New ways of having the best sex in the world

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    Hi I am brandy123,,,I am 25 bi female,, I am new on this site and came in here to find new and better ways of having personal sex with my b/f . from the looks of it so far it seems like we have done it all:dunno: Come on there has to be a santa ,,,just like I am sure there are has to be (much) more in the ways of having fun in bed or on that hide away spot on some beach :redface: believe me secluded beach spots turn out to be nothing more than peeping spots for others ,,,so we found out . we are not into brutality ,,although a good spankin isn't out of the question :tongue:,,,we have tanned bothe of our asses many a time ,,,along with insetables in every orfice imanagable ,,,along with fisting :eek: but we do love it . We are not into 3 somes unless maybe I could find a tranny always wanted to to try something like that :redface: something the boyfriend can be involves with as well ,,,I think he might be a go for anything as long as I am there:biggrin1: I have gotten him into doing things he had never imagined before and actually loves it too with a little bit of help I am hoping to get some new ideas from the wonderful ppl on here ,,,,thankyou for reading this
    Love Brandy
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