Nurse/Doctor Relations Part 6

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    Dr. Brown smiled. “I wanted you to. If I am going to do this, I need to do it all of the way.”

    “So, what did you think?” Chris said, as he tried to sit up.

    “Well,” Dr. Brown said, “It’s really hot. Having a dick in your mouth takes some getting used to. But, it was pretty fucking amazing. And, semen actually has a sweet taste to it.”

    “You’ve never tasted your own before?” Chris asked.

    “I guess indirectly I have. I mean, when my wife would give me head, I used to cum in her mouth. And we would kiss and stuff afterwards. But, this is the first time I actually felt it and tasted it. It’s all right.”

    Chris couldn’t believe this. Dr. Brown actually liked sucking cock. And, he thought semen wasn’t so bad. Was he fucking dreaming?

    Dr. Brown was suddenly in his face for another kiss. They shared a tender kiss and Chris tasted himself on his lips. He was kind of sweet. And with that, Dr. Brown walked to the bathroom.

    Chris watched him go. His ass and legs were amazing. It was like two big bubbles below his strong and developed back with chiseled pillars holding it all up. They tensed as he walked. Chris felt himself start to get hard again.

    When he came back, he had some wet paper towel. He leaned down and gentle began to wipe the cum and the sweat off of Chris’s body. He was gentle and made sure that Chris got a good wash up. It was so sweet that it was scary.

    Chris couldn’t help it. He felt himself tear up for the third time tonight. It was like this experience was too much, and his emotions had no where to go except out of his eyeballs. And, he didn’t want to be this way. Some crying gay guy who can’t control himself. He reached up and wiped the tears away.

    Dr. Brown saw him and stopped what he was doing. “Damn Chris. That’s the third time tonight that you have done this. What is wrong?”

    Chris sat up. He figured he had nothing to lose, so he told the truth. “Christian... I don’t mean to be like this. But, at 30 years old, I have had my share of experiences with guys. I’ve been in relationships, I’ve done one night stands, and I have survived it all with no diseases and my heart still in tact. I am not some bitter gay guy who thinks all men suck. But, I just never thought that this was possible.”

    “That what was possible?” Dr. Brown said.

    “This. You. Me. The whole thing. I have worked with you for almost a year. And in that time, every damn nurse in that ER has lusted after you. You have no clue how fucking hot you are. Your amazing, and do I mean amazing body. Those arms and all of those muscles. And if that weren’t bad are so damn nice. I mean, every fucking nurse wants you. Every one of them. And, here, I am, with you. If I had tits and a pussy, I could understand it. But, I am a man, with a gut and a dick. And you still want me. And, that’s fucking amazing. I am just trying to take it all in.”

    Dr. Brown sat down beside him and took his hand in his. Even with his massive size, he seemed to be humbled but what Chris had said.

    “I don’t know what to say Chris. I don’t know that I can even explain it half way. All I know is.... you started working in the ER. And, I remember the first week you were there, I was like, ‘Thank God...a male nurse. I am so fucking tired of these women.‘ And, you were so amazing. Watching you with the patients and how good you are with them. And when you and I would work together, you were always so good. Helpful, funny, great to be around. I guess what they say is true...we get into people, not genders. But, for whatever reason, I was drawn to you. I didn’t realize that’s what it was at first. I thought I just liked you as a friend and thought you were a damn fine nurse. But, when we started talking in the break room, and you seemed to get me in a way no one else ever has, I realized something. I realized that it didn’t matter that you weren’t a woman. That you were this amazing guy, and I was the lucky son of a bitch that got that. And, I wanted to see what was possible.”

    He continued. “I don’t know if I am gay or not. I mean, I thought I was straight. I’ve always like women, and I have fucked enough of them. But, I guess I am at a point where I’ve realized that dick or pussy don’t really matter. When you like someone, you just like them. And, I wasn’t about to not do this with you just because you are a guy. I wanted this Chris. I wanted you. And, that’s why this happened.”

    Chris was amazed. This opened up doors that had never been opened before. And while he was leery that this may be another, “I am straight but I like to fool around with guys” thing that so many of the straight guys do... he wasn’t about to analyze it to death.

    “So,” Chris found himself saying. “Now what?”
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