Nurse/Doctor Relations Part Five

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    Dr. Brown’s kisses were electric. With so much testosterone flowing through his system, his face had become rough with beard growth. His soft lips and tongue and rough whiskers were causing gentle and tingling sensations all over Chris’s chest. As he got closer to his stomach, the sensations turned into a burning, churning fire.

    Chris felt Dr. Brown pull at the draw string of his pants. He lifted his hips so that his pants could be released and pulled down. As Dr. Brown pulled them off of his legs and feet, Chris noticed his swelled cock head sticking out of his boxer briefs and the sticky puddle of pre cum on his stomach. He was so incredibly turned on that he was afraid he would cum before Dr. Brown could even do anything.

    Dr. Brown looked up at him and smiled. The small wrinkles around his eyes softened him and made him look so sweet and so handsome. Chris smiled back.

    “You know,” Dr Brown said in a rough whisper. “I thought I would hate this. Being married and never having been with a guy and all, I thought I wouldn’t like chest hair and the whole dick thing. But, I don’t know. With you, it’s like everything has changed.”

    He came in for another round of hot kisses. Chris was surprised at how awesome of a kisser he was. Most guys were rough, and gay guys were especially. It was like they had to have their tongue jammed down your throat upon contact. But, not Dr. Brown. He knew when to be soft, and he knew when to be hard. And, as his tongue and lips worked in perfect rhythm with Chris’s own, he felt as if he were melting.

    Dr. Brown looked at him and laughed. “Well, Chris... here goes.. I hope I can do this right.”

    And with that, Chris felt a strong pull, ripping the boxer briefs from his body. He heard them rip, and he was amazed at how easily that happened. Damn..this dude was fucking strong.

    As the cool evening air hit his cock, Chris tensed up. But, as he felt Dr. Browns wet tongue lick the length of his cock, he felt himself become fluid. Ever sense was heightened, ever circuit overloaded. He felt so much and it was so intense, he couldn’t even believe it.

    He leaned up to watch Dr. Brown. He was timid at first. Running his tongue over Chris’s fat cock. Lifting it up to slowly feel and stroke it. Placing the head into his mouth and running his tongue over the head. It was gentle, and Chris loved that he was taking his time.

    Dr. Brown looked up at him. He smiled and said, “Chris, you have a really nice cock. I mean, it’s big. And it’s really thick.”

    Chris had been told his before. Length was, he was above average. But, his cock was thick, and his previous lovers had always said it was awesome. Especially when it was sliding in and out of their assholes.

    “Christian,” he felt himself saying. “You don’t have to do this. If you aren’t ready, it’s fine. I know how weird this must be.”

    Dr. Brown just winked and opened his mouth. To Chris’s surprise, he lowered his lips and tongue on his cock and was able to get a lot of it in his mouth.

    Damn...this was sexy. Dr. Brown’s sexy head, working his cock. His wet and hot mouth moving slowly up and down his cock. With each minute, he got braver. Trying to take more of it into his mouth. At times, he tried to take it all, but he would gag and sputter, and Chris would laugh. A few times, Dr. Brown looked at him, eyes watering, and Chris smiled. He was trying, and he was getting better all of the time. He was getting faster and managing the sucking and the other work of a blow job quite well.

    Chris wasn’t sure if it was the cock sucking, the sheer turn out of being in this moment with Dr. Brown, or just the fact that he hadn’t had sex in so long, but he felt his orgasm building again. It was a tingling sensation in his balls, and he could either fight it off or go with it. He wasn’t sure if Dr. Brown was ready for that, so he reached down and gently stopped him.

    “Christian...I think....I am cum....” Chris said in between trying to catch his breath.

    “Fucking cum, baby. I want you to feel as good as you made me.” He went back to working on his cock, sucking and slurping, trying to take as much of it in as he could.

    Chris just let go. And, he felt his orgasm move through his whole body. His legs and arms tingled. His chest was warm and flushed. His cock felt like it swelled to three times it’s normal size. And, when the release came, he called out.


    Dr. Brown didn’t stop. Chris felt himself releasing into the good doctor’s mouth. A good six or seven pumps, and he felt like he was releasing a dam of goo. He watched as Dr. Brown tied to swallow, but it just kept coming and ended up running out of his mouth and onto Chris’s cock, balls, and stomach.

    Dr. Brown kept working his cock while Chris bucked and squirmed on the couch. But, finally, the orgasm subsided. And, he lay there in the mess while Dr. Brown wiped his mouth.

    “I am so sorry.” Chris said, “I didn’t mean to come in your mouth.”
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