Nurse/Doctor Relations, Part 3

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    This is more of what I have got written so far. If you want to see more, let me know and I'll continue on....

    “Oh Chris… don’t cry. I haven’t scared you, have I? Please don’t cry.” Dr Brown reached up and smoothed the tear away. His fingertips were rough and sent shivers down his spine.
    “No, Christian. It doesn’t scare me. It’s just so hard to believe. And, if you are trying to fuck with me, please don’t. I don’t think I can take it.”
    Dr. Brown smiled and wrapped his big, strong arms around Chris. It was amazing how strong he was and how wonderful being in his arms felt. Chris wondered if heaven was indeed this good, because nothing seemed to be as good as this moment felt.
    Chris wrapped his arms around Dr. Brown and felt the hardness of his sides and back. He felt each muscle of his back and the hardness of his body. He felt his strong chest make contact his own chest and he couldn’t hold back. A soft moan escaped his lips.
    “Did you just moan?” Dr. Brown said.
    “Yeah…that’s how good you make me feel.” Chris said.
    And with that, Dr. Brown pulled back while still holding Chris and looked deep into his eyes. Slowly, softly…he brought his face closer to Chris’s face. And, in one incredible moment of sheer pleasure, their lips met.
    Dr. Brown’s lips were full and soft. And, as they met Chris’s, they were gentle and delicate. Their soft kiss lingered and became more intense and demanding. Chris felt himself open his mouth and the warm sensation of Dr. Brown’s breath. He felt Dr. Brown begin to tease his mouth. First with soft kisses. Then with his gentle tongue. Before long, they were wrapped in a deep embrace and they explored each other’s mouth with heated urgency. Dr. Brown's tongue was like velvet...caressing his own tongue and his lips. And he tasted sweet and warm. Chris was so turned on that his cock felt like it was going to explode.
    Chris didn’t want to mess this up. So, he began pushing as far as Dr. Brown would let him go. He felt himself in the midst of their kisses slide his hand down the strong hardness of Christian’s back. He found himself reaching under his shirt and feeling the soft baby fine hair at the base of his back. He slid his hand up and felt the ridges and swells that the muscles in his back made on his skin. His skin was hot and touching him set Chris on fire. He had never wanted anyone like he wanted this man.
    Soon, Christian began to pull at Chris’s shirt. While his body wasn’t anything near Dr. Brown’s, Chris allowed him to pull his shirt off and moaned louder at the sensation of cool night air on his bare chest.
    Christian seemed lost. He grabbed Chris by his shoulders and pulled him back to have access to his chest. He began teasing his chest with his mouth and tongue. Chris felt as if his heart was going to stop working. He had never been this worked up before. His cock was screaming for release.
    He couldn’t take much more. He quickly pulled from Christian’s embrace and grabbed him by the hand. He ran into the lighted warmth of the welcome center at the rest area. To his surprise, it was empty and the lights were dim. And, in one secluded corner was a large sofa with no back.
    “For so long, I have wanted this.” He found himself telling Dr. Brown. He couldn’t stop talking. “I want to see you naked. I want to explore every part of your body. I want to know every sexy part of you.”

    With that, Dr. Brown laughed. But, as Chris lowered himself to the couch, he made Dr. Brown stay standing. And, in the dim light of the welcome center, he unwrapped the package he had been longing to see.
    First came his shirt. And, what lie underneath was almost enough to make Chris cum on the spot. Under his shirt was the most amazing chest. With just the right amount of chest hair, his pecs were large and well formed. While he had a little bit of paunch, his stomach was hard and covered with light brown hair. And, as Chris reached up and ran his hand across it, it felt like hard muscle and soft silk fibers. Chris felt his cock grow an inch just by touching him.
    As Chris took in the sight of him shirtless and began to lick and tease his brown nipples, he decided to experience the full deal. Reaching for this draw string of his pants, he pulled them free and slid them down. Dr. Brown was wearing white boxer briefs and his legs were cut up with defined muscles and tendons. His legs were also covered in the same brown hair on his chest and it seemed to have no end. They were oh so furry and sexy. His calves were large and his thighs were big enough to be tree trunks. Chris began to run his tongue up the side of his legs. And as his hand caressed the other side, the hair felt like like the softest thing he had ever touched.
    Dr. Brown moaned out loud. “Chris, baby…we haven’t done anything and I all ready want to cum. You are making me so crazy.”
    Chris smiled and realized that he was having that effect. A small wet spot had formed on Dr. Brown’s boxer briefs and a massive bulge was begging to be set free. Chris could not believe this was happening.
    Before long, Dr. Brown was void of all clothing. As he stood naked in front of Chris, the picture was the most beautiful thing Chris had ever seen. That incredible chest with those huge arms. Those massive legs covered in hair. And, the dick. Goodness…Dr. Brown’s cock was perfect.
    It stood out from him like a flag. Thick and veiny, it was a good six inches around. Length wise, it wasn’t horribly long. About 7 inches long. But, the coloring was perfect and it was so thick and beautiful. He also had large balls which swung free below his big cock. And, framing it all was a mass of brown, soft pubic hair.
    Chris was wild with lust. Before he could stop himself, he dropped to his knees and took Dr. Brown’s cock into his mouth. Gentle at first, he simply let his cock slide along his tongue as the rest of it was engulfed by the warm wetness of his mouth. He began to slowly move the shaft in and out of his mouth. Just the right amount of pressure and sucking… he allowed the cock to fill up his mouth and throat and then slowly slide it back out. He also began to slowly manipulate his testicles, massaging each in his hand with a gentle caress. He found himself at such ease that Dr. Brown's cock was entering all of his mouth, and his pubic hair was tickling his nose.
    Above him, Dr. Brown was starting to get wild. He said in a very deep, sensual voice, “Baby…your mouth is amazing. Where did you learn to take cock like that?”
    Chris didn’t respond. He wrapped what he could of his hand around the base and began to work the cock before him. It was almost too much… he found himself getting saliva everywhere and at times almost choking. But, the feel of this hot cock sliding in and out of his mouth was incredible. And he would push past his gag reflex and deep throat him no matter what it took. The taste of Dr. Brown’s clean skin and his sweet pre cum. The feel of the shaft growing thicker as more blood rushed in. Simply amazing.
    “Baby…” he hollered out. “This is fucking amazing. I love what you are doing to my cock. I have never had head like this.”
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