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    I'd like to tell you about my education of what a
    real man's cock can do to a woman. My name's John, and I
    am 23. Susan, my wife, is nearly 19. We were married on
    her 18th birthday, and she was a virgin until our wedding
    night. Susan is 5'6" tall with a 35-23-35 figure,
    shoulder length blonde hair and long, shapely legs. She
    is so beautiful and I consider myself very lucky to have
    her as my wife.

    We had been married around seven months, when one
    night after screwing she said to me, "There must me some-
    thing wrong with me. I just don't understand why the
    girls at work think sex is such a big deal. All they ever
    talk about is how great their orgasms feel and how many
    orgasms they have per session." She went on to say that
    one woman in particular, Linda, always talked about how
    good her husband Robert was in bed. Linda and Robert are
    an older couple that live nearby. Because of this, we
    often get together and help each other out. I suggested
    to Sue that she should have a word with Linda and see if
    she could help in any way. Sue just told me not to be

    Eventually, after much nagging from me she said
    she would. Sue went around to Linda's one evening and
    stayed until about 9:30. When she came home, I was
    already in bed. After joining me, she asked me how large
    my cock was. I said that I didn't know. I was always
    rather pleased with it and never thought its size matter-
    ed. But she was persistent. "Let's measure it and find
    out," she said. She got out of bed and found her sewing
    tape measure. I lay back and let her play with my cock to
    get it hard. She then carefully measured my cock's length
    and circumference and then repeated her measurements to
    make sure. When she was done, she was quiet for awhile.

    "What's wrong?" I asked.

    "I'm even more confused now," she said with a
    slight whine.

    "Why's that?"

    "Well, your cock is barely 4.5" long and 3"around.
    But Linda said that Robert's cock was 9" long and 6"
    around. That's twice as big as yours. It can't really be
    that big, can it?"

    I was stunned and said "Linda must be wrong; she's
    making it up."

    "No," Sue replied, "Linda was very definite about
    its size and said that was why she had such a great sex
    life, and, anyway why should she lie?"

    Since I was laying there with a hard-on, I grabbed
    a rubber and rolled it onto my dick. We soon started
    fucking, and, after a while, Sue started talking."I wonder
    what it would be like to have a cock like Bob's up inside
    me. Linda says it's lovely to feel it going right up
    inside her." I was kind of annoyed and but also horny.

    "Why don't you try it yourself," I said."It should
    be easy for you to fuck Robert. Linda can't compete with
    you in the looks and body department,and she's over twenty
    years older than you."I soon came in the rubber, pulled it
    off, and rolled over and went to sleep.

    Later that night I woke to a sound. It was Sue.
    She was dreaming. I noticed that she was playing with her-
    self, so I sat up to watch. She then mumbled softly, "Bob,
    oh Bob," and then she came with a shudder and went limp.

    I lay for a long time upset and worried by Susan's
    actions. The more I thought about it the more excited I
    became, and eventually I had to jerk myself off so I could
    fall back asleep. While doing it I thought of what it
    would be like to see Susan and Bob fucking. When I was
    done, I deciding to try and get Sue and Bob together.

    For several weeks I tried to think of ways to get
    them together. Then Linda asked if we could look after Bob
    for three weeks. She was going to stay with her daughter,
    who was about to have a baby. Of course we said yes. The
    night that Linda left, Bob came over to our house. "Let's
    go out for a meal and a drink to celebrate my being
    a granddad," he said.

    Susan and I went to the bedroom to change. I look-
    ed at Sue who was standing there in her tiny panties
    wondering what to wear. She looked lovely. I asked her to
    wear my favorite, a Grecian-style dress that comes down to
    just below the knee, slit up the side, and backless. Sue
    put it on and also wore gold high-heeled sandals. All she
    was wearing underneath were her panties. She never wore
    pantyhose and hardly ever wore a bra - her tits were so
    firm she didn't need one. Susan looked stunning. When we
    returned downstairs, Bob just looked at her and said,
    "Oh Wow." We then went out. All evening he couldn't take
    his eyes off her legs.

    We returned home about midnight, fairly drunk.
    Susan went to the kitchen to make coffee. I followed her,
    stood behind her, and wrapped my arms around her. I
    slipped my hand through the split in her dress and then
    between her legs. She moaned, and I could feel her wetness
    through her panties.

    "Why not try Bob's cock tonight darling?" I whisp-
    ered in her ear.

    "You mean you really wouldn't mind then?" she

    "No," I replied, "not as long as I can be there to

    She leaned her head back and kissed me. "Well, if
    Bob doesn't mind," she said, "I guess you can watch."

    I returned to the living room, my mind spinning. I
    wondered how to tell Bob that I wanted him to fuck my wife
    and watch him do it. As we sat there, Bob told me what a
    lucky man I was to have a woman like Sue and how he wished
    that he was me. "Well you can be tonight if you want," I
    said, "because Susan wants you."

    He looked at me amazed. "Are you sure?" he said,
    hardly daring to believe me.

    Susan walked in with our coffee and said she was
    going to bed. "I'll see you up there," she said, looking
    straight at Bob. We quickly drank our coffee and went
    upstairs to our bedroom. Susan had taken off her dress and
    was lying on the bed in just her panties and shoes - she
    looked really sexy with her nipples standing out. Bob and
    I quickly stripped off. I looked at Bob. I noticed that
    his cock was uncircumcised. I had never seen one like that
    before. I also noticed that even though the was not yet
    erect, his cock was much bigger that my hard-on.

    Bob just stood there with his massive cock swaying
    out in front of his belly with just the tip of his knob
    pushing out from his foreskin. Sue looked at him with her
    mouth open in disbelief. I moved over to her and hooked my
    fingers in her panties. She lifted her bottom, and I
    slowly pulled them down her legs. Bob lay down on the bed
    beside Sue and started kissing her and rubbing her tits. I
    was at the foot of the bed and watched for a while. I then
    went to the bedstand and got two rubbers. I rolled on onto
    my cock and handed the other to Sue to put on Bob's cock.
    Sue reached out and held Bob's erect prick. It was so
    thick she could not get her hand around the shaft. She
    pulled the foreskin down the shaft. A large, angry
    looking, purplish knob eased out and seemed to swell up
    even larger. She just played with it for a while, checking
    it out as if it was the first dick she ever saw. I moved
    between her legs and licked her pussy. She started to moan
    as she played with Bob's massive prick. Even though I just
    started licking her, her cunt was all juiced up and ready
    for fucking. I was in a daze.

    Sue pulled Bob on top of her. He swung one leg
    over her torso and started siding down her body. As his
    ass came toward me, I backed away to give him access to
    her pussy. I just knelt on the floor, watching in amaze-
    ment. They started making out and wrapped their arms
    around each other. Bob rubbed his cock at the entrance of
    her juicy slit and tried to work it in. Sue was desperate
    to get fucked and panted, "Come on
    Bob, stick it in me."

    "It won't fit," Bob joked.

    "Well then make it fit," Sue joked back.

    Bob just kept moving his dick up and down her cunt
    lips, trying to slide it between them. I reached up and
    slipped my fingers beside his cock and opened her cunt for
    him. I held her cunt lips wide apart. Still, Bob kept
    sliding his dick up and down, teasing Sue. She didn't
    appreciate being teased.

    "Please Bob, put it in me," she pleaded.

    I don't know what came over me, but I used my
    other had to clasp Bob's cock and guide it to the opening
    of Sue's pussy.

    "Thanks for the help John", Bob said with a touch
    of arrogance in his voice.

    Bob pushed his knob in. I watched the tip of the
    great purple head disappear up inside Sue. Bob just lay
    still and leaned into Sue to apply gentle pressure. I
    could still see the flared rim of his cock's head. Finally
    Sue's pussy opened up a little more and the head sank in.
    Sue had the first two inches in her. She had seven more to
    go. I took my hand away from her pussy lips and watched
    the huge shaft slowly easing in a little more. Sue cried
    out with pleasure. Bob pulled out a little and then slowly
    pushed his cock back in. With each thrust of his body, his
    cock would sink in a little deeper. I was mesmerized, and
    Sue was squealing.

    When Bob finally got most of it in, he pulled
    Susan's long legs over his shoulders and really started to
    fuck her. Sue was crying out with pleasure, her hands
    were gripping the flesh of his back. How she took all of
    him, I'll never know, but she did. His hairy balls were
    now slapping her bottom. He kept pulling his prick almost
    out of her cunt until just part of the head was in and
    then rammed it in hard. Sue was now thrusting with him
    and really enjoying a superior fucking. She grunted and
    came with a loud moan. It was obvious she had the first
    real orgasm of her life. She never acted or sounded like
    that when we fucked.

    I suddenly realized that Bob did not have a rubber
    on and that Susan was getting raw cock for the first time
    in her life. And she was loving it. I put my hand on his
    shoulder and tried to gently pull him away from her.

    "Bob, please put on a rubber," I said.

    Sue looked at what I was trying to do, and kicked
    out at me catching my cheek with the heel of her sandal.
    I knew I could not stop them now and that he might make
    her pregnant!

    I moved up the bed and looked at her. Sue's lips
    were parted and she was sucking in air and whimpering.
    Her half-closed eyes were wildly rolling around. She was
    coming again. She gripped Bob's shoulders crying out
    "Bob, oh Bob keep on fucking me." I leaned toward her to
    kiss her, but she screamed at me to "Fuck off." I went
    back down to the foot of the bed and watched Bob's cock
    thrusting in and out.

    Sue was crying and heaving her hips up to meet
    his every thrust. Bob was moving faster now with short
    sharp stokes. His balls had sunk up into his body. He
    was about to come. You could see it with every jerk of
    his body. Susan's legs were locked around his back. She
    was shouting out: "Fuck me darling, fuck me. Oh God,
    keep fucking me! God I love it!"

    This continued for a quit a while. Damn, I was
    sure Bob would come soon, but he never did. All the
    while, Sue continued shouting for him to keep fucking her
    and cheering him on with a statement about how good he
    was and how good his dick felt in her. She was never
    vocal with me in this way. At first I was kind of
    jealous, but I quickly realized that Bob was fucking her
    better that I ever could, and that was why she made so
    much noise.

    Finally, Bob plowed into her with on final thrust
    and spurted his cum deep into her pussy. They lay
    together for a while with his prick still up inside her.
    They kept kissing each other while Sue tried to catch her
    breath. She was having a hard time breathing deeply with
    Bob on top of her, so he slowly leaned to his side. As he
    did so, his cock slowly came out of her pussy. It was so
    long it took a while to slide all the way out. When it
    finally did, it make a loud plop, which caused both of
    them to giggle. Susan let out a long sigh. Bob's cock
    was all slimy with her juices. Susan's cunt was gaping
    open red and swollen. I didn't see any sperm come out, so
    I just assumed Bob was too old to produce any. I was in
    a trance wondering how this man, who was thirty years
    older than my wife, could have fucked her so hard and
    long. I then noticed that I had come without even touch-
    ing my prick, because my rubber was full of spunk.

    "My turn now," I said, moving up between her legs.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Sue teased. She
    reached down with her hand open, indicating that I should
    stop were I was.

    I stopped with my head above her cunt. I looked
    up at her face, she looked at me and smiled, reached out
    and pushed my head down. My mouth dropped to her cunt.
    At first I timidly licked at her protruding pussy lips.
    The smell was overpowering. Slowly I started licking
    her pussy all over. Then I noticed a trickle of Bob's
    sperm coming out of her. I paused.

    "Lick it!" Sue demanded.

    I did as ordered. As I did, more and more sperm
    leaked out. Boy was I wrong when I assumed Bob was too
    old to produce sperm. It seemed like it would never
    stop. I had to speed up my pace to get it all. Sue
    moaned in appreciation.

    "That's it. Get it all. Don't let any get on
    the sheets," she directed.

    All the while, strange thoughts ran through my
    head. Here I was, licking sperm from my wife's pussy
    which was just deposited by a man who fucked her better
    than I ever could. Then I realized I could not compete
    with what I had just seen. At this point, I was just
    happy that I was allowed to participate in any way. Just
    when the flow started to subside, I came, adding more
    spunk to the rubber on my cock. But I just kept on
    licking at Susan's juicy slit.

    By this time, Bob had another hard-on and wanted
    to fuck Sue again. Bob moved off the bed and began to
    repositioned himself between her legs, nudging me out of
    his way. He drove his cock back up into her with no
    trouble this time. Sue's legs were spread wide apart and
    her cunt was a tight "O" around his massive erection. He
    was ramming into her, giving Susan another really
    superior fucking. Every time he pulled out, the inner
    folds of her cunt were pulled out gripping around his
    shaft. I moved up beside her. Her hands were gripping
    the top of the headboard. She was moving her head from
    side to side and panting hard. This went on even longer
    than the first time, more than an hour. Sue just kept
    cumming over and over until he finally came with a loud
    groan and pumped another load of spunk up into her
    belly. Then he collapsed on top of her.

    They lay together. She was very still (she said
    later she had passed out when he came). Susan finally
    opened her eyes putting her arms around Bob saying, "Oh
    darling that was wonderful." They rolled over on their
    sides, lying face to face kissing, his cock still firmly
    up inside her. She put a leg over his thigh exposing her
    cunt with his shaft still stuck up her cunt. I removed
    the rubber from my dripping cock, went over and laid
    down to watch them. They were having a long, slow
    leisurely fuck. They were just having fun now. They
    kept kissing and talking while their hips slowly rocked
    back and forth. I was so exhausted I was half asleep. I
    could vaguely remember the bed rocking but I had no
    concept of time. I did notice that the sun was coming

    I must have dozed off, because the movement of
    the bed woke me. I looked up and saw Sue was astride
    Bob, riding up and down on his swollen shaft as fast as
    she could, her eyes were closed and her mouth hanging
    open. She gasped and came off. Sue sagged and went
    limp with her arms hanging down, her head lolling to one
    side. It seemed that she would have collapsed but Bob's
    cock supported her. Bob held her around her waist and
    kept thrusting up into her, his balls tightened and
    filled her inside with spunk again. I looked at the
    clock and saw it was 5:30 a.m. They spent the whole
    night fucking!
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    very hot!!

    as a 30+ year older man, i appreciate the kind thoughts...
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