Now I Know What Big Breaste Women Feel Like

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    I thought that many of you guys would get a kick out of my experience yesterday afternoon.

    My new girlfriend invited me to attendd her Saturday yoga class. I am into fitness and she swears by it as the ultimate exercise routine. Having had a bad aerobics experience years ago under similar circumstances, I very reluctantly agreed to go.

    She showed up at my place about a half hour before class and I'll admit she looked darn fine in a leotard. I was already dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. She proceeds to tell me that the sweatpants probably aren't going to be the most comfortable option, beacuse the room is hot and they tend to bind up in some positions.

    We go back to my room and I started looking through my drawers for something more suitable. When I pull out a pair of compression shorts (kind of like bicycle shorts) she says "those will work." I put them on and started looking for a pair of shorts to put over them, like I always do. She asks what I am doing and tells me that there is no need, they are fine the way they are.

    I will admit that as we left the house I was very self conscious. I am in pretty good shape, but I am nearly 40 and basically conservative. I felt pretty foolish - going to yoga and wearing these pants was not the most positive combination in my mind.

    When we got to the gym and entered the studio, I have to admit it was a bit of a revelation. The place was filled with women (there was only one other guy). While there were a couple of twenty-somethings and a couple of seniors, it was mostly well preserved ladies that appeared to be in the late 30's and early 40's. I wondered to myself why I hadn't discovered this place years ago.

    We attracted a lot of attention when we first came in. Clearly she had told several friends that she was bringing me along and she dutifully introduced me to them. Other women were also looking, probably out of the novelty of seeing a guy come into the room.

    The main point of the post is what happened when we were chatting with her workout partners before class and during the brief breaks. I couldn't help but notice that they kept shooting glances down to my crotch. The compression shorts by themselves don't leave a lot to the imagination and my flaccid cock was pretty prominently displayed, dressed to the left, as ueusal. At first I was a little uncomfortable with the attention, but as each of the ledies took their turn staring, it almost became comical.

    When we got back to my place I mentioned all of this to my girlfriend. She told me "I know. Why do you think I had you wear them? It is my way of bragging without saying a word. You can wear the shorts over them next time. Your work is done." I just cracked up. I love this woman!

    Maybe this kind of thing is old hat to many of you, but I have recently exited a 12 year marriage and was kind of a wallflower before I met my ex. I'm not sure I am going to make a habit of exhibitionism, but this little change of pace made my weekend a little more interesting.
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    ruscular: That has been the most uplifting and amusing story lately, and woman are funny like that. Maybe you'll end up being a trophy husband someday-LOL

    I have a friend that teaches Yoga and I teach TaiChi, and we were commenting on the fact that we both get a majority of woman in the class. I think both class have similarity in meditation and proper stretching and posture. I really think those classes improve the sex life, and because it increases body sense awareness. I feel more when caressing against the woman if I get into TaiChi beforehand. I prefer to teach TaiChi because of better chance of intereaction with each other physically when demonstrating the application of the move with your partner. I see bonding with the other student because of the development of trust to not hurt one another.

    So If you want to meet your dream person, and have a better footing to meet people, learn TaiChi or Yoga!!
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