Nude TV Commercial- Nothing To Hide

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by thirteenbyseven, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Although it may be from 2007 I just discovered it (in all places) at Dailymotion. The lead woman prancing full-frontal with the shaved pussy is the 38 year-old head of a U.K. skin products line called Elave. Judging from the pussy-to-penis ratio in the commercial, this woman must have a fulfilling life as a dermatological CEO.

    Note: You must jump through a few hoops to remove the family filter and have a free adult account at Dailymotion but it's worth it. Although this is a redirect it is the correct video.

    Joanna Gardiner, the CEO spokeswoman with the bare pussy, must also have had fun casting a wide variation of mens penises for the commercial. There is the smallish one writing chemical equations on the transparent window, the chunky one with good circumference that looks as if it's a bit erect, and the longer one that is nearly arching in the background. Curiously the women seem uninterested with the "male members" in the laboratory and almost act robotic.
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