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Nick the Night Nurse (Gay Erotica)


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Jan 22, 2017
Houston, Texas, United States of America
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Dylan, interrupted from his peaceful slumber, leapt out of bed while clutching his burning abdomen. The excruciating pain that was throbbing within his body was so debilitating that Dylan hastily snatched his keys from his nightstand and dashed for the door. In his Honda Accord he fumbled with getting the key into the ignition while panic set in as to what was causing him so much pain. He knew that the nearest Urgent Care Emergency Center was less than 15 minutes away and at this time of night would probably be less since there was no traffic to deal with. Dylan sped to his destination, going 10mph over the speed limit and was lucky no cop had clocked him on his journey. Of course Dylan would have an excuse as he was experiencing an emergency. In 10 minutes time Dylan would be pulling into the parking lot of Memorial Herman Convenient Care Center. He parked car and ambled up to the sliding doors of the entrance as fast as he possibly could in his current condition.

Check-in was quick and easy. Carolyn, the receptionist who was on duty tonight, could clearly see the agony in Dylan's face as she swiftly checked Dylan in and got him into a room to be seen by a doctor. An attendant arrived and led Dylan to an empty room where he was handed a gown and told to remove his clothes and put the gown on. Dylan was also advised to lay down on the bed and wait for the nurse to come and collect his vitals and ask him some questions. Dylan opted against laying down as he didn't feel it would make him feel any better so he sat atop the bed and contemplated all of the possible illnesses that could be afflicting him. Of all of the possible maladies that could be terrorizing his innards, Dylan reckoned that he was in the midst of a heart attack and hoped the doctor would come very soon. The countdown had begun.

After an unusually long 10 minutes of waiting, in walks a very attractive young man of about 30 years old. "Hello, my name is Nick. I am going to be your nurse." Even through Dylan's pain he could admire the beauty of the man before him. Nick was at least 6'3 inches tall with a well defined athletic physique which could be seen through the thin fabric of his baby blue scrubs. Nick was a ball of energy and it was so amazing to watch that it made Dylan lose focus of some of the pain he was enduring. Nick's quick pace conveyed to Dylan that Nick was aware of the immediate need for care. "First I'm going to get your vitals then I need to ask you some questions about what you are experiencing." Dylan complied with all of the necessary procedures that were necessary for him to see a health professional. He learned that his blood pressure was elevated which Nick presumed could have been due to the pain that Dylan was experiencing. Dylan answered a series of questions and finished by telling Nick he was concerned he was having a heart attack. Nick jotted this down in his notes and assured Dylan that he would have someone in to see him pretty soon. As Nick was taking notes, Dylan was allowing his eyes to trail the length of Nicks figure and imagining what it looked like beneath his scrubs. "Dylan, I'm going to send this information to Dr. Rosenberg and I'll be right back to get an IV started for you and I'll give you a shot of morphine which should help with the pain. Sound good?" Dylan replied in the affirmative and allowed an unsteady smile to spread across his face. Nick was out the door momentarily and was back in a matter of minutes with an IV bag, a syringe, and a vial of morphine. Nick worked meticulously to find a vein in Dylan's forearm so that he could place his IV. Dylan, who had a fear of needles, didn't seem to allow that fear to overtake him because he was happy to have Nick touching him. Dylan allowed his imagination to run wild with erotic images of Nick stripping him down and straddling him on the hospital bed. Nick worked methodically to ensure that he found a vein on the first jab and it was a success as the IV was secured. Nick was unaware that his patient was entertaining sexual thoughts about him even as Dylan's dormant cock began to harden beneath his flimsy hospital gown. Perhaps Nick had noticed the oblong imprint start to press up toward the ceiling but his professionalism wouldn't allow him to let his patient know that he'd seen it. "Dylan your IV is in and now I'm going to give you a shot of this morphine which will reduce the pain." Nick gives Dylan the injection and then tells him to give it a few minutes to kick in. Nick warns Dylan that the morphine might make him feel warm and a little drowsy and there would be no need to worry. Dylan, who'd been coping with his pain quite well thanks to his infatuation with Nick, patiently waited for the pain to subside.

Urgent care wasn't so urgent but at least Dylan was not in any pain thanks to the morphine. After 40 minutes of waiting Dr. Rosenberg arrived to explain his thoughts. "Hello Dylan, please accept my apologies for the delay. I am the only doctor on duty tonight and I have several patients I must tend to." Dylan satisfied by the explanation, countered with a nod. "I've talked with my nurse and I've looked at your chart and I suspect that what you are dealing with is something very minor but I will have Nick run an EKG just to be sure. It's a painless procedure that will help us rule out a heart attack which is what you were fearing it was." Dylan was all ears and said nothing but simply nodded in agreement to any perceived question that was directed to him by the doctor. "Seems like everything is a go so Nick will be taking care of you and I'll be back later to tell you the results. The doctor was in and out in a matter of minutes and probably off to see another patient.

Nick and Dylan were now alone in the small room. Dylan was starting to get a headache from the abrasive bright white lights that were assaulting his eyes and he asked Nick if there was any way that some of the lights could be turned off or down. Nick complied and turned off several of the light switches, making the room much dimmer. "Thanks nurse." Nick replied "It's no problem man, and call me Nick. I'll be back shortly to run that EKG for Dr. Rosenberg." Once Nick was out of the room, Dylan began to let sexually arousing ideas invade his mind once again about his night nurse aka Nick. Picking up where Dylan had left off in his tantalizing fantasy, he'd allowed his eyes to close and let the images play out in his head. In Dylan's imagination Nick would return to discover Dylan masturbating beneath his gown. This would all be according to Dylan's plan to seduce Nick with arousal. Dylan being the author of this plot would make sure that everything transpired as he'd wished it to transpire in reality so Nick would observe the scene from the threshold of the door for a few seconds before he'd step into the room and lock the door behind him. "Dylan as your nurse, it is my duty to make you comfortable. Would you like some help with that?" Of course Dylan would say quietly say yes while stating that the masturbation helped to ease the pain but his hand was getting tired and he didn't think he could handle the task for too much longer. Nick would approach the bed and slowly lift Dylan's gown to take a peek under. He'd watch intently as Dylan's saliva saturated palm would slowly glide up and down against the blood engorged throbbing penis shaft. Nick's job as a nurse has always been to observe his patients and that's exactly what he decided to do for a minute or two. The gown was lifted to Dylan's chest where it was gently placed so that Nick's hands would be free should he need to take over the job. Before jumping into action to help his patient he took the time necessary to notice the beauty of Dylan's manhood. Dylan's cock rose to an impressive 10 inches of thick curved flesh with an awe-inspiring flared mushroom head atop it. At the base of Dylan's shaft bounced two of the most majestic looking pendulous testicles that Nick would have the opportunity to ever see and he'd seen a lot of them as a nurse. This handsome cock and set of balls were framed attractively by a thick chocolate colored patch of brown hair. Nick being a professional told Dylan that he was going to take over for him but would need to put on his gloves and retrieve a few packets of medical grade surgical lubricant which was in a drawer on the counter beside the bed. "Dylan you just relax and allow me to take over. You may think this is an unreasonable request but I go above and beyond for my patients." In saying that Nick was gloved up squeezing packets of lube into his palm preparing to churn my knob. I released my cock and allowed my hands to fall to my sides so that Nick could take over the job. "Dylan you just lay back and relax and let me see if I can help you with some of your pains." Nick hovered above me and brought both of his slippery gloved hands down onto my shaft sending a wave of chills through my spine because the lube was cold. He held my cock in his hand for a few seconds before stroking me gently. Nick did everything methodically and his masturbation technique was no different. The hand job started off slow and easy with one hand doing most of the work while the other hand gently cupped beneath my balls and tugged gently from time to time. After several minutes I felt the hand that was caressing my balls trail past my taint and gently palpate the tightly constricted opening of my anus. Nick was applying the thick gooey lube to my anus for what imagine he would eventually introduce a finger into. I'd never been penetrated before but I was open to the idea of letting Nick be the first to pop my anal cherry. Soft subdued moans would escape my lips and Nick would encourage me to let them free so I did. It was a task trying to keep my moans to a minimum so I allowed them to come as they pleased. Minutes passed when Nick took both hands and engulfed the shaft of my cock in it's entirety and began to use one of the most amazing things I'd every felt. It was a technique where he churned my penis with both hands in opposite directions of one another while continuing to stroke it up and down at the same time. It took great coordination to do this successfully and it was like angel had come down from heaven and kissed me right on my crotch because the exhilarating shockwaves that reverberated through my body when he'd begun to do this were unimaginable. "Dylan I want you to let me know when you are close." Nick didn't know this but I was fighting the urge to reach up and place my hand behind his head to guide him down to my crotch but I'd allow him to do his job the way he felt best. It wouldn't be long before I was going to blast a load up into the air. Nick was probably aware of this because he'd commented that my testicles were drawn in. Nick sped up the process as my breathing grew rapid. The time was near and I was about to explode and Nick was ready for it. My hands gripped the bed and I resisted the urge to arch my back as the first spray was about to rocket out of my shaft. Nick being ever present remained focused and continued to stroke me but this time with one hand doing the job and the other hand was now gently prodding my lubed anus and was slowly being inserted where it was no swirling around my prostate. My body contorted from the euphoria that I was experiencing. Nick had introduced me to a sensation that I'd never had the pleasure of experiencing. I released a minimum of 8 thick ropes of my seed into the space above me which all came down across myself and Nick. Nick was being painted in my warm spooge but he didn't lose focus and continued to finish the task at hand until I'd come down from my ejaculatory rollercoaster. Once he realized I was spent he first removed his hand from my shaft and gently pulled his finger out of my anus. Without a word he went to the sink and ran some warm water and doused a few paper towels with it and clean me up first and then himself. He pulled my gown down.....(Knock, Knock) I jump at the sound and realize I was asleep and was having a dream as Nick enter the room with the EKG machine ready to run the test which he does in a matter of minutes. "Dylan, I'm going to take these results down to Dr. Rosenberg and we will be back in a few." I drowsily replied "Thanks Nick." What started out as an erotic fantasy turned into a full fledged dream.

A few minutes later Dr. Rosenberg and Nick return to my room to tell me my results. Nick remains quiet but I can see that Dr. Rosenberg is extremely positive based on his facial expression. "Dylan I have good news for you. Your heart is perfectly fine and based on some of the questions you answered earlier I am diagnosing you with having gas. I'm going to suggest you take some over the counter gas medicine as soon as possible to help break that gas bubble up. If you should continue to feel pain which I don't think you will then feel free to give me or my nurse a call and we will admit you immediately.

After leaving the urgent care center I stopped by a 24 hour pharmacy and picked up a bottle of Mylanta and some Gas-X pills. These should do the job and they did. I was now free of pain and my visit to the urgent care would be filled with great memories about Nick the night Nurse.