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    Score another point for politics as usual.

    Despite election-season promises to bring about changes in federal government in general and to end the US military involvement in Iraq in particular, the Democrat-controlled Congress has completely failed on both accounts. After all their rhetoric all year long, they continue not only to approve spending measures that allocate money for these stupid "wars," but that contain NO provisions for moving toward any end to the conflicts.

    I'm just too disgusted by this to even remark coherently right now...

    House approves $70 billion war spending bill
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The House of Representatives approved another $70 billion in war spending for Iraq and Afghanistan on Wednesday, reversing a refusal by the chamber's Democratic leaders to extend further money for the war in Iraq.
    The money was included in a $555 billion government spending bill wrapping 11 of the 12 government spending bills for 2008 to the White House. It passed on a 272-142 vote Wednesday afternoon, a day after the Senate approved the measure in a late-night session.
    Efforts to force President Bush to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq have failed throughout the year, with Bush vetoing one bill and and Senate Republicans filibustering other Democratic efforts to wind down the nearly 5-year-old war.
    The Bush administration has requested about $200 billion in war spending for 2008. The House had approved about $50 billion of that in November, but with demands that the president begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 30 days. (Posted 5:46 p.m.)
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