nothing changes.. people still use people

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    cliff notes: married gal caught her husband cheating on her years ago, can't forgive him, wants to get even, she purposely flirts with a lot of men in front of him when down at the local bar, trying to piss him off. she did this with me and I told her to cool it. she really hangs on another guy but only when her husband is not around. I suspected this is the guy she wants to fuck. 2 different times, (no hubby around) she has begged me to fuck her. I have declined. I am married. so she moves out of their house and gets an apartment. I walked into the bar one nice afternoon just in time to hear her explain to 2 gfs, how clever she was. "I flirted with so many guys, he(her husband) has no clue who I am messing with. He thought it was Kevin, then (my name), and so and so.... she had her back to the door when she was telling this. she had no idea I was standing about 4 ft away. I acted like I did not hear it, and that it did not hurt, but it does. I mean I suspected what was going on, and I was right, but nobody likes to be used as a pawn in somebody else's game. and tho it has been 30 yrs since I was single and involved in the dating, playing the field sort of stuff, nothing has changed. this little scenario I just described started in August last year, with the "bar" revelation or conclusion 2 wks ago. the husband cheated on his wife about 4-5 years ago, and his wife can't decide what she wants to do. oh, and their is no divorce or separation. the dude she is corraling is going to be the real loser in a few months.
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