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New to this : Please provide input (stats inside)


Jun 2, 2008
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Hi everyone.

I started PE a few years ago with some manual stretching for a few weeks, but I didn't have the time to continue. I decided to order an Andropenis (from Andromedical) and I am using it now. I know people believe in different extenders, but given that I spent a good deal of money on this, I figure I should try it out. It also allows me to get other things done instead of using my hands. I am using the Andromedical Standard Method and following that.

I am starting at the following dimensions

NBPEL : 5.5inches
EG : 5.78 inches


NBPEL: 8 inches
EG : 6 inches

This is very important to me and I want to try to commit as much of myself as I can to learning more to making this process as effective as possible.

Does anyone have any comments/suggestions thoughts about using Extenders? Has anyone used the Andromedical device? Do you believe I have to follow the Andromedical regimen? Do you know of other routines that work?

It really bugs me that my length is so odd compared to my girth. I really just want to add as much length as I can. If I could achieve my goal of 8 inches I would be very happy. Right now I have a month before work starts to focus on penis stretching and I want to try to get as much out of it without hurting myself. Thoughts? Suggestions? I am also 25 lbs overweight, so I'm hoping that reveals a little more of my penis to make it "look" longer.

How long should I take/spend each day and such? Anyone familiar with this?
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