New to PE, wondering about my routine?

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    I have been doing manual PE exercises for about 3 weeks now, a couple of years ago I had messed with jelging for a week or two and did not have the patients. I am determined now to gain size, I am gonna stick to it for at least a year to see what happens. I have been reading forums lately and finally decided to join this one. Let me know if you think my routine is too much or too little guys? Thanks

    5min warmup
    10min rotary stretch/A-stretch
    150 3-5 second wet jelgs
    3 30 second Ulis
    3 30 second horse squeezes
    5min cool down

    6 days on 1 day off

    Doing kegals every day as well
    This is going to be my first entire months routine, Im wondering if it is similar to bodybuilding tho, as far as switching it up often to keep on gaining? Im trying to figure out what to switch for the second month or what to add/take out of the routine, or should I just add? Should I do something different every day? Like girth work 3 days a week and more length oriented the other 2?

    So far my EQ has increased, my labido has increased, not much in size yet tho. Im 24 and very ashamed of my size for some reason, I have always wanted to be bigger, so I hope this stuff works. My current size is 7"x5", i hate my girth. Since 3 weeks of training I have seen my BPFSL go from 7" to 7.5" and my EG from 5" to 5.25", maybe from swelling. This is all the improvements I have seen so far. Plus the small red dots from the girth work and dull stretching aches which sucks.

    Ultimately I want to be a solid NBPEL of 8" with 6.25" girth. Do you think this is possible in 6 month to a years time with just manual PE? I dont want to have to dive into weight hanging or pumping, but I dont know if I will have to or not. What do you guys think?
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