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Discussion in 'Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues' started by mplsingleguy, Dec 9, 2008.

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    For me, it's always Either this or That....

    I think alot of guys are locked in this eternal argument on this site, whether BOXERS or BRIEFS are the preeminate choice for wearing on the body.

    Here's what I think... face it brothers, we all have different legs- different quads, different balls, different cocks- and different shapes. That means that for some guys, they might be of a certain length where they naturally hang forward and down (like a banana curved and pointed downward) where they either require loose boxers or the support of briefs--- either OR.

    Some guys have little short cocks but enormous balls which require the support of a pouch to keep their boys safe. Other guys like to roll around and even sit on their low hangers and prefer to freeball (shout out to my Los Angeles buddies...) or keep it loose in boxers.

    Other guys have body shape which limits underwear preference- I have a buddy at my health club who is a big weightlifter and has enormous quads and so he prefers bikini underwear- not "stripper" style- instead he likes the 'cutaway' jocks with the pouch in front and an ass covering in back but the sides are just the elastic waistband...

    And then there are guys like me who have a body which holds to more regular proportions- and can basically call ourselves 'under versitile' and can wear whatever we choose to put our ass into on any given day. And guys like me, well I wear whichever style I want depending on my mood and what i'm up to and planning for the day. Some days, I want to bounce around. If I'm riding roller coasters- I need something tight to reduce the jostling.

    So rather than trying to bust each other's balls about who is right and who is wrong, I've decided to reframe things a bit and frame it with a focus on what is complimentary to any specific guy- what looks good, what feels good, what works good for your personal style, and what makes you feel happy being seen in -- by both women, and other men.

    So for guys who are stuck in only one mode, I say branch out and try something new!
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    I appreciate freeballing. I also wear briefs/thongs/boxers on occassion.

    Life is far too short to become overly concerned with what we cover our pleasure packages.

    The choice of wardrobe depends on what I have planned. I also like to profile with a jock as you can see in my gallery.

    Part of the pleasure of sexual encournters is to work the brain, our largest sex organ,
    with visual experiences. Thus my need to model my body with different gear for my own pleasure and also my partner.

    Life is fun. May we all remember that fact.
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