Not-so-mass graves.

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    After not having found the weapons of mass destruction that were promised to be in Iraq, the Bush administration changed tactics. The rhetoric increased regarding what a brutal tyrant Saddam Hussein was, and that we did the Iraqi people a huge favor by removing him because he was a mass murderer.

    In fact, specifically to that point, on January 21, 2004, the White House issued this press release (italics are mine):

    The British government has recently admitted that this claim is untrue. According to The Guardian, only about 5,000 corpses have been discovered in these graves.

    5,000 corpses is 5,000 too many, and their presence certainly provides validation that Saddam Hussein was no Mister Nice Guy. However, it's not sufficient to justify a war that has since taken the lives of over 11,000 civilians.

    Furthermore, the White House press release didn't speculate that there may be hundreds of thousands of bodies in these mass graves; it stated that's how many had already "been identified". I don't see how 'faulty intelligence' can be blamed for this -- it's simply a matter of going in, counting the bodies, and then sticking some extra zeroes onto the end to make the cause seem more noble.
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