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Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by SR_07869tyouhj, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Last weekend me and a bunch of friends went to a nude beach. I was with 2 other boys, their Girlfriends and some other girls. im a pretty hung guy so i was excited about taking off all my clothes in front of everyone. We got out to the beach and there were hundreds of naked people. Mostly topless women, some of which were very attractive. The women got my blood pumpin and my dick was hangin quite low. The people i was with started taking their clothes off and i noticed most of the guys were kinda small. I dropped my pants and the girls immediatly started staring. I could hear them giggling and talking about it. All the attention was feeding into my half erection, and the harder i got the more people started to stare. I walked around the beach with my dick flopping around for everyone to see. the topless women would stare as my dick swung from side to side. i finally settled down and my dick was soft again. Some girls approached me and started talking. They were totally nude and one of them had some huge tits. I strated looking at her breast and my dick was getting hard again. "oh wow" she said, "You are a big boy arent you"...i started to blush..."hahaha I guess so" i replied. "My boyfriends dick is so small, i bet you would you rip me open. I got completey hard and out of no where she grabbed me by my cock. "Omg i cant even fit my hand around it'...she pulled me closer and we went into the water..we started to kiss and she was jerking me off, never letting go of my dick. We went deeper into the water and i fucked was a good day
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