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    I think that those who present themselves as gay or homosexual, may find some joy when they see that a straight guy changes his profile and admits that he is X% gay, too. Maybe they will see this as a victory over prejudice or maybe they are simply glad to be welcoming another one into their "brotherhood."

    But does the reverse also happen? Does a "straight" guy experience some gladness, joy, whatever when he sees that a "gay" guy changes his profile and admits that he is something straight, too?

    And another question: people who say they are 100% straight or gay, do they usually sustain their choice with the help of actual experience (having gone to bed with the same sex and having hated the experience - for a straight man - or having gone to bed with the other sex and having hated the experience - for a gay), or with the help of theory, suppositions or natural aversions (but with no real proof in real life)?

    I don't know if I am sounding confusing. In a nutshell: are you 100% gay or straight because you have been on both sides and know how it feels or because you don't understand yourself in a different way and don't want to put yourself to the test?

    There are two questions in this thread. Maybe I should have made two different threads instead of one.
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