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    I have a dream, well, a recurring dream to be exact. I don’t have this dream all that often but I’ve had this same dream several times over the last 4-5 years and I’d just thought I’d share it with you and get some comments or insights if any of you are into dreams. So here’s the dream.
    I’m naked and chained to a tall wooden post outside a large tent, the post is buried deep in the sand, the tent is in an Arabian desert, ( I just know but don’t ask me how ) I’m completely disoriented, I haven’t got a clue how I got here, why I’m naked or chained up. I start to look around to try and understand where I am and how I got here. The chains are around my wrists with my back to the wooden post and my hands/arms either side of the post, the chain is quite long and I can move around the post quite easily. The night air is quite cold but there are fires burning in braziers either side of the tent entrance, I can feel the heat from them on my skin and they are keeping me warm, they also give off some light as they flicker in the darkness allowing me to see so far before the sand disappears into the blackness of the night, the sky is black but I can see lots of stars twinkling against the blackness, I can also see some palm trees in the shadows so I think I am near to an oasis. I feel lost and scared wondering how I got here and why I’m chained up like this. I am standing on some wooden slats that are all around the entrance to the tent and also seem to run all the way around the perimeter of the tent. I look into the large entrance of the tent and there are 4-5 men sitting around a small fire on big cushions smoking what looks like a long pipe thing, the men are old and wrinkled and have those head things on that Arab’s wear, I can only see their faces, they have dark ‘Arabic’ looking skin and as they pass the pipe around I can see that they have teeth missing, they are chanting in low voices, I can’t make out what they are saying but I can hear this repetitive low chant as they smoke and pass the pipe around slowly, everything seems slow. I can smell a strong smell in the air and know it is coming from whatever they are smoking. There is also a younger man, stripped to the waist wearing a loincloth, he has a large ‘thing’ with a spout over his shoulder, he is moving from one man to the next and leaning forward and as he does so he is pouring drinks from this thing over his shoulder into small bowl shaped objects that the men sip from.
    I call out to the men to attract their attention, I call out several times, louder each time thinking they can’t hear me, then one turns his head and looks at me for a few seconds, he smiles, horrible old eyes and a horrible smile with lots of gaps in his teeth, like a letch, then he turns away from me again ignoring me. I call out several more times but they just keep mumbling this chant and ignore me, I look around and wonder what the fuck is happening. I feel so helpless, so exposed wondering how the hell I got here and who stripped me of my clothes.
    Then I hear a loud ‘clunk’, like a double ‘clunk’ and turn my head towards the sound of the noise, I can see along the front of the tent following the wooden slats in the sand but there is nothing there. Then I hear another one, and another, they sound like really heavy footsteps coming along the wooden slats at the side of the tent, but they don’t sound like shoes or boots, the sound is familiar but can’t put my finger on what makes the sound, I keep looking towards the edge of the tent, waiting to see what comes round the corner, waiting to see what is making these footstep sounds, and then I see it, just the face and upper body at first, it sees me and stops momentarily to look at me, my eyes are drawn to the face, it is the devil, ( and I have no religious beliefs ), it has small horns on the front on its head sticking up from very tight, thick, curly jet black hair, its eyes are stone black, piercing as it looks at me, its skin looks black, not brown or dark brown but black, the red light from the fires reflects in its eyes, it’s looking right at me, it has large thick inverted ‘V’ shaped eyebrows that sort of draw you in to looking into its eyes, it looks evil, really evil, it seems to look straight into me, not at me, into me, it seems to know what I feel and seems to be taking pleasure and satisfaction from my fear, it has a small almost unnoticeable curl to its lips, like it is smiling at me, or not at me but at what it’s going to do to me, what’s it has in its mind.
    I turn to the tent again and scream at the men to help me, to free me, to let me go, but they don’t even look around, they just continue chanting and smoking and sipping this thing from the small bowls. I hear the loud ‘double clunk’ again and know that this devil thing is coming closer, I turn to see it again and see what is making the heavy sound, the bottom half of it is a goat, it is like half man half goat and as it moves towards me I look at its hooves as they clunk against the wooden slats, then I notice that above the thinness of the bottom of its legs its thighs are quite big and muscular and covered in tight curly hair, between its muscular thighs it has a huge cock and balls, they seem disproportionately large against its thighs, its cock and balls look human except for the size and thickness of the hairs around them, its balls are covered in tight curly hair but they look so big that you can still see the shape of them underneath the thick hair, its cock seems big and thick and sort of nestles between its balls, it looks so thick even though it is soft and hanging down, it must be at least 6 or 7 inches long, its waist is small and tight, the skin black, the hair from its thighs stop suddenly at its waist, it has no hair on the sides of its torso but the hair seems to rise in a thin line from its pubic region before spreading at its breast covering its chest and shoulders and upper arms. I turn again to the men in the tent and scream as loud as I can for them to come and help me, to undo the chains so I can run as fast as I can into the desert and get far away from here. I keep turning back and forth, looking at how close it is getting, noticing at how awkwardly it seems to move on its hooves, watching it’s heavy looking cock and balls sway with each step. I stop screaming and turn to face the ‘devil’ the eyes, the evil smile, I can’t take my eyes from it as it gets so close to me, I can feel beads of sweat on my body, feel rivulets of sweat running down between my breast’s, my nipples are erect, I feel surreal, like it’s not really happening, like it is a dream within a dream and soon I will wake up. I can’t look at it any more, I turn away, my arms extended behind me held by the chain, I fall to my knees facing the tent trying to pull away and get into the tent, pleading with the men inside to let me go, then I hear a thud behind me, I feel the huge cock and balls against my bum, I feel its arm come around me and cup my breast, it feels warm, its touch feels warm and tender, I feel it leaning on my back, the hair from its chest against my back, its head next to mine, it licks the side of my face, I turn slightly to look at it again and smell its breath, I thought it would be a horrible smell but it smells sweet, it holds me like this, nestled against me, I can feel how hairy it is, one hand cupping my breast and the other scratching my back very lightly but I can feel claws where its fingernails should be, dragging against my skin.
    I feel so helpless, the men are only feet away from me, like help is only a few meters away but may just as well be hundreds of miles away, I know there is no help for me, no escape, that whatever is going to happen will happen and there is nothing I can do about it.
    I feel it licking the side of my face and neck, its tongue feels warm and wet, it feels so strong, but it seems to be touching me so gently, I can feel its cock against the lips of my pussy, I can feel it getting harder, I can feel it, it feels so fucking big and hot against my pussy lips, it’s still pointing down as it/he is still nestled tight up against me. As I lean forward, straining against the chains that hold my arms behind me, still trying to pull away from it/him, I can see underneath my own body, I look along my stomach and see its/his huge cock hard now, pointing down between my legs, pushing against my pussy lips now as it strains to stand up straight, it looks so fucking big and I know he’s going to fuck me with it, I feel so scared but also so excited. It’s like I can’t control my feelings, on one level I am terrified but on another I am becoming sexually aroused, I don’t want to be sexually aroused but it’s happening and I can’t seem to stop it, I can feel my pussy getting wet, I don’t know what is happening to me. I feel so helpless, not just with the situation but also now with the thoughts of getting fucked by this huge cock and being turned on by the thoughts.
    It/he senses the change in me, I think it knows everything I am thinking, I think it can read my mind. I feel it lift itself behind me, the claws on both of its hands dragging down my back against my skin as it lifts itself up slightly allowing its cock to slide up between my legs along the lips of my pussy so the head of its cock is against my wet pussy lips, I feel it grip my hips, feel the claws dig into my skin, then I feel it push its cock into me slowly, it seems to go on forever, it feels so fucking big it seems to be splitting me in two but I take ALL of its cock, I feel bad because I must be so wet and turned on to take it all, I can’t believe it/he has got all of that huge cock inside me, then he starts to fuck me slowly, very long slow strokes, there seems to be no end to it when he pulls out of me and no end to it when he pushes it back inside me, I look underneath my body again and watch as its huge balls hang and sway gently as it moves back and forth, I can see its cock as well as it pulls out of me, it looks so fucking huge, so long and thick, my breathing is heavy and erratic, I feel the surrealness of it all, HOW am I taking all of this cock? I don’t understand it at all, but I am enjoying it, WANTING it. I feel so guilty that I want it, but can’t help the feeling of wanting it, of enjoying it, of my pussy being so wet for it.
    I begin to orgasm, the fear in me subsides and I just want to enjoy it this huge cock, my head falls to the ground as I orgasm, I can still feel the beads of sweat all over my body, but I have gone now, now I just want the orgasm. As the orgasm builds to a crescendo, I lift my head and can see into the tent, the men have stopped everything and are now all just looking at me and smiling with their horrible gap toothed smiles, there is a look of satisfaction on all their faces as they watch me ‘cum’, even the guy who was pouring the drinks has stopped and he too is looking at me and smiling.
    Suddenly I understand everything, I am some sort of sacrifice to this half man half beast thing with the huge cock, they have called him up from wherever he is/was and I am his sacrifice. I have been accepted by this thing as their ‘offering’ and by being fucked and enjoying it and ‘cumming’ myself I have accepted my fate and this is the basis of their satisfied grins. I turn my head round as far as I can to look at the devil thing, it’s eyes burn with lust as he fucks me harder now, he knows I am enjoying it, he knows I want it, he knows I am in orgasm, the lights of the fires seem even brighter in his black eyes now as I look at him from so close, the grin even wider showing sharp but perfect white teeth against the black skin and black lips, his tongue flicks out and for the first time I notice how long it is and how pointed at the tip. I want him to lick my pussy with his tongue.
    I look back to the tent, to the men inside, they have not moved, they just sit and watch and grin with satisfaction. I feel lost completely, in the orgasm and in this ‘dream’: like I am lost forever to be fucked by this thing, by this ‘sex-god thing’ between two worlds, like this is what fate holds for me, like I want to escape but don’t want to escape, I feel like I am caught in a trap from which there is no escape but from which I wouldn’t escape even if I could because I wanted to be fucked like this all the time.

    This is when I wake up. I never seem to get beyond this point in the dream. I usually wake up sweating and ‘sexually aroused’.
    The dream is so VIVID, like it is real, that’s why I can write about it in such detail.
    I would be interested in any comments, the erotic nature of my dream, the symbolism, if any. I have never been to an Arab country, never been with an Arabian man, NEVER fancied any animals, that’s just TOO weird, even for me, hehe!!!! So I just wonder where all this has come from and why this dream has repeated itself and why I never get past this point in the dream, never get to the point where he/it cums?
    The whole thing is weird, but weird in a warm ‘wrap-around’ sort of way, like when I’m having the dream I let myself go and let it wrap itself around me knowing the sensations and feelings it is going to give me and that they won’t hurt me, like I say, really weird, any comments? :confused:
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    The fact that it is recurring, exactly the same way each and every time, is interesting. I would expect there to be some variation in some detail, somewhere, or sometime....
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