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    Why do most women think that every time you have an erection you must be sexually excited. In a few of my relationships I have woke up to find my girlfriend playing with my hard penis. She wants to have sex and I just want to piss. While looking at some posts I also realize that there are many males who think their erections are only sexual. The post about getting an erection while getting a massage showed that most guys thought they got hard because of someone touching them. There are guys who get horny when getting a massage and there are those who get hard without being horny. I think males get hard when they are horny AND when they are extremely relaxed. Think about it, healthy males are rock hard when they are sleeping 50% of the time.

    Personally, when I'm hard due to sexual stimulation I will always start to leak pre-cum, and it feels different then a spontaneous hard on. Males who are horny and erect usually describe their erections as throbbing and pulsating. And they also have an uncontrollable urge to increase stimulation by masturbating, grinding, and of course engaging in sexual activity with a partner. You don't feel like that when you have a just cause hard on.

    Although I don't have as many just cause hardons like I did when I was a teenager I do still ocasionally get them and now its always when I'm really tired or sleepy. Honestly I don't miss the teen years when I was hard all the time at the wrong time. I noticed the other day my 12 year old nephew got rock hard while he was playing an X-Box game. He was so into his game I don't think he noticed.

    I'm interested in other people's opinion on this subject. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.
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