous tits bouncing in time with the music, stimulating her nipples against the smooth satin of her bra. Some kind of Daft Punk knockoff was playing; many of Natsumi’s favourite clubs played similar music. She couldn’t get enough of it. She closed her eyes and swayed her body with the rhythm. She barely noticed as Marc moved in closer to her, his arms and legs occasionally brushing against hers. The club was already crowded and hot. The energy was building with each song, and Natsumi could feel herself getting excited. She was starting to perspire.

    As the night progressed, Marc became more and more direct with his advances. Natsumi had only one more drink, a Shady Lady that Yvette brought her, but she refused all others. The guys, on the other hand, were definitively hammered. One of them, Gilles, had already gone off to try and pick up other girls, and now Marc and Antoine both seemed to be trying to get Natsumi’s attention, watching her move her hips. She smiled - their dancing showed exactly how much they had drunk. She looked over at Yvette, who was now dancing with another guy, who didn’t look French. He was fairly tall, with brown hair, slim but muscular. “Nice job, Yvette…” she thought to herself. Then she saw his eyes. They had an intensity to them she had never seen before, dark and brown. These were eyes of a person that knows all your secrets, somehow, despite being a perfect stranger. Before she could get a better look at him, though, Marc had spun her around, holding onto both her hands. He was getting bolder and bolder, she thought. He put his hands on her hips, and moved in close. She felt his warm breath, and smelled his aftershave.

    “So you think you’re pretty smooth, don’t you, loverboy?” she asked him semi-flirtatiously.

    Marc replied, “Well, I don’t see you complaining about all this attention…“

    He wrapped his arms around Natsumi, and started grinding his hips into hers. She could tell he was getting aroused from the hard lump in his pants. She didn’t push her body against his, but she didn’t move away either. She realized she was getting horny, even though she had just come to dance. But she realized Marc was not the reason for her horniness. It was the man that Yvette was dancing with, the one with the dark eyes. Although Yvette was in his arms, he didn’t seem to be looking at her. He was looking at Natsumi, and something about that fact was making her panties soaked. She found herself looking for the color of his button. White!! What on earth does that mean?
  2. nikubashira

    nikubashira Lurker

    Jan 1, 2007
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    She needed to know more. She excused herself from Marc, and signalled to Yvette that she was going to the washroom.

    “Did you see that guy I was dancing with?” Yvette said to Natsumi breathlessly.

    “Yeah, I saw. He’s good looking, but he looks like an American. Not really my thing.”

    “No, he’s a Canadian!” said Yvette. “He’s only in Paris for another ten days or so. And he’s smart too! He’s only been learning French for two weeks!”

    “Yeah, but they study French in Canadian schools, remember?” countered Natsumi.

    “Whatever, you’re just jealous you’re not dancing with him. You know, I heard Canadian guys have pretty big dicks. I’m gonna try to take him home. What about you? Does Marc seem like your kind of guy?”

    “I don’t know him at all!” said Natsumi.

    “That’s not what I’m asking – do you or do you not want a fuck tonight?”

    Natsumi thought about her answer. She suspected she could probably have her choice of many of the single guys in the club (as well as some of the ostensibly taken ones), but she didn’t like one night stands. “No, Marc just seems like a typical French guy. All talk. He’s way too drunk – I’m sure he’d fall asleep right after he shot his first load.”

    Yvette laughed at Natsumi’s unexpected response. “Oh yeah, I forgot… you’re still looking for your “Sexual Superman”. Good luck girl, because he doesn’t exist. Maybe when I’m done with Dylan, I’ll loan him to you if he has any juice left, hee hee.”

    “Aha!” Natsumi thought. “So his name is Dylan.”

    Back on the dance floor, Marc was nowhere to be seen. Natsumi found Marc’s friend Gilles and asked where he had gone, but he didn’t know. “Maybe he’s in the washroom… he looked a little sick a second ago. I’m feeling fine though. You’re Natsumi, right? Do you go to school around here? I’m applying to law school.”

    “Oh, then you should talk to my friend Yvette! She’s in law school right now, maybe she can help you with your application!”

    Gilles looked disappointed as Natsumi shuffled him over to Yvette, but he got a little happier when he noticed Yvette had switched her blue button over to a red one! Natsumi glanced around, looking for the man she had seen before. She didn’t need to look far, as Dylan had already found her. The two walked towards each other, to meet in the middle of the dance floor. Natsumi had thought of a great opening line, but she would never get a chance to say it. The next few seconds seemed to occur in slow motion.

    First, she could hear the sound of breaking glass as a bottle smashed on the ground. Two men were pushing each other near the back of the bar, and one had knocked a number of beer bottles off a table. Dylan saw this, looked back at Natsumi with a pained expression, and then dashed back to where the fight was happening. A bouncer stepped in to break up the fight, but he was knocked over as the two men crashed into him, causing all three of them to tumble down a small set of stairs onto the main dance floor. Dylan ran over to the scene, shouting.

    “Chris, what the fuck, man! You always fucking do this!” He tried to separate Chris and his opponent, a long-haired man, but the bouncer pushed Dylan aside. While the bouncer’s back was turned, the long-haired man got loose, picked up a chair, and smashed it over the bouncer’s back. Fragments of wood flew everywhere.

    “Pin him down!” yelled Chris, attempting to grab the troublemaker’s arms, but his words were cut short as a wild-eyed man wearing a vest punched him in the side of the head. He went down. Dylan pushed his way through, charging at the long-haired man, tackling him and immobilizing his legs. Other bouncers had arrived now, and the scene was starting to get out of hand. The long-haired man was down, but the man with the vest was surprisingly quick, and tried to stomp on Dylan’s stomach. He rolled out of the way just in time. Unfortunately, this caused him to release his grip on the long-haired man’s legs. Dylan got a kick in the chest as a reward. He winced in pain for a second, and was about to square off against the man with the vest, but he had already been put in a full nelson by a bouncer with a shaved head. The fight was over. The bouncers took all four of the men into the coat check room. Natsumi was sure they would be kicked out. Sure enough, they were all escorted outside.

    “What the hell was that all about?” exclaimed Yvette.

    “I don’t know, probably something stupid. You know how guys are.” That was a shame. Guys that fight were a big turn-off for her. Oh well, she thought, maybe it’s time to go anyways. Just then, Marc reappeared, with his friend Antoine beside him.

    “Hey gorgeous. I thought I’d lost you! Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?”

    “We were just leaving”, said Natsumi.

    “Hey, wait, I’m not ready to go just yet!” cried Yvette, who had reattached herself to Gilles. “Why don’t we stay for just one more song?”

    “Okay, okay”, said Natsumi. Marc smiled, but not for long, because Natsumi turned around, and led not Marc, but Antoine onto the dance floor.

    “Merde.” Marc said under his breath. He went off to find another drink.

    “So what’s your story, Antoine? Are you a douchebag like the rest of the guys here?” Natsumi asked Antoine in an ironic voice.

    “Uh, no, I mean, I - I don’t think so”, he stammered.

    He obviously wasn’t as suave as his friend Marc, but he was kind of sweet in a way. He had nice blue eyes, which Natsumi liked, as well as thick, strong arms. He held Natsumi tightly in the dense crowd, but he seemed a little unsure of himself. The music was loud, so she had to speak in his ear directly.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked. “You don’t like this song?”

    “No, it’s great, I’m fine.”

    “Are you suure?” She asked, looking him in the eyes.

    “Sorry… it’s just that you’re, um, really hot, and I get nervous around women like you.”

    “Oh, come on. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of women like me.”

    “No, I’m serious. All three of us agreed that you’re the hottest girl here tonight.”

    He blushed. Natsumi started to feel her pussy getting moist again. She could completely dominate this boy. She often fantasized about having complete sexual control over a man. Someone who could tend to her every need, even the ones she didn’t know she had. She wondered if Antoine was any good at eating pussy. In her limited experience, most guys would give up after about five minutes of sloppy, random licking. She needed the equivalent of a pussy-eating professional, someone who follows instructions and stays down until he gets the job completely done. A soldier. Was Antoine a soldier? She decided to test him.

    “What do you do for fun, Antoine?”

    “Oh, this and that. I enjoy rock climbing quite a bit.”

    “How about swimming or diving?”

    “Sure! I love swimming”.

    “Me too. So… how long can you hold your breath for?” she asked with a devilish smile.

    “Uh, I don’t know, I’ve never tested myself. Maybe 45 seconds?”

    “Oh, that’s it? Well, you know what they say, practice makes perfect”, she said, grinning. “I’m sure you’ll be able to, ah, “last longer” if you focus on it. I like my men to be able to perform under pressure. Inside the pool or outside the pool.”

    “Yeah, you mean like in sports, right? I’m pretty good at baseball.”

    This kid seems a little slow, she thought. She was hornier than ever, though, so she decided to step it up a little. She moved in close to him, and whispered in his ear:

    “You know, of all three of your friends, I like you the best.” His eyes grew wide, and his body became stiff, with one particular portion downright rigid. She moved slowly against him, rubbing her legs against his and pressing her magnificent breasts against his chest. He groaned.

    “How do I know you’re not just teasing me?” he asked. “You’re wearing a white button.”

    She took it off. “Now I’m not.”

    He asked her softly, “Would you take off anything else for me?”

    “Maybe. It depends.” she whispered coyly.

    “It depends on what?” He sounded confused.

    “Are you a soldier, Antoine?”

    “Um… yes?”

    “Yes what?”

    “Yes…. Sir?”

    “Try again.”

    “Yes… Ma’am?”

    “Good boy. Now what do soldiers do?”

    “They fight?”

    “WRONG.” She said sternly. “What does a good soldier do, Antoine?”

    “He, um, he follows his orders. Ma’am.” She could tell he was getting extremely turned on. So was she.

    “That’s right. He follows his orders.” She wrapped her arms around him, grabbed his buttocks with both hands, and whispered in her sexiest voice;

    “So… Does Private Antoine like to eat pussy?”

    This was too much for Antoine. His eyes went wide, and his poor cock, which had been teased by various girls all night long, erupted in his pants, right there on the dance floor. Natsumi had made him come essentially from just grabbing his ass.

    “ohhhhh my GODDD OH MY GOD OHMYGOD!!!” he moaned as he threw his head back. His body shook, and he fell to his knees. Natsumi sighed. The song ended.

    “Time to go.” she said as she walked past Yvette and Gilles to get her coat.

    End Part I
  3. nikubashira

    nikubashira Lurker

    Jan 1, 2007
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    Part II

    Later on that night, while Natsumi, Gilles, and Yvette were getting a snack at a late-night kebab restaurant, Natsumi started thinking about the events of the night. Should she have gone to find Marc again? Why did she act that way towards Antoine? And what happened to that other guy, Dylan? Gilles and Yvette were no fun anymore; they were both way more drunk than her. Also, they were making out right in front of her.

    “Are we planning on going home anytime soon?” she asked.

    “Gilles wants to show me the view from Montmartre at night. It won’t take long, and I haven’t been up there for a long time.”

    “OK, you guys do whatever you want to do. I’m gonna go home before the trains stop.”

    “Are you sure?” asked Gilles. If you are stuck for a place to stay, you can always stay on my couch. It’s very comfortable. In fact, I can stay on the couch, you two beautiful ladies can stay in my bed. In the morning, we can make some omelettes or something. Sounds good?

    Natsumi was pretty sure she knew what Gilles’s intentions were, and she had no plans to share a bed with the two of them. These French men! So damned cocky.

    “Thanks, but I’ll sleep a lot better in my own bed. Have fun, you two!” She got up and left. Gilles looked a bit crestfallen, but Yvette soon captured his attention again.

    God damn. What a night, she thought, as she made her way back to the station. Even when I’m just trying to have a good time, somehow there’s always some drama. She stopped to pet a stray cat, but it marched right past her with its tail in the air, obviously late for some important cat-business. A cold wind blew as she walked down the stairs into the Metro Station at Pont-Neuf. She bought her ticket, walked through the turnstile, and made her way onto the platform. She was alone, except for a drunk man lying on a bench behind her. Was he homeless? No, his shoes were too nice. Wait, why did those shoes look so familiar? He turned his head to face her, and immediately she recognized him. It was Dylan. He was coughing heavily, and spitting out what appeared to be blood.

    She ran over to him, asking in a worried voice “Oh my God, are you OK?”

    “I’m <cough> sorry”.

    “What? Why are you sorry, what are you talking about?”

    “Sorry I never <cough> got to dance with you…”

    “Well, you seemed more interested in fighting, you jackass. You need to go to a hospital, not lie on some random bench. Where is your friend – get him to drive you there!”

    “No… I think he got arrested. Too bad, he was my ride home. I’m fine, don’t worry about me”.

    “Dammit! I hate it when guys try to act all tough. That’s what got you into trouble in the first place! You shouldn’t have gotten into that fight – it didn’t solve anything, it just got you kicked out.”

    “What was I supposed to do, let my friend get beat up?”

    “You should have let the bouncers take care of it. One of the bouncers got hurt because of you!”

    “Well, I stopped the fight, didn’t I?”

    “Maybe, but is it worth internal bleeding?”

    “Touché.” <<cough cough HACK cough>> “OK I think that’s the last of it… I’m OK, seriously. I could really use a drink though.”

    “Whaaaaaat? You’re drunk enough, I think”.

    “For the pain, dummy. It still hurts, you know”.

    “Oh, not so tough now, are we? Well, let’s get some painkillers then.”

    “At this hour? No, I need to find a cheap hotel and crash.”

    “Come on. My house is just a few stops away. I’ll give you some painkillers, and then we’ll find you a hotel to stay in.


    Back at Natsumi’s house, the painkillers were nowhere to be found. She told Dylan to wait on the couch, and went into the bathroom to find them. She found only an empty bottle. Yvette! She never replaces anything, thought Natsumi. She went into the bedroom, and finally found some buried in a drawer. When she came back into the living room, Dylan was passed out on the couch, sleeping soundly on his back. Typical, she thought.

    She brought a green blanket over from a cupboard and laid it over him. He looked much more peaceful while sleeping, and she had to smile. Just to be sure, she laid her hand on his chest to check his breathing. His heart rate was fine, and his breathing seemed normal. Better check for bruising, she thought. She lifted his shirt up, and noticed two things. First, Dylan was going to have a nasty, purple, foot-shaped bruise on his chest by morning. Secondly, he was very well toned. Not overly muscular, like a body builder, but very solid and very defined. Better take his shirt off, she thought, so it doesn’t constrict him. She did this with some difficulty, revealing his broad shoulders and hairy arms. Strangely, though, his chest was completely bare. Just the way Natsumi liked it. She lightly ran two fingers between his pecs, and along the ridges of each of his abdominal muscles, and then realized what she was doing. She replaced the blanket, and went to bed.

    But how could she sleep after being so horny all night long? She hated to admit it to herself, but seeing the fight had made her a little excited as well. Her hand drifted down towards her aching, needy pussy as she lay in bed. Maybe just a little session tonight. “Sen-zuri”, rather than “man-zuri”, she thought with a smile. She thought about what Yvette had said. Was it true that Canadian guys had large cocks? She hadn’t really thought to check. Damn! She had had the perfect opportunity while he had been lying on the couch, too. Her pussy was now super-wet. She hadn’t thought about it much before, but the idea of a big, long, thick cock, combined with a man who knew how to use it, usually featured prominently in each of her fantasies. Yvette of course had always boasted about the size of the men she brought home, but certainly some or all of these were exaggerated.

    She thought of Miles, who was her boyfriend from a few years ago. He was the one who had the above-average cock, about 7.5 inches, maybe 8” on a good day. And quite thick too. Unfortunately, she found out later that he had been dating other people. Too bad. She missed having a big cock to play with. She rubbed her clit furiously, thinking of the guys she had seen that night who had all obviously wanted her pussy. She spread her legs lustfully. She slipped one finger in. Then another. She undid her nightgown, and began squeezing her tits, pinching and rubbing her sensitive nipples with her other hand. She was getting close… just a little more…
  4. nikubashira

    nikubashira Lurker

    Jan 1, 2007
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    CRASH! She heard a sound coming from the living room, like something had fallen to the floor. Shit! What is that idiot doing? Should I just stay in bed? No, better check if he&#8217;s broken something, she thought&#8230; She got up, walked silently down the hall, and flicked the light on in the living room.

    &#8220;If you&#8217;re gonna get up and walk around, you should at least turn the lights on!&#8221; What are you doing in here?

    &#8220;Nothing. My arm just knocked over your vase that was on the coffee table here. It&#8217;s fine. Nothing is broken.&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, you spilled water on the floor. Get a paper towel and clean it up. I&#8217;m trying to sleep&#8221;.

    &#8220;Umm, I&#8217;d rather not. Could you do it?&#8221;

    &#8220;What do you mean? You&#8217;re the one who knocked it over! And why is your face so red?&#8221;

    &#8220;I was hot.&#8221;

    &#8220;But I left the window open. What have you got there?&#8221;

    &#8220;Got where?&#8221;

    &#8220;In your hands. I can see you holding something under the covers. You can&#8217;t use that remote control for the TV, that&#8217;s the one for the DVD player.&#8221;

    &#8220;Ummm, it&#8217;s not the remote.&#8221;

    &#8220;Don&#8217;t be stupid. This is no time for TV anyways. Give it to me.&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t think you&#8217;re listening to me. It&#8217;s just me under here.&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh yeah? I&#8217;ll prove it&#8221;.

    Visibly flustered and annoyed, Natsumi walked over to the couch, and whipped the covers off of Dylan&#8217;s lap. What she saw took a few seconds to register in her brain. Dylan&#8217;s pants were still on, but both his hands were wrapped around an extremely long, fat, swollen, MASSIVE hard-on. It looked like something that should be on an elephant! She was horrified and amazed at the same time.

    &#8220;Oh Jesus Christ!&#8221; she screamed. &#8220;You pervert! What are you doing, put that thing away!

    &#8220;I&#8217;m sorry, I&#8217;m sorry!&#8221; he apologized. &#8220;I couldn&#8217;t sleep &#8211; too stressed out from what happened tonight. But, like I said, it&#8217;s ALL ME&#8230;&#8221;

    She was still in shock.

    &#8220;If you have to do something like that, at least have the courtesy to do it IN THE BATHROOM!&#8221;

    &#8220;OK, OK! I&#8217;m going!&#8221;

    She couldn&#8217;t believe it. The nerve of this guy! Still, now she had her answer. If this guy was any indication, Yvette had been right. Boy, was she ever right. He got up, wrapping the blanket around him like a toga. He started to walk over to the bathroom. As he walked past her, though, a sudden impulse took hold of her, and she stepped on the bottom of the blanket as he walked by. It fell to the floor, once more exposing his huge member, which still looked hard as a rock. There was no way it could fit back into his pants in that state.

    &#8220;Hey, what gives?&#8221; said Dylan.

    &#8220;Did I SAY you could wear a blanket? My house, my rules.&#8221;

    Dylan smiled. &#8220;OK, suit yourself. Are you going to watch me?&#8221;

    Natsumi paused for a second, thinking about what she might be getting herself into.

    &#8220;&#8230;Yes. I&#8217;m going to make sure you don&#8217;t make a mess. Now, show me your cock.&#8221;

    He still had one hand on it, which he now removed.

    &#8220;Mmm&#8230; nice. Now, put your hands back on it&#8221;. She ordered.

    Even though a good portion of his cock was still buried in his jeans, he could fit both hands on the exposed part, and still not cover all of it! The purple head stared back at her like an angry snake. The head alone looked big enough for one of her small hands!

    &#8220;Good. Very good. Fucking amazing, actually. How in the world do you hide that thing from people?&#8221;

    &#8220;With a great deal of difficulty. I have to buy special underwear.&#8221;

    &#8220;I can imagine. Why don&#8217;t you show them to me. Right now.&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh, yes ma&#8217;am. As you wish&#8221;. He quickly undid his belt buckle, and let his pants drop to his ankles. In the process, he exposed another two inches of cock. She could easily say that this guy was at LEAST eight inches long, from what she could see. And super thick too. Could her tight pussy handle something like that? She walked over to him, to look at this &#8220;special underwear&#8221;. It looked like it was custom made, because one side wasn&#8217;t the same as the other. They were like tight biking shorts, but one side had a long tube down the leg. Ah, so he wears it on the left side, she noted. She also noticed that the shorts had two large pockets at the bottom, also custom-designed. At the moment, he looked like he was carrying two fist-sized stones in there. Then she realized. Those aren&#8217;t rocks, those are his BALLS! WOW!!! I could play TENNIS with those! She thought with joy.

    &#8220;Oh. My. God. Your, your balls are amazing too. What the hell are you anyways? Some kind of sexual experiment?&#8221;

    &#8220;Nope, I&#8217;m all natural, baby. I figure I must have been very good in a previous life.&#8221;

    &#8220;Ditto for me, apparently. Now hurry up and show me the rest of that enormous fuckstick of yours.&#8221;

    &#8220;Gladly&#8221;. He stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear, and performed a striptease dance as he revealed the rest of his cock. Two more glorious inches came into view. Natsumi wasn&#8217;t sure, but it looked like at least TEN inches now. He was completely naked, and Natsumi was loving it.

    &#8220;Hmm&#8230;&#8221; this is starting to get ridiculous, she thought&#8230;

    &#8220;Let&#8217;s go into the bathroom. That cock looks like it&#8217;s ready to blow!&#8221; she exclaimed, still staring at it.

    &#8220;Yes Ma&#8217;am&#8221; he replied obediently, stepping into the washroom.

    &#8220;Turn around&#8221;. He did.

    &#8220;Put both hands on your cock one more time.&#8221; He did. This time, he covered barely half of his penis.

    &#8220;Holy shit. That is without a doubt, the biggest cock I have seen. Anywhere. You ever kill someone with that thing?&#8221; she asked, as she placed both her hands on his cock in addition to his. It was like holding the thick end of a baseball bat; her fingers were nowhere close to being able to fit around it. On top of this, the head still wasn&#8217;t covered! She began slowly moving her hands up and down the top half of his cock, occasionally kissing the tip of the head.

    &#8220;Mmmm&#8230; Killed someone? No, but they usually walk funny for about a week afterwards. I think I bruised a girl&#8217;s insides a few times, so I usually have to go pretty slowly. Usually we need a few practice runs.&#8221;

    &#8220;I can imagine&#8230; You know, I can&#8217;t see the very base of it, because of your hair down there. You&#8217;re going to have to shave it for me. I want to see ALL of it.&#8221;

    &#8220;Haha&#8230; sure, whatever you say.&#8221;

    She handed him a miniature electric razor, which he used gingerly to trim away his hair until it was shaveable. Already, more of his shaft was becoming visible. He then reached into the cabinet for some shaving cream and began to lather up his cock, removing the hair from around his cock and balls very carefully. His dick looked even more delicious with the cream on it, but she knew she had to wait. It was a big job, but it seemed like he had done it before.

    &#8220;Have you ever been clean shaven?&#8221; she asked.

    &#8220;Just once. One of my old girlfriends really liked it. She said it made me look like a porn star.&#8221;

    &#8220;WOW, now that you mention it, she was right. You&#8217;ve even got the body for it.&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, actually, so do you, Natsumi. Why don&#8217;t you show some of it to me?&#8221;

    &#8220;Nope. Remember. My house, my rules. I decide how this is going to go. Now rinse off that monster cock and let&#8217;s see how it looks.&#8221;

    Dylan stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. His cock had gotten ever so slightly softer during the shave, so now it was at about 80% hard. The water made his body glisten with wetness. He turned around, giving her a great view of his sculpted ass. She suddenly just wanted to take a bite out of it, but she resisted. She flushed the hair he had shaven off down the toilet, and immediately he protested as the water in the shower turned cold for a few seconds. This caused Dylan&#8217;s cock to go down slightly. It didn&#8217;t get much smaller, but it did start to hang. Natsumi knew this was called a &#8220;semi&#8221;, meaning half-hard.

    As Dylan faced away from her, washing his hair, she could now see the soft underneath part of his dick, hanging obscenely far down past his huge round balls. That thing must reach to his KNEES! She thought, her hand instinctively going down to her pussy. Instantly, wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, centering on her hot, hot cunt. For some reason, masturbating now seemed about two or three times as intense as it did just five minutes ago in her bedroom, just from watching this man in the shower! She had to sit down on the toilet seat, as her knees grew weak. Dylan twisted the tap to make his shower hotter as he rinsed out his hair. Natsumi couldn&#8217;t wait any longer.
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    “OK, show me. Show me your new cock.”

    He turned around. It WAS like a new cock, somehow even more impressive and dramatic than before. Each time he moved, it swung back and forth like a fleshy pendulum, heavy and dangerous looking. She had to taste it. She crawled over to join him in the shower, the hot water soaking her nightdress and causing it to cling to her wonderfully sexy body. She went down on her knees facing sideways while Dylan faced the shower. She lifted the soft cock up to rest on both of her palms. It had a satisfying weight to it, like a big tube of cookie dough. Or, of course, like a giant salami. She stuck out her tongue and licked it from the freshly bare base to the lemon-sized head, as if she were licking an envelope, back and forth. Dylan pretended not to notice, and continued with his hot shower. However, he looked down and saw that Natsumi had taken off her nightgown, and she was now completely naked as well.

    Whereas Natsumi had seen Dylan take off his clothes little by little, Dylan got to see everything at once, and it was a bit of a shock. Here was the hottest woman he had ever seen, and she was naked in the shower with him licking his cock! He couldn’t hold back his excitement, and his cock immediately began growing again. It reached 60% hardness. She began caressing his balls with her left hand, one ball at a time. His cock started inflating even faster, reaching 70% hardness.

    With her other hand, she began fingering her clit, moaning with each stroke. “Ahhhhhhhh…. Oooooooohhhh…” This pushed Dylan to 80%; his cock was now pointing almost straight out from his body, and beginning to turn purple. He grabbed his cock with both hands and started jerking with insanely long, fast strokes. Natsumi grabbed his arms and forced them away. “NO!” she yelled. “You are not allowed! Instead, she opened her mouth as wide as possible, and engulfed Dylan’s cock head. His cock surged to 90%, widening and lengthening even more.

    “Ohhhh my God Natsumi… where have you been all my life?”

    Natsumi said nothing. Of course. In response, she started using her tongue to massage the slit at the end of Dylan’s dick. The cock-hole itself was so big, she could stick the tip of her tongue in it! My God! She thought. This guy’s got a freaking fire hose for a cock! She was about to find out exactly how right she was. Natsumi’s tongue had finally brought Dylan to full hardness; thick veins stood out all along the lengthy muscular shaft. She couldn’t bend it even if she wanted to.

    Oh my fucking GOD! She thought. Now that he’s shaved, it looks more like ELEVEN inches! This guy’s packing nearly a fucking FOOT of cock! That’s like thirty centimetres! He was getting close to exploding, and she could tell. She grabbed some hand lotion, lubed up both her hands, and got to work, jerking and sucking as much of that cock as humanly possible. She sucked like her life depended on it. Dylan could no longer stand up, so he got out of the shower, put down a towel, and laid on top of it. He motioned for Natsumi to sit on his face. She did gladly, and she was instantly transported to pussy-eating heaven. THIS was what she had been waiting for.

    Not too rough, not too gentle, he kissed and sucked and licked all parts of her pussy, inside and out. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter, closer and closer to cumming. She continued jerking his cock, but couldn’t help throwing her head back to shout;

    “Oh fuck YEAH!! Eat that pussy GOOOOOOOOOD!”

    Dylan obliged, licking faster now, and thrusting up with his cock into her hands. He reached up, grabbing her beautiful tits, and squeezing the nipples roughly. He stuck his long tongue deep inside her, and she began to feel dizzy. This was too much! His large mouth covered her entire pussy, and he was eating her rather like some kind of delicious feast. She pushed her body down, grinding her hips onto his face, rubbing her pussy back and forth over his mouth and tongue. Her whole body felt electrified, right down to the tips of her toes. She knew she was coming soon. But she just had to see this amazing cock come too!

    She tried hard to focus on her task. Every time she jerked him faster, he got even more excited, and started licking and sucking her engorged pussy even more intensely. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She felt her body tense up, the first sign of her sweet, sweet release. But, just when she thought she was about to come, Dylan grunted, and began bucking his hips wildly. He made a low, animalistic sound, and she felt his cock throbbing and pulsing in her hands as his sperm surged through his cock. She watched in awe as jet after jet of hot spunk was launched out of Dylan’s cock, flying up and over her, into the bathtub. Splat! Splat! Splatttttt. Seeing that sent her over the edge, and she screamed. They came together.

    “Yes YES YESSSSSSSS!!!!”

    Even through her orgasm, he didn’t stop licking her, intensifying it even more. Her whole body tensed as the waves of pleasure signals from all over her body reached her central nervous system, flooding her brain with a potent chemical cocktail of things like dopamine and oxytocin. All she knew was, THIS guy knew how to eat pussy. And he was still coming… and making a mess. Dylan stopped licking long enough to shout loudly;


    Natsumi allowed it, and Dylan got up, jerking his cock furiously, firing even more hot, sticky, white cum ropes into the toilet. She thought it was never going to stop. A bit of a waste, she thought wryly. She got up, stood behind Dylan, and grabbed his cock with her hands to help him out. But when she did this, his cumshots instantly became faster and even stronger! He was in such ecstasy, he was shaking, and could no longer aim properly. Several shots hit high on the wall above the toilet. When he finally finished, breathing heavily, he slowly turned to face her. His face was covered with beads of sweat.

    “Did you enjoy that?” he asked softly.

    “You really need to ask?”

    “Sorry about the mess…”

    “Well, about half made it into the toilet, and most of the other half landed in the bathtub, so, all in all, a pretty good job, soldier. Wow. I have never seen ANYONE come like that before, not even in my wildest dreams. That’s it, right? Or is there more where that came from?”

    “Oh, you have no idea…” he replied, one eyebrow raised. His cock twitched, already coming back to life. Natsumi couldn’t help but wonder exactly what he meant by that comment.

    “So, explain to me how this whole thing happened… weren’t we both wearing white buttons?”

    Dylan just smiled.
    [FONT=&quot] End Part II.[/FONT]
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    Melbourne (VIC, AU)
    very good mate cheers from an aussie boy
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    excellent story

    good pacing, descriptions and build up to the action

    thanks heaps for sharing it with us :biggrin1:
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    Thanks for the feedback - I included the poll (seems like it's a bit unusual on a story), but now I'm realizing that reader comments are probably more informative. Should be ready to update in the next couple days. Peace!
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    Part III.

    The steam-filled air in the bathroom was making Dylan feel overheated as he finished cleaning up the aftermath of his massive orgasm. He paused for a second to look at Natsumi’s ass as she bent over to wash off the last of her eye makeup in the sink, and then continued the conversation.

    “Yes, that’s right” said Dylan, “We WERE both wearing white buttons. But as you recall, all of our interactions took place OUTSIDE the club. And despite your chaste white button, you clearly needed a good fuck - you just didn’t know it.”

    “Oho! So you’re a ‘good fuck’, are you?”

    “You seemed to like it…”

    “Hahaha… you’re even cockier than those French boys. Well, I got news for you, Mr. White Button – you put on a VERY impressive show, but that doesn’t count as a “fuck”. I call that a WARMUP” she said, towelling herself off. She handed a towel to Dylan.

    “Mmmm, I can’t wait for the next part then… God, your tits are fucking beautiful” he said while facing her, cupping them gently in both his large, strong hands. Natsumi playfully pushed his hands aside, and covered herself up with the towel in feigned shock.

    “Well, first you have to answer one question. Why were you wearing a white button anyways? It’s because you have a girlfriend, isn’t it?”

    Dylan placed his foot on the edge of the bathtub to dry off his leg. Natsumi noticed that one of his bull-like testicles hung much lower than the other one. Was that common? She wondered.

    “Actually, no. I’m single. ‘Plausible deniability’ was the reason I was wearing a white button.”

    “What?” She hadn’t been listening. “Plain English please.”

    “Plausible deniability. I wore a white one so that I would have an excuse, to get away from girls that I’m not really interested in without hurting their feelings. Like that girl Yvette.”

    “Yvette? You don’t think she’s hot?”

    “Oh, sure, she’s good looking, and a great dancer, but you, you’re… fucking dynamite. I mean, the moment I saw you while I was dancing with Yvette, I started getting hard. Seriously. If you two hadn’t gone off to the washroom together, I probably would have lifted her right off the ground with it!”

    “Um, yeah, about that. I think Yvette suspects that you have a big cock. She must have felt a bit of it on the dance floor. Actually, she was convinced that SHE was going to take you home tonight.”

    “Haha. Maybe… if I had been drinking more. Are you going to tell her I was here?”

    “Hmm, I don’t know. She would probably die of jealousy. But, she DID encourage me to have a little fun!” She exclaimed, while helping Dylan dry off his back. Her hands moved lower with the towel, and soon she had both her hands on Dylan’s ass. She remembered her episode on the dance floor with Antoine earlier that night. Had he been simply oversensitive? Or just extremely turned on?

    “Have you ever come just from having a girl grab your ass?” She asked him.

    “No… It usually takes a while for me to come. It’s a lot of effort pumping out all that cum you know… and it has to travel quite a long ways.”

    “No shit it’s a lot of work! My arms are tired from jerking that huge pole of yours!”

    “Well, you’re just going to have to get used to it, I guess.” Dylan said as he walked naked out of the bathroom towards the kitchen. Natsumi wrapped a towel around her body and began drying her hair.

    “What do you mean “get used to it”, huh?” She called after him. “How do you know I won't just kick you out when I’m finished with you?”

    “You won’t. I guarantee it.” Dylan was looking in the refrigerator.

    “Oh? And why is that?”

    “Because I’ve never met a girl that wants to sleep with me just ONCE. Even the ones that are too small down there to fit me come back for more.” He uncapped a water bottle, and chugged it down as Natsumi came out to join him.

    “Bullshit. Are you telling me you’ve never had a one-night-stand?”

    “Never. If a hot girl wants me that badly, why should I say no to another fuck?” He replied with a grin.

    “Haha… such a gentleman. So… just out of curiosity, how often do you meet a girl who is, um, “too tight” for you?

    “Hmm… let’s see. It’s pretty sad, actually. I’ve only had one girl who can fit all of it, and usually about half of them can’t get past the head.”

    HALF!?! Natsumi thought in disbelief. She looked down and her eyes widened as she realized that even now, soft, it was bigger than any ERECT cock she had seen previously! She had to sit down. The thought of such a monster pounding her tight pussy made her feel weak. She felt her face grow hot and her stomach fluttered. Though a bit scared, her cunt began to tingle with anticipation.

    “What’s wrong?” Dylan asked. “Having second thoughts?” He slowly started walking towards Natsumi with that same intense look in his eyes that she had seen earlier. All of the dominance she had felt earlier had somehow ebbed away, and she was frozen in place. She knew she would let this man do whatever he wanted to her. In fact, she wouldn’t have it any other way. His cock rose with every step he took towards her. He grabbed the chair Natsumi was sitting on, and lifted it up with her in it, carrying her into the living room.

    “Hahaha… you’re mine now, can’t get away…” he said in a low voice.

    “Oh yeah? What if I make you try to catch me?” She slid off the chair and ran over to the other side of the room.

    The chase was on. Dylan’s cock continued to get hard, sticking straight out from his body. Dylan ran to catch her, but she circled around the couch so that she was behind it and he was in front of it. Her towel had partially fallen off, exposing one of her breasts. Her nipples were hard. Dylan made a move to catch her, but she outsmarted him, laughing as she went. They had switched places. Natsumi’s towel had completely fallen off. Everything stopped.

    They stared at each other with animal lust. Suddenly, Dylan climbed over the back of the couch, and she jumped up onto it to meet his embrace. Standing naked on the couch together, they kissed, with equal parts tenderness and fierce passion. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head down to her height as she sensually wrapped her tongue around his. Though their bodies were pressed together tightly, she could feel his throbbing cock sandwiched between their bellies, pushing its way up between them steadily as it lengthened even further, lubricated by a steady stream of precome. Their kissing became more urgent, and Natsumi made her move.

    With their lips still locked together, she backed away, placing both her palms on the top of his steel-hard cock, and with no small effort forced it down to the horizontal. She swung one leg over, straddling it. She had to stand on the tips of her toes, but she was on it. She loved the feeling as it pressed up against her pussy. It reminded her of when she did gymnastics in P.E. class back in Japan, with one leg draped over either side of the balance beam... always her favourite part of the routine.

    That night's gymnastics began with Natsumi squeezing her legs around Dylan's fat cock, inducing him to start thrusting his hips instinctively. She was supremely wet already, so he had no problem sliding the entire length back and forth over Natsumi’s pussy, especially her exquisitely sensitive clit. Heaven! She felt her legs weakening again, which only caused her to sit down even harder on his cock. Dylan grunted at the unexpected weight, and bucked his hips to reposition her. The fat head of Dylan’s cock emerged behind her, between her ass cheeks, and she gasped at the intensity of having her pussy lips, clit, and asshole stimulated simultaneously as she as she slid down the length of it, coming to a stop only at the very base. Dylan grabbed her hips to support her as she wrapped one of her legs around his waist. At this, Dylan smiled.

    “Oho! getting excited, are we?”

    “Well, I don't get a ride on something like THIS big boy every day… now shut up and kiss me already…”

    They kissed again, this time with Natsumi reaching behind her, alternating between expertly massaging Dylan’s cock head, and grabbing it roughly and twisting it just like a doorknob. He loved both, and he loved it even more when Natsumi began to rub her pussy back and forth along the shaft at the same time, as she looked deep into his eyes.

    “Fuck me. Seriously. Fuck me right now. I’m not joking around.”

    “Ohhh, is THAT what comes next? I had forgotten…” he replied, kissing her nipples repeatedly, switching back and forth.

    “Don’t get cute. Oooooh, shit, I can feel it, I’m gonna come soon, I wanna come on that big fucking dick of yours. Put it in me!”

    She lifted her other leg up, wrapping both of them around Dylan’s waist. He responded by lowering her down quickly so that her back came to a rest on the couch. He dropped to his knees in front of her and grabbed her tit with one hand, and his cock with the other.

    He slapped his cock playfully against her pussy lips, and rubbed the head at her entrance. He pushed forward.

    “Yessssss!” She cried as she felt her engorged labia being pushed open by the tip of his cock, stretching further and further as the head got wider. He pressed it upwards ever so slightly, and she could feel it on her clit.

    “What happens if it doesn’t fit?”

    “Uhnn... I’m gonna make it fit if it kills me!” she scoffed.

    Dylan chuckled softly, and angled his body towards her, slowly increasing his pressure. She stared down intently as he came closer and closer to entering her. He watched her mouth open wider and wider.

    "Alright then, game on..." he thought.
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    Dylan looked at Natsumi in admiration – this was his type of woman, the kind that rose to the challenge of a big cock. In reality though, she had never even dreamed of putting something this wide in her pussy, for fear of damaging it.

    “Do we need a condom?”

    “No, I’m on the pill.”

    “I’m gonna go slow.”

    “No, I can do it, I just have to… ohh, ohhhhhhhhh, keep doing that, keep doing that!”

    Dylan continued, rubbing her clit with his fingertips and stretching out her pussy lips, a little bit more each time. The head was almost in. Her pussy was practically gushing with juice, trickling down the inside of her leg and onto the black leather sofa.


    He pushed forward even more, once, twice, three times, and the flared rim of his mushroom-shaped cock head finally squeezed its way in. With that, Natsumi’s eyes went wide, and she came. Her back arched and her legs tensed involuntarily, gripping Dylan’s body tightly.

    “OH! OH! OH! FUCK! OH! OHHHHHHHH! MMMMMmmmmmmm….”

    “YEAH! Oh, you’re coming, oh you love it, don’t you!!”

    Her pussy gripped his cockhead tightly as she spasmed over and over again. Dylan had never felt a pussy come so powerfully – waves of contractions clamped down tighter and tighter until – POP!! – the head had come out again.

    “Whew!… that one kinda snuck up on me… can’t say I’m complaining though. MAN this is getting nuts! Are we even gonna be able to do this?

    “That depends. Are you gonna come every time I put my dick in you?”

    “Well, what can I say… I’m highly orgasmic…”

    “Haha. Lucky me!”

    She pushed him off of her so that he was kneeling above her, and he leaned back so that he was lying down on the opposite side of the sofa, cock pointing straight up in the air.
    Without missing a beat, she stood up, squatted over it facing away from him, and began to lower herself down. She exhaled loudly as she became reacquainted with his massive tool.

    “Oof… it certainly isn’t any easier the second time…”

    “Just give it time. Try to relax.”

    “OK. Just promise me you won’t move your hips at first…just stay still for now”.


    “Ow. OW. Owwww…”

    “Nice and slow, that’s it. The head is the thickest part, so once you get past that, you’re golden.”

    “Ooh! Yeah, it’s in. God that feels goooood”…

    “You’re so wet… you’ve made my whole cock slippery…”

    Still crouched over Dylan on the couch, Natsumi reached down and grabbed a portion of Dylan’s shaft underneath her pussy. It was indeed very slippery. She began moving up and down, using her hand as an extension of her vagina. With each downstroke, a little bit more of his cock disappeared into her. She squealed with delight, and began pumping faster.

    “Ohhhh… it’s filling me up… I can’t take much more…”

    Dylan’s excitement got the better of him, and he began some small thrusts. Natsumi turned her head back and looked at him sharply, but when she did not protest, he started getting bolder, pushing up more insistently. He supported her weight by holding her back. Natsumi got a little scared, and put her other hand on his shaft as well to limit the amount of cock that could be shoved into her at a time.

    “Nooo… I don’t want hands… I want pussy. Give me that pussy.”

    “No, I can’t. I can’t. It’s too much for me.”

    “How far can you go?”

    “It’s not the length. I can handle a long cock. It’s too thick for me.”

    Natsumi demonstrated by removing her hands, gritting her teeth and sliding down as far as she could. She made it at least two thirds of the way down, but it was a struggle. Dylan was clearly impressed.

    “Wow! That is sooo hot… I can see I’m going to have to come here more often!”

    Encouraged by this, Natsumi swivelled around to face him, placed her hands on his chest, and moved her legs down so that her knees were on either side of Dylan’s body. She shifted her weight up and down on him as if she were riding a horse, her beautiful breasts bouncing in his face.

    “YEAH! That’s what I want!” Dylan shouted. “More, more!”

    She grinned at him, and purposefully slowed down the motions of her hips. She began pinching and rubbing his nipples, teasing him. In response, he pulled her down on top of him so that their bodies were parallel. He kissed her roughly as he began pumping rhythmically, and grabbed her ass so she couldn’t wriggle away.

    “Mmmf! Mmmff!!” Her moans were muffled by their kiss. Dylan was starting to feel it. The loss of control, the inevitable tug of his fast-approaching orgasm. He tried to slow down, to pace himself, but he could not – it felt so good, holding back would be like trying to stop the tide. Faster and faster he went, forcing in as much cock as her delicate cunt could take. He rolled her over so that he was on top, and began pounding like a jackhammer.

    “OH! OH! Natsumi, I’m gonna come soon!”


    He grabbed both her legs, and pulled them up so the backs of her knees rested on his shoulders, giving him unconstrained access to her cunt. He grabbed her tits, dug his feet into the couch, and shoved it in hard. About three quarters went in, and Natsumi screamed.


    Dylan didn’t hear her. He was past the point of no return now, and he would not, could not stop until he had come. Natsumi’s legs were pointed straight up in the air, her muscles tense. She tried pushing with her arms so that she could back off a bit, but his weight prevented her from moving away.

    “SO GOOD! OHHH, I’M COMING SOOON!” He yelled, as a bead of sweat trickled down his cheek.

    Natsumi looked down and saw that about three inches of cock were still not inside her pussy. Good GOD! She thought. I’ll never take all of this! To help Dylan along, she put one hand over the uncovered shaft, and gripped it strongly. Instantly, Dylan lengthened his strokes to accommodate, fucking her hand and pussy at the same time. She felt his meaty balls slapping against the back of her hand with each thrust, which turned her on even more. The sight of his giant cock splitting open her pink pussy was hotter than anything she had ever seen. She was riveted. Just then, Dylan made a grunt. She looked up to see him toss his head back and let out a long, loud moan. She felt the first wave travel up his rigid shaft as he gave three hard, final thrusts.

    “OHHHhhhhhhhhh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!”

    He came like a geyser, flooding her insides with hot, hot semen flooded that soon overflowed her vagina, spraying out of her with each new shot of cum. It seemed like every part of his body was contracting in unison to pump more and more of his seed into her. She pulled his head down so that he was no longer looking at the ceiling, and looked deep into his eyes as he let loose inside her. After what seemed like an eternity, he was finished. He had a huge smile on his face, and she laughed.

    “You make a ridiculous face when you orgasm, you know.”

    “Hahahaha… you don’t even want to know what YOU look like.”

    He pulled out and collapsed on top of her, smearing her chest and stomach with come and pussy juice.

    “Very funny – now get up so we can clear up this mess. You’re lucky I’ve got a leather sofa.”

    He got up, still quite hard, and helped Natsumi to her feet. The moment she got up, a trickle of come began to seep out from between her legs. When she began to walk to the counter to get a tissue, the trickle increased to a steady stream running down both her thighs, and she had to stop.

    “Oh! Wow… I can feel it all squishing around inside me, my… my pussy is so full… Oh shit, it’s squirting out! Get me a tissue!

    And so it was. Natsumi crossed her legs and grabbed her pussy to prevent it from dripping on the floor, but it was just too much, as if a dam had broken inside her. It poured through her fingers and down her legs, quickly forming a puddle on her hardwood floor. By the time Dylan returned with a fistful of tissues, Natsumi’s hands and legs were a sticky mess. He dutifully wiped them clean for her.

    “Thanks… This is all your fault, you know” she said with a grin.

    “Sorry. You just got me really worked up, that’s all!”

    “Oh, looks like we’re not quite done yet…”

    Natsumi pushed the tips of two fingers into her pussy and let the remaining love-juice flow down them, onto her hand. She paused for a second, and then, looking directly at Dylan, she raised her hand to her mouth and slurped it up, as if gulping down a large oyster. She licked and sucked her fingers greedily. He laughed.

    “You know, you could have just asked for a drink”.

    “I just wanted to see your face when I did that…” she replied.

    “You were amazing… that was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.”

    “Really? Then just wait until I can fit that entire cock in me. Then we’ll see some REAL fireworks!”

    “You really think you can fit the whole thing?”

    “If I can’t, I’ll have lots of fun trying…”

    End part III.
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    Part IV.

    Now Dylan knew that this girl meant business. She wouldn’t stop until she took his entire cock.

    “You know, there are some things we could do to make it easier for me to fit…”

    “Like what?”

    “Well, I would usually tell my girlfriends to have a bath before we had sex, to, uh, relax them.”

    “Well, I still feel pretty sticky, so that doesn’t sound so bad. I’m pretty hungry too though…”

    “OK, how about I make us some food while you have a bath?”

    The plan was set. Dylan found some bagels and tuna in the fridge, and added cheese and enough extras to make four perfectly respectable tuna melts. He ate one immediately, and left the other three until Natsumi returned from her bath. After cleaning up the floor and surrounding area as best as possible, he put on his jeans and went to stand on the balcony in the chilly autumn air. Not many cars were on the roads now. He watched the flashing red lights of a passenger jet in the distance as it prepared to land. Not Charles De Gaulle. The other airport, he thought. He took his watch from his pocket. It read ten past three. He tried calling his friend Chris again. Still nothing. On top of all that, his phone was nearly dead. The events that occurred earlier that night kept replaying themselves in his head. He still had no idea what to do. Should I tell her? He asked himself. He decided to wait until the moment was right. Just then, Natsumi came out onto the balcony, wrapped in a towel. She opened it and enveloped him in it from behind, and began trying to drag him back inside.

    “What the heck are you doing out here? It’s so cold out! Come on inside, let’s microwave those bagels, they look yummy.”

    “I was trying to call my friend to see how he’s holding up after that fight. But my phone’s about to go dead, I don’t think I’ll be able to reach him tonight. I’m sure he’ll survive.” They both went inside.

    While munching on their tuna melts, Dylan and Natsumi began chatting about their pasts. Forgoing the towel, Natsumi had put on a large, loose fitting T-shirt that came down to her thighs. It was covered in writing that Dylan couldn’t read, probably Japanese, he figured. Sitting opposite on a high stool beside the counter, Natsumi absent-mindedly began stroking one of his legs with her foot.

    “So what the heck are you doing here in France anyways? I don’t know anything about you. What do you do back home?” Her foot inched higher on his leg.

    “I’m a student – this is my semester off. I’m studying to become a physiotherapist. Right now, though, I’m more interested in traveling. When Chris got a place in France, I was psyched. We’re going to Spain next. What’s your story?”

    “Well, I’m here learning about French cuisine, because I’m a chef in my father’s restaurant back home. My specialty is okonomiyaki, but I want to move into doing some fusion-type stuff. Japanese and French food work very well together.”

    “Sorry, what did you say your specialty was?”

    “O-ko-no-mi-yaki. I’ll make some for you sometime” she said, smiling. Her foot was now placed squarely in his crotch, and she was currently rubbing it purposefully. She noticed that Dylan was attempting to peer down her shirt to get a look at her tits.

    “And where do you think you’re looking, mister?”

    “Oh, just admiring your shirt. What does it say, anyways?”

    “This is my band’s shirt. I sometimes play the piano in a jazz ensemble back home. The shirt says ‘Tsuki to Suppon’. It’s the name of the band.”

    “Does it mean anything?”

    “Yes, it’s a Japanese expression, meaning ‘Moon and Turtle’. Both are round, but they couldn’t be more different. It’s kind of like when you say “apples and oranges” in English. We chose the name because we blend together many types of music that seem totally incompatible.”

    “Oh right, that’s why there’s a moon and a turtle on the shirt…”

    Inexplicably, Dylan’s thoughts went back to a turtle he had kept as a pet long ago, in elementary school. For about a week after he got it, his friends would pester him each day after school to come and see it. After that, though, they quickly lost interest, as the turtle seldom did anything interesting. Dylan, however, was endlessly fascinated by it, often watching it for an hour or more at a time. He thought about home, thought about how on earth he was going to get back, about what happened in the alley after –

    “OW!” She had pinched his cock through his jeans with her toes.

    “Hey, what’s wrong? You look like you’re on another planet!”

    “Hey! No fair pinching!”

    “Ohhh, I’m sorry… did I hurt his little feelings?” She placed one hand softly on his bulge.

    “What do you mean, ‘little’, huh?”

    “Ha ha. You know, I still haven’t seen you when you’re fully soft.”

    “Well, there’s a reason for that. You’re fucking hot…”

    “Hmm… I have an idea. Stand up.” She reached for his belt, and started pulling him into the bedroom.

    “Oooh, I love it when you order me around. You’re going to have to work fast if you want to see it soft though.”

    Once inside her darkened bedroom, she undid his belt buckle and pants button. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so the moment she pulled his jeans down, his horse-like cock flopped into the open air, hardening quickly. She stared at it with determined eyes. Dylan helped her out of her T-shirt, revealing a pink bra and a matching set of panties. She pushed him down onto the bed, quickly tore off her panties, and practically jumped onto his cock. She stuffed the head in before it could reach its full size, and began working as much cock into her pussy as possible.

    “Whoa! Slow down there, tiger! You’ll hurt yourself!”

    “Oh, shit, ohhhh… I love it…”

    Natsumi became more and more aggressive with her strokes, and soon she was close to encompassing the entire length of his shaft. She looked remarkably pleased with herself. Unfortunately for her, he had some growing yet to do. Natsumi felt herself being stretched out again, and looked down with dismay to see more and more cock that was not fitting inside her. She was forced to slow down her movements as things got tighter and tighter. She was breathing heavily, and braced herself on his chest for support. If he grew any more, she felt sure she would be forced back to the end of it and pop right off!

    “Oooooh, you’re still very tight. I can feel you clamping down on me. Didn’t you play with yourself to relax your pussy in the tub?”

    “You never said anything about that!”

    “Sorry, I forgot about that part. It’s kind of a combination of things, I guess. Well, maybe we can start small and work up to the full size. Do you have any, um, toys?”.

    Natsumi looked slightly embarrassed. “What do you mean, toys?”

    “You know, like a dildo or a vibrator. You need to be able to take a large cock before you can take a huge cock.”

    “Ha! Don’t be too smug. I have a big dildo, and I can take it just fine.”

    “Show me.”

    She shuffled her way forward on top of Dylan until finally only the head was inside. As a tease, she squeezed her PC muscles strongly, giving his cock one final “kiss” with her pussy lips before she rolled over to the side of the bed, and switched on a lamp. With the additional light, Dylan could see a little bit more of the room. It was sparsely decorated, but very clean and organized. He could see on the opposite wall a picture of a woman with a parasol in a field. It looked familiar to him somehow. He sat up and looked to the side. He looked at Natsumi’s amazing ass, and thought about how he would love to spank it. The thought made his cock surge as it grew closer to its maximum size. He also noticed several shopping bags from clothes stores beside the bed.

    “Bit of a shopaholic, are we?”

    “Well, I wanted to buy a nice outfit for the club tonight”. She was rummaging in the back of a dresser drawer, and finally brought out what looked like an oversized sunglasses case.

    “Here it is.” She opened it up, revealing a smooth silicone dildo, colored dark blue and shaped like a torpedo. It had a suction cup on the base of it. Dylan swivelled around, sitting on the side of the bed, facing her.

    “I call him ‘Deep Blue’. I think it’s about eight inches. Actually, it’s exactly eight inches.”

    “How often do you use it?”

    “Oh, not that often. But, you know, sometimes fingers alone won’t do the trick” she said slyly. She took it out and kneeled down on the floor, her head level with Dylan’s chest. She held the dildo up against Dylan’s upward pointing cock. It had never looked so small. She looked again. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She grabbed his cock roughly and shook it.

    “OH WOW! Look at this! This was like the biggest dildo in the store, and it’s PUNY next to your dick…” She grabbed him just underneath his cockhead in excitement, and started smearing his precome all over his chest. He was now fully hard, and moving his cock around at all took some effort.

    “See! Look! It almost reaches to your goddamn NIPPLES! She was getting even more turned on than before. She had dropped the dildo and began fingering her pussy. Dylan was excited too; larger and larger globs of precome kept bubbling out of his piss-slit, running down his shaft and coating his monstrous shaven balls. She still had her bra on, so he reached behind her, undid the clasp, and freed her lovely, firm breasts.
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    “Yes, it can reach to my nipples… but it can also reach to YOUR nipples” he said as he grabbed her tits and squeezed them together around his cock. The sight of his slick, purple cock rubbing against her smooth honey-colored skin almost made him come right there. Natsumi took the hint and began bouncing up and down on him, giving him a wonderful titfuck. To prevent his cock from hitting her in the chin each time, she kept her head down and lips pursed to kiss, suck, and lick his head whenever it poked out. Every so often, she would miss, and his bulbous cockhead would slide along her cheek, leaving long, slippery smears.

    “Jesus this is so hot… I bet it’s so long, you could even suck your own cock, couldn’t you, you fucking beast?”

    In response, Dylan leaned forward and kissed the tip of his own cock proudly just as Natsumi was about to suck on it.

    “Ohh my God… that’s so hot. Do it again.”

    He did, this time for longer. Natsumi joined him, and their lips met. All the passion of their first kiss returned for this one, with an added level of dirtiness that made Natsumi start frigging her pussy frantically. Dylan grabbed her head with his hands and started feeding his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the circumference of his crown. Two of her fingers slipped inside her hot, wet pussy. In and out they went, Natsumi’s palm slapping against her mound each time. Still, it wasn’t enough. She needed more.

    Groping around the bed beside her, she found her dildo, and quickly started working it into her eager cunt. Her first, tentative pushes were almost immediately replaced by harder, deeper ones. Soon, she was burying it to the hilt. To free up her hands, she stuck the base of the dildo to the floor using its suction cup, and began fucking it with abandon. She grabbed Dylan’s balls with her hands and savored the dual penetration of her mouth and pussy. Soon though, her mouth became tired, and she switched to jerking his stiff pole with both hands. He was practically squirting precome now, and Natsumi herself felt her heart quicken as her strong pussy muscles clenched the fake penis tightly. She quivered with delight, and Dylan noticed it.

    “Ohh, I can see somebody is going to come soon, huh...?”

    “Mm-hmmm…” she whimpered as she pulled his cock towards her and began clamping her mouth around the side of it as if she were eating corn on the cob, running her full, sexy lips all the way down until she reached his swollen balls. Naturally she couldn’t stop there; she began kissing and nibbling each one gently, as if they were delicacies. Her long pink tongue darted out, giving each egg-shaped testicle hard, rough licks. However, as soon as one wave of precome had been licked clean, another came running down his shaft.

    “Ohh… Ohh… this is so hot… I love your balls”.

    Her pussy felt incredible as she sat down hard on the dildo for maximum penetration. Soon, Dylan could hear her ass repeatedly slapping against the floor. It was almost as though the dildo wasn’t enough for her anymore; clearly she was ready for something bigger. She had stopped sucking his balls and was concentrating on slamming her pussy with the dildo. She needed to come, badly, but she couldn’t quite get there.

    “Ohhhh, almost there, just a little more…”

    Dylan knew what he had to do. He got up, moved around behind Natsumi, and lifted her off the dildo. He bent her over the side of the bed, grabbed her ass, and jammed his cock between her legs. He intended to draw back, sliding his cock backwards along her wet pussy lips until the head was in the right position, but as soon as he touched her cunt with it, she shook, and started to moan loudly. He gave her an order.

    “Yeah, that’s right. Now come for me.” He slapped her ass hard. And just like that, she orgasmed.


    He braced himself with his legs and pushed his cock in with all his might. Amazingly, nearly all of it went in on the first thrust. Her hands gripped the bedcovers tightly as her orgasm intensified immediately from his sudden penetration. Her moans and shouts turned into screams, partly muffled by her pillow.

    “FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Somehow, her orgasm was still building. She pushed back against Dylan’s body with her ass, meeting him thrust for thrust. She was covered in sweat.

    “DON’T STOP!! DON’T STOP!!!!” She had lost all control, and was bucking her hips wildly. From this position, the ridge of his cockhead put delightful pressure on her sensitive G-spot. She always came hard with doggie-style. She felt every inch of her pussy being filled and stretched beyond her imagination as her explosive orgasm continued. Dylan was not being gentle either - she was being tossed around like a rag doll. She felt her muscle tension rising as her orgasm came closer and closer to its peak. Finally, the immense pressure inside her was released in one final burst, which washed over her like a wave.

    “OH SHIT, I’M….. I’M….. OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

    She turned her head back and watched in amazement as her cunt began to spray out large amounts of pussy juice. For the first time in her life, she was ejaculating! She had heard about such things, but never seen it. She bit down on the pillow and screamed into it again. Once, twice, three times she spasmed, soaking the front of Dylan’s body with her nectar. Dylan shouted out in surprise.

    “Did you see that? That was amazing!”

    She took a deep breath, threw her head back and laughed. Now that her orgasm had finally finished, she suddenly became exhausted, and collapsed on the bed. Dylan pulled out and tried to flip her over, but she was like a sack of potatoes. They both fell on the floor.

    “Wow… I’ve never seen anything like that. You made me soaking wet!”

    “Well, now you know what it feels like, haha.”

    “That was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. Seriously, I can’t get enough of you” he told her.

    “Mmmm… that makes two of us.” She closed her eyes and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her back onto the bed. She got up, mopped up most of her wetness with some tissues, and then staggered back to the bed.

    “Well, I did it, motherfucker. I took all of your cock. Do I get a prize?”

    “Yes. You get my cock again.” She noticed he was still hard, and staring lustfully at her amazing body. He hadn’t come yet, and he clearly wasn’t going to stop until his balls were completely drained.

    “Christ, doesn’t that thing ever get tired?” she asked.

    “Ohh… don’t tell me you’re giving up so soon? We’re just getting to the good part. Your pussy is ready for me now, and I intend to take advantage of it. Lie down.”

    She laid herself down in the center of the bed, and spread her legs as wide as she could for him. He smiled, moving slowly towards her, kissing every part of her body as if it were the last time he would see it. He purposefully avoided kissing her pussy, but kissed all around it as a tease. She tried moving it onto his mouth, but he just laughed and moved up to her tits, which he squeezed and pinched roughly.

    “So you’re finally ready, huh?” he asked.

    “Yes. Give it to me.”

    He grabbed one leg in each hand and began pushing his way in again. When he reached the end, though, Natsumi winced. She could take it, but it hurt.

    “Are you OK?”

    “Yes, it’s just a little painful… I think I’ll be OK”.

    He increased his pace, going a little harder.

    “Ow. Ow. Ow. No, I don’t think that’s going to work… the base is too thick for me.”

    “But you were fine just a second ago!”

    “Yeah, because I was coming! Of course I didn’t feel it THEN!”

    “Damn… what if we just start gently?”

    “No, I don’t think it will matter… do you have any other ideas?” she asked hopefully.

    “Well, there is one thing we haven’t tried…” he replied.

    “What’s that?”

    “Alcohol. It’s a wonderful painkiller” he said with a smile.

    Normally, Natsumi would have said no this late at night, but in this case she was desperate.

    “There’s some tequila in the cupboard. Let’s go.”

    Dylan lifted her off the bed and carried her into the kitchen, his cock still halfway inside her. She rested the backs of her knees on his shoulders for support, and grabbed the tequila bottle from the cupboard after Dylan opened it.

    “Any limes?” he asked.

    She reached out with her other arm and opened the fridge, retrieving half a lemon.

    “Good enough.” she said. He closed the fridge after her and carried her back into the bedroom. They dove under the covers together.

    “So are you gonna drink with me, tiger?” she asked, stroking his chest.

    “Well, of course! It would be rude not to.”

    Natsumi took the first swig, and then took a suck on the lemon. Dylan copied her. She did it again, this time drinking more. They each had the equivalent of about three shots, and Natsumi could instantly feel it working. She looked at the large tent his cock made in the covers as it patiently waited for her. She reached down with her hands to feel it, hold it. It was still wet. She started jerking it, and then climbed on top of Dylan. Her head spun. She pushed herself down, and little by little his cock disappeared into her. He looked at her strained face, and laughed.

    “Don’t forget to breathe!”

    “Very funny… Oh, don’t move just yet, I need to get used to it. Man, I feel drunk already… it’s better, but it still hurts a bit. Better have one more shot, just to be sure.”

    Dylan had an idea.

    “OK, how about this? Every time you orgasm, you take a shot. Every time I orgasm, I take a shot.”

    “Sounds like the kind of game where everybody wins!” she replied.
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    That comment was the last thing she remembered. The rest of the night was a complete blur. Natsumi woke up the next morning at 11:15 when she heard Yvette come home. The tequila bottle by her alarm clock, which had been nearly full when they started, was now nearly empty. She was still drunk. Her head pounded. Dylan was nowhere to be seen. She got up, pulled on a nightgown and staggered to the bathroom for a drink of water. Her entire body ached, but her pussy was especially sore and tender. When she sat down to urinate, she noticed large slap-marks on her ass. Dylan had evidently been a very enthusiastic spanker. She sat gingerly on the toilet and tried to remember the details. She could not.

    She suddenly realized that all her clothes were probably left strewn about in the living room, so she quickly washed her hands and went to clean things up before Yvette saw. To her surprise, none of her clothes were on the floor. Yvette was standing there looking at her.

    “Wow, you look like shit. Rough night?”

    “Um, yeah, you could say that.” She walked into the kitchen to avoid Yvette’s inevitable questions.

    “So what happened after you left? Don’t tell me you were drinking by yourself?”

    She could barely stand up at that point, and started to become irritated. And why the hell did Dylan go without saying goodbye? She felt betrayed. Just then, she noticed a note on the refrigerator. She removed it quickly before Yvette could see it. It read:

    “I’m sorry, but I had to leave. I hope someday we can have our dance together, but right now, I’m in a bad situation. Somehow I will repay you for your kindness. Thank you.”

    Now she was even more confused. Her eyes came to rest on her purse on the kitchen table. She had not put it there. It was open. She slowly came up to it, took out her wallet, and inspected it. Her suspicions were confirmed. Her credit cards were there, but all her cash was gone. He had robbed her. That was when she noticed the final part of his message.

    “P.S. The final score: 5 – 2. I win.”

    End Part IV.
    Part V.

    What a bastard! Not only had Dylan drank all her tequila and left without saying so much as a goodbye, he had also taken all of her cash! “Why do I always pick the wrong guys?” she said to herself. Of course, Yvette was still in her face, asking why Natsumi was so hung over and walking strangely. “Did you have a guy over last night? You did, didn’t you? Tell me what happened! Did you go to another club after you left?” This was the last thing that Natsumi needed, so she decided to just give Yvette what she wanted.

    “Yeah, now would you shut up about it? I took your advice and fucked a guy that I don’t know. And as a result, he took all of my fucking cash. Are you happy now?”

    Yvette looked shocked. “Oh my god! Are you alright? Did he hurt you? Oh, I never should have left without you… I’m so so sorry…”

    “Don’t be. I’m fine. We fucked, had some food, fucked some more, got drunk, fucked again, and then he took my money. That’s the story.”

    “Wow! Shit, how much did he take?”

    “About 70 euros I think.”

    “Hmmm… I think a night like that is worth 70 euros, don’t you? Was he hot?”

    “I think this conversation is over.”

    “Oooh, he WAS hot, wasn’t he? Did he have a big dick?”

    Natsumi said nothing.

    “Aha! He DID, didn’t he?

    Natsumi started walking back to her room. Yvette followed closely.

    “Aw come on, don’t be like that. I’ll tell you about my night with Gilles if you tell me about your night with your mystery man. Come on, how big was he? I bet he wasn’t as big as Gilles – we measured him last night, and he was nineteen centimetres… it was great! How about your guy?

    Yvette was really getting on her nerves.

    “I don’t know. We didn’t measure.”

    “Just guess. Was it bigger than this?” Yvette held her hands apart about six inches.

    “I don’t know… I was very drunk…”

    “Oh, come on… you’re walking like you just fucked a horse, surely you can remember SOMETHING.”

    “No. I need to go back to bed. Seriously.” Natsumi had reached her door, but Yvette was not letting up.

    “Ohh, now I get it… he had a small dick, and he had to try three times to fuck you properly, right? This comment, for some reason, made Natsumi very angry. She whirled around to face Yvette, who was clearly pleased to finally be getting a reaction.

    “Fine! You want a number? I’ll give you a number. ELEVEN.”

    “Eleven centimetres? That’s tiny!”

    “No!” she retorted. “Cocks are measured in INCHES, dumbass!”

    The last thing Natsumi saw before slamming her bedroom door was Yvette standing there with an open mouth and a shocked look on her face. She turned around and collapsed on her bed. She hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a big wet spot in the middle of the bed from the night before. She rolled over to the side. Another wet spot. She felt around. There was just as much wet as dry! Even more annoyed than before, she got up, whipped the bedclothes off the mattress, and threw a dry sheet on top. She picked up her bra and panties from the floor, and tossed them into her closet. She would deal with the mess later – right now she just wanted more sleep.

    She got back into bed and stared at the ceiling. She half expected to see cumstains up there as well. Messy bastard, she thought. An incredible wave of fatigue took her, and she began to fall asleep. Even her arms were tired. A hazy flashback from the night before began to resurface in her mind. She had started to fall behind in their “orgasm competition”, and had resorted to using her hands to get Dylan off, to give her pussy a rest. She remembered working at it for some time, and feeling rather triumphant when he finally came. She made the mistake of squeezing his cockhead tightly just before he began to spurt, partly out of an effort to contain his cum, but mostly out of sheer excitement. This, of course, produced a “garden-hose” effect, only making him shoot higher and further. She remembered panicking as she wrestled with his cock to keep it under control, shots sailing past her head and landing on the floor. She hoped none of them had landed in the hallway outside her bedroom door, but she was not so sure. More images came flooding back to her. He had obviously spanked her hard, but she was also fairly sure that she had tried to take him in the ass as well. Then she remembered something odd. Dylan had woken her up while they were both asleep, because he had been talking in his sleep. He had been saying something like “It’s not my fault!” over and over. She had tried asking him about it, but he didn’t answer. She had gone back to sleep, but awoke some time later to see Dylan sitting at the side of the bed with his head in his hands. Had he been crying? She couldn’t tell. She had meant to ask him about it this morning, but that of course was not possible. What the hell was up with that guy? What a weirdo, she thought to herself, as she drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.


    Several hours earlier, about the same time as Dylan had been sitting at the side of the bed, another man was slumped under a bridge, struggling to stay alive. Remy had been shot, once in the stomach, and once in the chest. He had passed out from the pain, but slowly regained consciousness as he felt a slow drip of cold water hit the back of his neck from above. Was he still in the city? He tried to look up, but saw no streetlights, no stars or moon, only blackness. A light dusting of snow had fallen while he was unconscious. This whole thing never would have happened if not for that kid, he thought. None of this would have happened if D.C. had let him shoot the kid in that dance club. What was the name of it? He couldn’t remember. They could have snuck a gun in, used a silencer. With all the noise, no one would have noticed until he had gone. He was delirious, he thought he could still hear the music, the bass. Then he realized that it was his own heart thudding in his ears, desperately trying to make the most of what little blood he had left. He knew he was going to die. He labored with each breath; his punctured lung was now totally deflated, but the pain in his stomach was gone. He was numb. He made one last desperate effort to crawl out from under the bridge, back into the light. His head swam. After a few feet, he collapsed, and could no longer move. The sun was just beginning to rise, and he could see in the distance a pair of pigeons perched on a flagpole pointing out from the side of a building. The French flag hung in the still air. That was the name, he thought. Tricolore. Then, Remy Marchaud died.

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    Two days passed. Natsumi poured herself into her studies, trying to forget that Saturday had ever happened. She didn&#8217;t even leave the house on Sunday, and Monday morning was occupied with planning some demonstration dishes she had to prepare for a course. Mercifully, Yvette had been out of the house for both days &#8211; she had either been at work or spending time with Gilles. She wondered if Yvette might actually like him. That evening, it seemed the answer might be yes, as she had invited him over for a visit. His friend Marc had come along too. She wondered if this also was Yvette&#8217;s idea.

    &#8220;So how&#8217;s it going?&#8221; Marc asked her after he removed his coat.

    &#8220;Not bad&#8230; just trying to get work done&#8230;&#8221; she replied. She hoped that Yvette had not told them about how she had been robbed.

    &#8220;That&#8217;s cool. I was hoping I&#8217;d catch you when you were free so we could all sit down for coffee or something.&#8221;

    If Marc knew about her being robbed, he wasn&#8217;t letting on. Since Natsumi needed a break, she decided to join them for a little while.

    &#8220;Sure, I&#8217;ll start getting it ready&#8221;. She went back into the kitchen. Looking through the cupboards, she considered some of the premium coffee beans that had been given to her by a fellow chef-in-training, but defaulted to a big bag of a more generic brand that needed to be used up. After a protracted search for clean mugs, she went back into the dining room. The other three were immersed in what looked like an intense conversation. As usual, Yvette was asking a lot of questions.

    &#8220;So what happened when you got back? Were they still there?&#8221;

    &#8220;No! That&#8217;s the part that gets me. All four of them were gone. I ran over to where it happened, and one block over I saw a car quickly driving away, but I could only see the make, not the licence plate. There was some blood on the ground.&#8221;

    Yvette looked genuinely freaked out. &#8220;What did the police say? Who was that guy anyways?&#8221;

    Marc was in full storytelling mode. &#8220;They didn&#8217;t let on very much. They just asked me a bunch of questions about what I saw and heard.&#8221;

    Yvette paused for a second, and then looked at Gilles. &#8220;Wow, you know what, that was the guy I danced with right before I met you. Crazy, huh?&#8221;

    Natsumi suddenly became interested. &#8220;What guy? Do you mean that guy Dylan? What happened?&#8221;

    Marc had a serious look on his face. &#8220;I witnessed a murder on Saturday night. Those guys that were fighting in the club &#8211; I guess they continued it outside, and that guy Dylan had a gun. He shot that long-haired guy, and I think they dragged the body off in that car I saw.&#8221;

    Natsumi was speechless. Was that why Dylan had been so agitated in the middle of the night? Because he had killed someone? It didn&#8217;t make any sense! She had found him at the train station&#8230; but what if it was Dylan&#8217;s friend that had removed the body? She was certain that Dylan didn&#8217;t have a gun when she found him. She needed to know more.

    &#8220;OK, OK, back it up a second. Start from the beginning &#8211; I need to hear the whole story. You went outside the club, and then what happened?&#8221;

    Marc took a deep breath. &#8220;I went outside the club for a smoke, and decided to take a little walk because I needed to cool off. I crossed the street and had walked for about 2 minutes, and that&#8217;s when I heard the first shot, which came from around a corner. I ran over to see what was going on, and as I was running, I heard a second shot. When I got there, I saw the long haired guy from the club, who was leaned up against the wall clutching his stomach. Dylan was holding the gun, and there was one other guy, I think it was Dylan&#8217;s friend from the club. I got out my phone and tried calling Antoine, but he didn&#8217;t pick up. Then I called the police. They told me to get to a safe distance, but when I looked back around the corner, I couldn&#8217;t see anyone anymore. I went in for a closer look, and then at the other end of the alley I heard some car tires screeching &#8211; I only saw the car from the side as it passed by, but I think it was like a Mercedes S or something. It all happened really fast.&#8221;

    Natsumi couldn&#8217;t believe it. Not only was he a thief, but a killer? He seemed so normal at first! No wonder he needed to steal cash, she thought&#8230; he was probably trying to flee the country. Suddenly, another thought occurred to her.

    &#8220;But how do you know it was a murder? How do you know he died?&#8221;

    Marc grimaced. &#8220;Don&#8217;t you read the newspaper? It was on like the front page!&#8221;

    She felt short of breath. For some reason, tears had started to form in her eyes. Yvette noticed, and gave Natsumi a concerned (and slightly confused) look. Natsumi got up and walked quickly to the living room, where the paper from that morning remained unread. Sure enough, below the fold on the right hand margin, a one-paragraph story explained the whole thing. She read it once, quickly, and then again, letting it sink in.

    [FONT=&quot]One dead after post-brawl shooting: Canadian suspected[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Saturday night turned ugly at Tricolore this weekend during their signature &#8220;three-color&#8221; themed party. Four individuals that were involved in a brawl-style altercation were escorted outside, only to have the violence escalate later on. Eyewitness report indicates that two shots were fired at approximately 12:02 AM. The main suspect, whose full name is unknown, is reportedly a visiting Canadian of approximately 25 years of age. The victim, Remy Marchaud (38), was found dead six hours later by police, under a local bridge. Police are conducting a city-wide search for all three of the other involved parties, but currently have no leads. Investigation reveals that Marchaud, or a man with an identical name, was known to police and had ties to the drug trade between France and Algeria.[/FONT]

    She sat down on the sofa. It was true. And what about that part at the end? The guy had been a drug dealer? She had thought it started as a simple barfight, but now it looked to her as though there had been a motivation behind the whole thing. Of course, she thought. Why else would there have been a gun involved? She felt sad. She had actually liked Dylan a lot, and it pained her to find out he was mixed up in this kind of thing. But something still didn&#8217;t seem right to her. It was Dylan&#8217;s friend, Chris, who had started the fight, and Dylan had gone to help him. As well, neither Dylan nor Chris seemed rich enough to afford a Mercedes. As she was thinking, Yvette came down and sat beside Natsumi.

    &#8220;Pretty heavy stuff, huh? Listen, I was meaning to ask you&#8230; that guy you had over on Saturday night&#8230; it wasn&#8217;t Dylan, by any chance, was it?&#8221; Yvette had seen how much Marc&#8217;s story had affected her, and she had put two and two together. She could be pretty smart sometimes, after all.

    &#8220;Yeah, it was. I met him in the train station after I left you guys.&#8221;

    &#8220;Hmm&#8230; I knew it. You know, you should really go and talk to the police. Do you want me to ask the guys to leave?&#8221;

    &#8220;No, it&#8217;s ok, they can stick around&#8230; I&#8217;ll just call from my room.&#8221;

    Natsumi got up and walked to the kitchen to retrieve her phone. It wasn&#8217;t in the charger where she left it. She went to her room, thinking she might have left it in there, but it was nowhere to be found. Likewise, the dining room, bathroom, and laundry room all turned up nothing. She realized that she hadn&#8217;t used it since Saturday. She asked Yvette to call her phone, but she couldn&#8217;t hear a ringing coming from anywhere. She started to get annoyed. If Dylan had taken her phone too, that would just be the icing on the cake. Then she remembered that on that night, Dylan&#8217;s phone was nearly dead. Bastard, I bet he did steal my phone, she thought. If he was wanted for murder, no way would he go back home just to get a phone charger. She resolved in her mind to go and report everything to the police. She asked to borrow Yvette&#8217;s phone, but just before she was about to dial the number, she had a thought. Her phone was a smartphone, identical to the one Yvette had. They had purchased them together, and she remembered Yvette (the more tech-savvy of the two) installing anti-theft software on both of them. She pulled Yvette aside.

    &#8220;Hey. What kind of software did you put on my phone? You know, for anti-theft? I think Dylan stole my phone too.&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh my God! It just gets worse and worse for you, doesn&#8217;t it!&#8221;

    &#8220;Yeah, I know. But do you remember what you put on there?&#8221;

    &#8220;Yeah, I don&#8217;t think he&#8217;ll be able to use it, because you had a password, right?&#8221; Then Yvette realized. &#8220;Ohhhhh, I see where you&#8217;re going with this. You want to track him using the GPS in your phone, don&#8217;t you?&#8221;


    The two girls went into Yvette&#8217;s room, where they loaded up a program Yvette had installed on her laptop for just this contingency. &#8220;I had always assumed that it would be ME needing this program, cuz I&#8217;m always losing my phone&#8221; said Yvette as she put Natsumi&#8217;s phone number into the program. &#8220;It won&#8217;t tell us an exact location, more like a 100-yard radius. You&#8217;re going to give this info to the police, right?&#8221;

    &#8220;I&#8217;m not afraid of Dylan. I just want to go get my phone back and hopefully my money. I suspect I might hit him over the head with something as well. I haven&#8217;t decided yet.&#8221;

    &#8220;Do you think he shot that guy? He didn&#8217;t seem like the type to me&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t know, but I&#8217;m gonna get to the bottom of this.&#8221;

    &#8220;Do you want me to come with you? You don&#8217;t have a car here.&#8221;

    &#8221;That would be great&#8221;.
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    Suddenly Marc&#8217;s voice could be heard at the door. &#8220;What&#8217;s going on? You guys just got up and left&#8230; that&#8217;s not being very good hostesses.&#8221; The girls became a bit annoyed.

    &#8220;Yvette is just showing me something on the computer,&#8221; Natsumi replied.

    &#8220;OK, well I think me and Gilles are gonna go home then, if you guys have stuff to do.&#8221;

    &#8220;Yeah, that&#8217;s fine. See you later then.&#8221; Natsumi was glad to see him leave.

    &#8220;Look!&#8221; Yvette exclaimed. &#8220;It&#8217;s giving us a position. According to this, our friend Dylan is at the Union Chrétienne de Jeunes Gens! That&#8217;s right here in the city!

    So he was at a youth hostel&#8230; not the most original idea, but easy for him to blend in, she thought. &#8220;Let&#8217;s go, bring your laptop.&#8221; Yvette still seemed unsure, but Natsumi was adamant. Reluctantly, Yvette started packing up. Minutes later, they were hot on the trail, with Natsumi driving and Yvette giving directions. Natsumi&#8217;s heart was racing. She started thinking of what she would say to him when she saw him. He had wronged her, and violated her trust. But, on the other hand, they had had an unmistakable connection, stronger than Natsumi had felt in a long time. Why did these things have to be so complicated? She had no time to think. Yvette was screaming at her to turn right, but it was onto a one way street. She was getting stressed. &#8220;Just calm the fuck down! I know where I&#8217;m going &#8211; just tell me if he&#8217;s moving or not!&#8221;

    &#8220;No, he&#8217;s still there, but we should still hurry. OK, this is it coming up, let&#8217;s find a spot to park.&#8221;

    The two girls left the laptop in the car, and tried to walk casually into the youth hostel. Natsumi strode up to the front desk, where an elderly lady was seated behind a wooden counter. The building itself seemed older than she expected &#8211; it looked like it had been converted from an old government office. She suddenly realized she didn&#8217;t know Dylan&#8217;s last name. She hesitated, and then spoke up.

    &#8220;Hi, I&#8217;m looking for my friend Dylan&#8230; can you tell me which room he might be in?&#8221;

    The lady, whose nametag read &#8220;Alice&#8221; smiled and looked over at Yvette also. &#8220;Well, I&#8217;m sure he&#8217;d be happy to know two beautiful young ladies were looking for him, but I&#8217;m afraid we can&#8217;t give out that information, even if he were here.&#8221;

    Dang! Natsumi hadn&#8217;t thought of this. She thought quickly. &#8220;Oh, that&#8217;s fine&#8230; just out of curiosity, would we be able to take a look at some of the rooms here? My friend Yvette here is looking for a place to stay for a week or so. Could you show her the different types you have?&#8221;

    &#8220;Certainly! I&#8217;ll just be one second.&#8221; The lady put a sign on her desk that said &#8220;Back in 5 minutes&#8221;.

    &#8220;I&#8217;ll just stay here then,&#8221; said Natsumi, surprised at how easily she could lie to get what she wanted. Yvette and the lady went up the stairs that led to the girls&#8217; side of the building. After they had gone through the door, she stealthily crept up the stairs leading to the males&#8217; side. She opened the door, and was immediately faced with a decision. Left or right? She tried to remember where the signal had been centered when she was looking at the laptop. Was it the north or south side of the building? She decided the circle had been more on the north side of the building than the south, and after a few moments of deliberation, she went left. There were many doors on both sides of the hall. She took a quick peek into one washroom, and then another. She felt extremely nervous. She heard a door close, and whirled around. It wasn&#8217;t Dylan, but a middle-aged man with a mustache. He had a towel &#8211; it looked as if he was on his way to take a shower. Maybe he would know where Dylan was. She came up to him and asked in a small voice:

    &#8220;Hi, I&#8217;m looking for my boyfriend&#8217;s room and I&#8217;ve forgotten which one it is&#8230; can you help me?&#8221;

    The man seemed more than happy to try and help. &#8220;Sure, what does he look like?&#8221;

    Natsumi started describing Dylan to him, but it didn&#8217;t seem to ring any bells. &#8220;Did you talk to anyone that spoke French with a Canadian or American sounding accent?&#8221; The man gave her a funny look. &#8220;You know this is a youth hostel right? Everyone has an accent here!&#8221; She was running out of time, and was growing desperate. She was about to give up, but then looking at his towel she had a sudden inspiration, from something she had noticed just moments before. The showers here were communal.

    &#8220;Ummm&#8230; in the washroom, you didn&#8217;t see anyone with a really big, umm, big, you know&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Big what? Nose? Ears?&#8221;

    She spoke in almost a whisper. &#8220;No, a big dick&#8230;&#8221;

    The man burst out laughing. She felt horribly embarrassed. What the hell was she doing?

    The man stopped laughing and turned around. &#8220;Now I know who you&#8217;re talking about. End of the hall on the left&#8221;. Aha! Now she was getting somewhere!

    &#8220;Thank you so much!&#8221; She shook his hand vigorously, and then rushed off to the door he indicated. The man called after her. &#8220;Take it easy on him now!&#8221; He continued on his way, laughing to himself. Natsumi knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again, louder. Still nothing. She waited for a second. Then, very slowly, the door opened, and she was pulled inside by a strong arm. Dylan was there, looking haggard and unshaven. He was obviously very surprised to see her. After quickly locking the door behind her, he turned around to confront her.

    &#8220;What the hell are you doing here? How in God&#8217;s name did you find me?&#8221;

    &#8220;Never mind that. Let&#8217;s talk about how you got me drunk and then stole my money and my phone, you asshole!&#8221;

    &#8220;OK, so I shouldn&#8217;t have taken your phone, but you SAID I could have some money! I just needed a little more than I thought!&#8221;

    &#8220;WHAT? What the fuck are you talking about? I never said anything like that!&#8221;

    &#8220;Actually, you did, but I think you just don&#8217;t remember it. You were a lot drunker than I was.&#8221;

    &#8220;I want my phone back. Give it to me.&#8221;

    &#8220;OK, OK, here. I can&#8217;t use it anyways.&#8221;

    &#8220;What about my money?&#8221;

    &#8220;I&#8217;m afraid I&#8217;ve spent most of it&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Big surprise there. What the hell is going on? Did you kill that guy?&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh, shit, you know about that? Keep your voice down, for Christ&#8217;s sake!&#8221; He held her shoulders.

    &#8220;You did it!? You are a fucking psycho, I&#8217;m calling the cops on you!&#8221; She hissed.

    &#8220;Alright, just listen to me for a second, you dozy cunt! I didn&#8217;t kill anybody, this is all just a big shitstorm right now, and you need to calm down! Did anybody follow you here?&#8221;

    &#8220;Just tell me what happened!&#8221;

    &#8220;No, I need to know that it&#8217;s just you here!&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, Yvette is here as well, but she doesn&#8217;t know where you are.&#8221;

    &#8220;Crap. OK, I don&#8217;t have much time. This is what I need you to do. I&#8217;m going to write down this address for you &#8211; it&#8217;s outside town. This is my friend Chris&#8217;s house, where I was staying. I need you to get my traveler&#8217;s cheques, my passport, all my travel stuff, and I need it tonight. The key is on top of the porch light. I can&#8217;t stay in town any longer, I&#8217;m sure I&#8217;m gonna get caught soon.&#8221; He handed her a scribbled piece of paper.

    &#8220;But I thought you were innocent!&#8221;

    &#8220;I am! Those guys jumped me while I was taking a piss in the alley, and held a gun to my back. They asked me where Chris was, but I told them he had gone home. Then Chris comes out of nowhere with a big piece of wood, like from a construction site or something, swinging it at these guys. The guy was going to shoot Chris, so I tried to grab the gun, but while we were fighting over it, it went off a couple times and one of the shots hit that other guy, Marchaud. Hit him in the stomach. It was an accident, but I was left holding the fucking gun when that guy saw me!&#8221;

    &#8220;I want to believe you&#8230; I really do. Please be honest. Are you on drugs? Are you a dealer?&#8221;

    &#8220;No! This is what I&#8217;m trying to tell you! It&#8217;s Chris they were after! He&#8217;s the one with the drug history! That&#8217;s why I took your phone, so I could find the bastard! But thanks to your ID lock, I can&#8217;t even call with that piece of shit!&#8221;

    &#8220;Serves you right for hanging around with junkies!&#8221;

    &#8220;Could you at least unlock your phone so I could try to call Chris again?&#8221;

    &#8220;Wait. First tell me exactly what&#8217;s going on. Why are they after him?&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t know&#8230; we went to the club because he was going to meet a couple guys to talk about &#8216;new opportunities&#8217;, whatever that means. I thought he had put all that drug stuff behind him, but I guess not.&#8221;

    &#8220;If I go to get your stuff, do you think he&#8217;ll be there?&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t know, maybe&#8230; I doubt it.&#8221;

    &#8220;This is all really scary for me&#8230; Yvette says I should go and talk to the police&#8230; what should I do?&#8221;

    &#8220;What could you tell them that they don&#8217;t already know? Everyone already thinks that I killed that guy.&#8221;

    &#8220;You didn&#8217;t do it on purpose?&#8221;

    &#8220;No! Both me and Chris have never even shot a gun before! I was so freaked out after that happened, I threw the goddamn thing in the sewer!&#8221;

    &#8220;OK&#8230; I believe you&#8230; But, you know, you never even said goodbye to me. You used me.&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, like I said, if circumstances were different, maybe it could have been more than just a single encounter.&#8221; She opened her mouth to say something, and paused for a second.

    &#8220;&#8230;Do you like me?&#8221; She asked in a small voice. Dylan seemed slightly taken aback, and then looked at the floor sheepishly.

    &#8220;Well, I&#8217;d say it takes a special kind of girl to make me forget that I&#8217;m actually on the run from the police&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;We did have fun, didn&#8217;t we?&#8221; She asked, with a hint of a smile forming on her lips.

    &#8220;Yeah, that was amazing. You are amazing. I still can&#8217;t believe you found me!&#8221;

    She came up, stood close beside him and whispered softly in his ear.

    &#8220;Well, I just asked people where I could find the biggest cock in town, and after that it was easy.&#8221; At the same time, she grabbed his crotch and squeezed his cockmeat through his jeans. Instantly she felt it start to throb. He gasped.
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    &#8220;What are you doing&#8230; you shouldn&#8217;t even be in here&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;It&#8217;s OK&#8230; but you have to promise to be quiet.&#8221; She rubbed his bulge roughly, as she felt it lengthening and thickening. She kneeled down beside him, staring the whole time. She couldn&#8217;t take her eyes off his package &#8211; from the side, it looked like he was hiding a boomerang in his pants! She just had to see it again. She reached for his belt. Dylan grabbed her hand, and pulled her up to his level again.

    &#8220;We don&#8217;t have time for that. Just kiss me.&#8221;

    He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately. His face was scratchy from not shaving. The added danger of getting caught was making her extremely turned on, and she pressed her body against his, feeling his hardness between her legs. The memories of their night together came flooding back as they kissed, and Natsumi realized that the thong underwear she was wearing was probably soaked already.

    &#8220;But what if I never see you again?&#8221; Once more she tried reaching for his belt buckle. He backed away slightly, but did not try to brush her hand away. She slowly started unbuckling it. &#8220;You will see me. I&#8217;m going to leave for Spain as soon as you can bring me my passport. You can come and visit me.&#8221;

    &#8220;I think you should go to the police and sort this all out.&#8221; She said in-between kisses. The belt was off, and she started to undo his jeans.

    &#8220;Well, I think you&#8217;re crazy. I know the police here&#8230; they don&#8217;t like foreigners.&#8221;

    &#8220;What are you talking about? If you&#8217;re really innocent, then justice will prevail&#8221;.

    &#8220;I wish I could be as optimistic as you are&#8230;&#8221; Once the jeans button was undone, her next task was to wrestle the zipper over his enormous mound. It seemed like Dylan had bought special jeans, as this zipper was about three times as long as the one on her jeans. It was too difficult. Dylan noticed her struggling, and said &#8220;I really think you should go&#8230;&#8221;

    She replied with &#8220;I just want to see it one more time&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;OK, but just looking, alright?&#8221; &#8220;Sure&#8221;. She lied.

    She backed away slightly to watch him take off his pants. She had always enjoyed this part with her past boyfriends, and she relished the anticipation. When the zipper was halfway undone, the bulge broke loose, forcing the zipper down the rest of the way in one go. She reached forward and pulled his pants down. The thin material of his boxers was stretched to the limit, forming a huge tent that nearly poked her in the face.

    She had come this far, so she decided to go for it. Removing his jeans completely, she then pulled down his underwear far enough so that she could peek at the base of his cock. This emboldened her even more, and so in one fluid motion she pulled them down, revealing the whole thing at once. It was every bit as big as she remembered, and in full light she could see that even in a half hard state, it was already turning dark and purple. She could tell Dylan was fighting to keep it down, but was not doing a very good job.

    &#8220;Wowwww&#8230; your balls are even bigger than the last time I saw you.&#8221;

    &#8220;Umm, yeah&#8230; I haven&#8217;t been able to give this guy any attention in the past couple of days&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Ohh, that&#8217;s too bad&#8230; maybe I can help you out&#8230;&#8221; Natsumi had started to take off her pants as well, causing Dylan&#8217;s cock to rise even more quickly. She was soon down to her panties, and began rubbing her clit as she kissed Dylan on the lips. She quickly removed her top.

    &#8220;I would really really love that, but&#8230; I don&#8217;t know if it&#8217;s a good idea&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh, come on&#8230; just a quick one&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Do you really think I could be satisfied with just a quick one?&#8221;

    &#8220;Would you rather have nothing at all?&#8221; She asked as she began kissing Dylan&#8217;s nipples. He moaned softly. She continued her journey downward and kissed his bellybutton. She now had two fingers in her cunt, and she could feel her intensity level rising. She couldn&#8217;t hold back much longer. Once again, Dylan pulled her back up so that she was facing him.

    &#8220;Please just kiss me...&#8221; he said.

    &#8220;Well, your face is a little scratchy&#8230; but your cock is still relatively smooth&#8230;&#8221; she said with a wink. She rubbed his stubbly cheek, and then took her other hand from her pussy and touched his lips with the tip of one finger. He licked his lips, getting a small taste of her juice. He licked his lips again. Then, suddenly, he grabbed Natsumi&#8217;s hand and started licking, sucking the pussy juice off her fingers, trying to taste her again. He shivered slightly.

    &#8220;MY GOD I had forgotten how good you taste&#8230;&#8221; He grabbed her ass and swiveled her around so that she was in front of the bed. Looking deep into her eyes, he moved her backward slightly, and then when she was close enough, pushed her down forcefully onto the bed. She bounced slightly on the firm mattress. She had pushed him past the breaking point, and now he had that look in his eyes again. She suspected that she might be in for a treat after all. He began kissing her legs, first one, then the other, getting closer and closer to where they met. Then, almost as if he couldn&#8217;t hold back any longer, he buried his face in her wet, wet pussy. Her back arched and she let out a short, sharp noise, the sudden sensation was too much for her. He was licking up all the juices on her legs, around her labia, and sucking on her clit to make her produce more. Not only was he eating her, he was drinking her. She grabbed his hair and wrapped her legs around his back. She was already close to cumming.

    &#8220;Ohhhhhhh fuck&#8230; what are you doing to me&#8230;&#8221; she whispered.

    &#8220;Well, I&#8217;m gonna give you what you need, but we don&#8217;t have enough time to get your pussy ready for my cock&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh, it&#8217;s good, it&#8217;s so goooooood&#8230;&#8221; Encouraged by her words, his tongue went faster, going deeper and deeper into her hungry cunt. She pressed his face into it, trying to get a little bit more penetration from his tongue. She realized she needed a cock now more than ever, but his oral was so good, she couldn&#8217;t give it up.

    &#8220;More&#8230; more&#8230;&#8221; Things were getting more urgent now. She reached her hand down and began rubbing her clit whenever his tongue left it.

    &#8220;I need your cock&#8230; I need your cock&#8230;&#8221; she kept repeating.

    &#8220;Are you close? Are you gonna come?&#8221; he asked.

    [FONT=&quot]&#8220;Yes. Oh yes, just a little more&#8230;&#8221;[/FONT]
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    oh come on you cant stop like that this is amazing!!!
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    Natsumi was sure that once she jumped on Dylan&#8217;s dick, she would go off like a firecracker. She looked down at his body, eyeing his cock lecherously. It was fully hard, pointing straight up, running past his abs and towards the center of his chest. It was dripping with precome. Magnificent, she thought. She couldn&#8217;t take it any more. She pushed him off her pussy, and then jumped for his cock, grabbing it with both hands. He didn&#8217;t refuse. She began jerking his fat, slippery pole, and was about to start sucking it, when they heard a loud banging at the door. They froze. BANG BANG BANG! They heard it again, accompanied with a stern voice shouting &#8220;POLICE! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!&#8221;

    Dylan&#8217;s heart sank. Of course it was the police. He snuck to the peephole. They were bringing the hostelkeeper to the door, and she had a key. He had just enough time to pull on his underwear and bolt for the only possible escape &#8211; a two story drop out the window. The lock began to turn, but Natsumi thought quickly and jammed a doorstop into the bottom of the door. It caught the carpet and made the door difficult to open, so that Dylan was halfway out the window when the policeman stuck his head in.

    &#8220;Stay where you are! You are under arrest!&#8221; the officer shouted, but Dylan was already about to drop himself down, hanging by his fingers to lessen the impact of the fall. He let go. Although the drop looked small, the ground below was concrete. Natsumi rushed over to the window to see if he was OK. He was already up and running, but not very quickly &#8211; he was limping badly, and she yelled after him.

    &#8220;Wait!! Take my car!!&#8221; He turned around, and she was about to throw him her keys, but she was pulled away from the window by the policeman. She tried to go back to the window, but he held her there. He spoke quickly into a police radio.

    &#8220;Suspect is on the ground heading due north, I repeat, due north along Rue de Trévise, wearing a blue shirt and boxer shorts. I have one for questioning.&#8221; The man was young, probably younger than Natsumi even, with a well trimmed goatee and thick black eyebrows. He looked sternly at Natsumi.

    &#8220;I think you&#8217;d better come with me, miss. We&#8217;d like to ask you a few things.&#8221; Just then, Natsumi realized she was totally naked. The policeman was making a heroic effort not to stare at her body. She grabbed her underwear, top, and jeans and put them on hastily. The hostelkeeper gave Natsumi an angry and disappointed look as the policeman dragged her out of the room and down the hall. When they got back to the lobby, Yvette was waiting there. She looked extremely flustered.

    &#8220;Natsumi, what&#8217;s going on? Did you find Dylan? What&#8217;s with all the police? Are you under arrest?

    The policeman responded. &#8220;No, she is just being detained. She will be released later tonight after she answers some questions. You will be coming along as well.&#8221;

    Yvette looked insolent. &#8220;Like hell I will!&#8221; The cop gave her a pained expression. &#8220;This is part of a murder investigation. If either of you withhold any information relating to it, that makes you an accessory after the fact, and you face possible charges. I know you don&#8217;t want that, so let&#8217;s make this as simple as possible.&#8221;

    Another policeman arrived, and the two of them whisked Yvette and Natsumi out of the building. Natsumi was about to be shoved into a police car, when she noticed another police car about to pass by. Dylan was in the back of it. They had caught him too! She clambered into the back of the police car to get a better view as he passed. She had just enough time to see his face go by as his mouth formed three unmistakable words:

    &#8220;I love you.&#8221;

    Then he was gone.
    End Part V
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    Part VI

    Marc. It had to have been Marc, she decided as Natsumi and Yvette sat there stewing in the back of the police car as they were escorted to the station. Marc was the only other person who could have heard where they were going to find Dylan. He must have tipped off the police right after they left the house. Now she was wrapped up in a police investigation and had several hours of questioning in front of her. Not her idea of a good time. She turned to Yvette.

    &#8220;What are we going to do?&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t think you have to answer any questions until you have a lawyer present.&#8221;

    &#8220;Are you sure? You heard that cop&#8230; we&#8217;re part of a murder investigation now, and we could get charges if we don&#8217;t cooperate&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Yes, but you are entitled to representation! They can&#8217;t just force you to do things!&#8221;

    &#8220;Yeah, but I&#8217;m not worried about myself. I&#8217;m worried about Dylan. I have to come clean and tell them the truth&#8230;

    &#8220;So what did Dylan tell you? What&#8217;s the story?&#8221;

    The police officer in the driver&#8217;s seat gave them an expectant glance in the rearview mirror.

    &#8220;We can&#8217;t talk about it right now. Wait until later.&#8221;

    The police officer returned his gaze to the road. The other officer in the passenger side turned on the radio. After fiddling with various stations for a few moments, he turned it off again, dissatisfied.

    A few minutes later, the car pulled into a wide parking lot and the two girls were brought into a long hallway lit with bright fluorescent lights. They passed a clock on the wall that read 6:45. The autumn evening outside was starting to turn dark. The two officers led them into a processing room, and after providing their identification, Yvette was told to wait on a bench while Natsumi was immediately taken further down the hall into what looked like a rather ordinary office room, complete with a computer on a desk. Not exactly the austere questioning room she had envisioned, she thought wryly. The officer with the goatee motioned for her to sit down on a high-backed chair opposite a desk. &#8220;Detective Sumner will be with you shortly&#8221;, he said.

    As she soon found out, Detective Sumner was nothing to be worried about. She had been
    expecting a confrontation, even a shouting match, but the man that entered reminded her of nothing so much as a slightly confused uncle. He was graying around the temples, and had hairy knuckles, she noticed. He had a concerned look in his eyes. &#8220;Would you like some coffee?&#8221; he offered. Even though she didn&#8217;t really want any, she accepted, and after the first sip she started to feel better. Then he got down to business.

    &#8220;Now then, Natsumi, why don&#8217;t you tell me a little bit about your relationship with your friend Dylan?&#8221;

    Natsumi realized she didn&#8217;t know where to start. The first thing she thought of was the colored-button party at Tricolore that night, and how she couldn&#8217;t figure out what Dylan&#8217;s white button meant. She thought of the last thing he had said to her, even though no words were actually spoken. He loved her. She realized she didn&#8217;t know how to feel about that. She took a deep breath, and decided to start at the beginning.


    Meanwhile, in the processing room, Yvette was feeling rather out of the loop. She had already waited ten minutes, and no one had come to talk to her. The bench was hard and cold. This was not the first time she had been in a police station; she once had a boyfriend that was more or less an alcoholic, and she would occasionally have to come to pick him up after a night in the drunk tank. This time, however, things were more serious. She felt a little worried for Natsumi, but also slightly uneasy herself. Then a policewoman came over with a clipboard. She was in her late thirties, and had her dark hair in a tight bun. She looked down at Yvette through rectangular wire-frame glasses.

    &#8220;OK. So based on your records, it seems like you and your friend are not at fault, but you are mixed up in something not so nice at the moment. No one is accusing you of anything, but we need to know all the details of your dealings with this guy Dylan, as well as his friend.&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t know either of them&#8230; I just danced with Dylan once at the club, right before he and his friend got into a fight with some guys. I think his friend&#8217;s name was Chris.&#8221;

    &#8220;Yes. His full name is Chris Delacroix. Do you know his whereabouts?&#8221;

    &#8220;No. The fight in the club was the last time I saw him. I only saw Dylan again after we found him in the youth hostel. We were trying to get back Natsumi&#8217;s phone, because he had stolen it.&#8221;

    &#8220;He stole it at the club?&#8221;

    &#8220;No, he came back to our house later that night with Natsumi. I wasn&#8217;t around. He got Natsumi drunk, had sex with her, and afterwards took both her money and her phone.&#8221;

    &#8220;Did he force himself on her?&#8221;

    &#8220;No, I don&#8217;t think so. But I do think he took advantage of her. Did he shoot that guy?&#8221;

    &#8220;That&#8217;s what we&#8217;re going to find out. I need you to write a written statement explaining everything you&#8217;ve told me as well as any other pertinent information, and I need you to sign it. Here&#8217;s a pen.&#8221; She handed Yvette the clipboard.

    Crap, thought Yvette. I just explained everything to you, why do I need to write it down as well! Reluctantly, she took the pen and clipboard and began writing everything out. To her credit, she tried this time to be as neutral as possible and relay just the facts. After all, she thought, she had only met Dylan once and he had seemed really nice at the time. Then again, they had been in a nightclub, and he was clearly trying to pick up girls. She finished, thinking that there wouldn&#8217;t be much the police could do with the information. She walked over to the policewoman&#8217;s desk, handed her the statement, and turned around.
    The officer called back to her.

    &#8220;If you want a more comfortable seat, you can go into the back room here.&#8221;

    Yvette considered it, and decided that she would ask for a blanket too, in case Natsumi took all night. The policewoman smiled, and took her into a lounge type area with a sofa, some plants, and a television. There was a blanket on the low shelf of the coffee table in front of the sofa. Yvette was relieved.

    &#8220;Sorry about all the fuss. If you wait just a moment, I&#8217;ll get your ID back to you, and you&#8217;ll be free to go.&#8221;

    &#8220;No, I&#8217;m gonna wait for Natsumi&#8230; any idea how long she might be?&#8221;

    &#8220;I&#8217;m sorry, I don&#8217;t know&#8230; let me know if you need anything though. Here is my card. I&#8217;m Constable Denis. I&#8217;ll be right over there.&#8221;

    Yvette settled down on the couch, glad to be out of the processing room. She pulled the blanket over her, and lay back. She started thinking about the situation. From what the constable had said, it seemed like they hadn&#8217;t found Chris yet. Could he have been the shooter? She pondered this for a while, and slowly started dozing off, when her phone rang in her purse. She fished it out, and saw that it was Gilles. She had forgotten all about him! Quickly, she answered.

    &#8220;Oh my God, you won&#8217;t believe what happened!&#8221; She exclaimed. She started rapidly explaining the whole thing to him. When he heard that she was in the police station, he became noticeably more agitated.

    &#8220;You&#8217;ve been ARRESTED?&#8221; he nearly shouted.

    &#8220;No, no, just detained. I&#8217;m free to go, but I have to wait for Natsumi.&#8221;

    &#8220;What about your car? Is it still at the youth hostel? Why don&#8217;t I come and get you two?&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh, would you? That would be amazing. Could you stay with me tonight?&#8221;

    &#8220;Of course&#8230; Why don&#8217;t I bus down to the station and pick up your keys so I can get your car?&#8221;

    &#8220;No, just come and stay with me here&#8230; I need some company.&#8221;

    &#8220;OK. I&#8217;ll come as soon as I can. Hang tight.&#8221;

    As it turned out, they had to wait longer than they thought. Shortly after Gilles arrived, Constable Denis told them it would take another hour and a half, so they decided to use that time to go back to the youth hostel and get Yvette&#8217;s car. When they finally came back to the police station, Natsumi was there waiting for them. Her eyes were red from crying, and she was slumped in a chair. Yvette went over and gave her a big hug. Natsumi hugged back, but weakly. It seemed like she had no energy left.

    &#8220;Sorry we&#8217;re late&#8230; we have the car out back. Are you OK?&#8221;

    &#8220;Yes. I just want to go home and rest. I want this whole thing to be over.&#8221;

    &#8220;I know, I know. Come on, we&#8217;ll get you sorted out.&#8221;

    Natsumi didn&#8217;t speak the whole car ride home. It had started to rain again, with dark clouds hiding the moon. Yvette wanted to ask Natsumi about her encounter with Dylan earlier that day, but she thought better of it. When they got home, it was close to midnight. Gilles arrived shortly after in his car. He gave Natsumi a hug too, and asked her if she needed anything. Natsumi mumbled that she was fine, just emotionally exhausted. Once inside, she went straight to bed. Not even the sound of Gilles and Yvette making love later that night was enough to wake her up.
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    As a matter of fact, that night Gilles and Yvette very nearly broke up. Gilles had been silently angry all night about Yvette&#8217;s misadventures with Natsumi at the youth hostel. Yvette, in turn, was indignant, saying that she knew what she was doing. Neither of the girls had thought Dylan was dangerous, she argued, but Gilles did not buy it. Gilles knew that Yvette had initially been interested in Dylan at the club, and it made him a little uneasy. He came very close to accusing Yvette of trying to join Natsumi in her hostel-room tryst earlier that day with Dylan, and at that, she became furious.

    &#8220;Why the fuck are you jealous of him? The only reason I went along was to take care of my roommate!&#8221; Yvette whispered sharply.

    &#8220;I&#8217;m not jealous, I just don&#8217;t see why this has to be such a big deal for everyone! Let the police handle it!&#8221;

    Yvette had always been somewhat distrustful of police; she believed in a rather idealized version of law enforcement that was not entirely realistic. Even though she had been treated well at the police station, the very fact that she was interrogated left her in a very agitated mood. She realized she was venting at Gilles, but she still couldn&#8217;t stop herself.

    &#8220;Yeah, well, say congratulations to that retard Marc next time you see him for getting us all taken in by the fucking police.&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, they caught Dylan, didn&#8217;t they?&#8221;

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t care! You&#8217;re not even listening to me. You know, sometimes I wish we never went to the fucking club that night, then at least our lives would be back to normal!&#8221;

    &#8220;But then we wouldn&#8217;t have met&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Whatever&#8230; all three of you were just slobbering over Natsumi that night anyways. I wasn&#8217;t even your first choice&#8230;&#8221;
    &#8220;I talked to lots of beautiful women that night before I found you. Before I found the right one. I don&#8217;t think that&#8217;s a crime!&#8221; Gilles backpedaled quickly.

    &#8220;But you wouldn&#8217;t have said no to her. Don&#8217;t lie.&#8221;

    &#8220;Why are we talking about this? What possible purpose could it serve?&#8221;

    &#8220;I bet you want to fuck both of us at the same time, don&#8217;t you, you fucking pervert&#8230;&#8221; Yvette was near tears. Gilles struggled for something to say. He reached out and gave his girlfriend a big hug.

    &#8220;Yvette, sweetie, I know you&#8217;re upset&#8230; it&#8217;s been a tough day for everyone. You know that no other girls can replace you&#8230; Your roommate included. She&#8217;s a great girl, but you&#8217;re the one that I want.&#8221;

    Yvette sighed deeply, and turned on the bedside lamp. She looked at him in the light.

    &#8220;Really&#8230; you&#8217;re not faking it?&#8221;

    &#8220;No. I would never do that. Plus, I&#8217;m a sucker for blondes, and your tits are a little bigger than hers anyways.&#8221;

    She let out a single snort of laughter, and smiled in spite of herself.

    &#8220;Hmm&#8230; I don&#8217;t know, I think we&#8217;re almost the same size. I borrowed one of her bras once and it fit pretty well.&#8221;

    &#8220;No, you&#8217;ve definitely got her beat. I bet she can&#8217;t fuck as good as you either &#8211; she barely ever even dates anyone, right?&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, I don&#8217;t know about that&#8230; maybe I&#8217;ve had a teeny bit more practice&#8230;&#8221; she said with a grin.

    &#8220;I bet you could bring me off with just one finger if you wanted&#8230;&#8221; Gilles realized that although Yvette was extremely stressed out, she was also supremely horny.

    &#8220;One finger, huh? Well, you do come pretty easily&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Mostly just around you.&#8221; He lied.

    &#8220;Maybe I need to teach you how to last longer&#8230;&#8221;

    &#8220;Oh really? And how would we go about doing that?&#8221;

    &#8220;I have my ways&#8230;&#8221; She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

    &#8220;Oh, look who&#8217;s being all mysterious now! So what&#8217;s your secret, getting me to wear like a whole stack of condoms?&#8221;

    &#8220;Well, maybe I should just show you&#8230;&#8221; Yvette rolled over so that she was laying on top of him. They had both flopped onto the bed after getting home, not bothering to change out of their day clothes. Yvette slowly began unbuttoning his shirt, while Gilles began to massaging her large, soft breasts through her shirt. Her leg came up, rubbing along his body with her foot. He pulled her close to him and held her tightly.

    &#8220;I don&#8217;t like fighting with you.&#8221; he whispered.

    &#8220;I know&#8230; I&#8217;m sorry for being silly&#8230;&#8221; she said as she kissed him repeatedly. She felt his body starting to respond as she began to grind on him.

    &#8220;Ohh, I love how you move your hips like that&#8230;&#8221; he sighed.

    &#8220;I know you do&#8230; now take off your shirt.&#8221; Gilles bared his hairy chest, and began to loosen his belt buckle. Yvette ran her hands over his pecs, feeling his heart beating rapidly. She pinched his nipples playfully, and wondered how long she could tease him before he tore her clothes off. Over the past few days, she and Gilles had been fucking nearly every chance they got, and she had started to learn exactly how far she could push him before he exploded.

    &#8220;Mmm&#8230; come on, let&#8217;s get naked&#8230;&#8221; She could hear the anticipation in his voice. He wriggled out of his pants, and was about to remove his underwear too, when Yvette stopped him.

    &#8220;Not yet&#8230; you have to take care of me first, so we can come together.&#8221; Yvette laid back on the bed, lifted her legs together in the air, and slid off her jeans and panties, giving Gilles a marvelous view of her slit and round, firm ass. When she was completely naked from the waist down, she spread her legs open and gave Gilles the &#8220;come here&#8221; motion with her index finger. He smiled, and went to work, burying his nose in the fine blonde hairs of Yvette&#8217;s bush.

    &#8220;You&#8217;re wet already&#8230; do you want my fingers too?&#8221;

    &#8220;No, just start with your mouth&#8230; but gently.&#8221;

    &#8220;OK&#8230; like this?&#8221; Gilles gave her a long, quick swipe with his tongue, and a soft moan escaped from her lips.

    &#8220;Yeah, more like that&#8230; but slower.&#8221;

    He held her legs apart and began licking and sucking languorously, stopping every so often to kiss the area around her pussy and run his tongue along the inside of her legs. Clearly he was getting the job done, as Yvette had soon become as slippery as an eel. He homed in on her clit and worked it with his tongue. She moaned louder and louder with each flick.
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