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    Hi folks good to be here. The reason i am here is because i read some very interesting and helpful posts and tips about sex and size. I found a lot of the info here to be very informative and that is what i would like to see more of. I am not here to read sex stories unless they have a pertinent point or pick up guys/girls w/e.....

    As i say that i do not want it to be interrupted badly or for people to take offense and i'm up for a laugh like everyone....

    I'm of Caribbian descent and and am from the uk. I'm quite young but have had a very active but healthy social life wracking up near 60 partners in my 24 years. My current fetishes (always current they probably change way to much) include outdoor sex, oral sex, orgies and female orgasms.....
    I think i will leave it there if this post sounds to wankerish just tell me:wink:
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