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Aug 15, 2011
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San Francisco, CA from Kansas City, MO
Hey guys, how's it going. My name is Bradlee, I live in San Francisco,CA. I'm from Kansas City, MO. I stumbled upon this sight by accident... It's amazing I thought that a guy of my statue with a big member was to keep it to women only. However I find myself looking and checking out guys with massive bulges all the time, wondering what they are packing.
Im 33 years old, I still think I'm 25 though. 5'6" tall, 150 lbs, bro/bro, tan, 8.5" cut, 5.5" girth.
I love bulging underwear, Muscular men are a +, professional athletic men with a huge package set me spinning, Athletic men wearing athletic shorts with a vpl cause me to get an instant erection, I want to smother my face in large flaccid swollen members. Self Sucking is a fantasy Just say'n.
NOT into the: classic jock strap, leather, water sports, commando in jeans.

Wanting to find the best and safest way to increase the size if my cock. I will take all the help from guys who have mastered it!