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    I have never posted to lpsg before, despite checking out the website on a regular basis. I am trying to explore the literary side of myself, so I decided to draft a story based on a fantasy of mine. The story is long and very "romantic" at parts, but it's still got some hot, cock grabbing parts. Let me know what you think.

    Chris was a registered nurse in a small hospital in North Carolina. At 30, he was a reasonably handsome guy, with short dark brown hair, sexy brown eyes with incredibly long eye lashes, and a devilish grin. Testosterone was never insufficient in his blood stream, and he often sported some sort of facial hair. At times, he had a goatee. At other times, he was simply scruffy. He was by nature a hairy guy, with a nice scattering of hair on his chest and stomach. He wasn’t in the best of shape, but he did work out about four days a week. To most, he appeared to be a stocky, solid guy who had gotten a little soft around the middle but was still strong as an ox.
    Working as an emergency room nurse, Chris got to see his fair share of interesting things. From trauma patients to minor issues like headaches and cuts and scrapes, there was nothing that he wasn’t prepared for. He worked hard, treated his patients well, and was respected by his coworkers. He was an all around good guy.
    Work, as it turned out, was where Chris did most of his socializing. Because of long hours in the emergency room and having to work varying shifts, Chris really couldn’t get out into the social scene. Bars were a thing of the past, and the ability to meet and date was pretty non-existent. He had been single for quite some time, and he was fine with it.
    Sure, there were options at work. But, most of his coworkers were women, and women weren’t his deal. Chris liked men, and while he wasn’t necessarily out and proud, he made it known to any female admirers that his pension was for the fellas. Sadly, most of the men who worked in the small emergency room where he was employed were married or straight. And, the few that were gay weren’t his style. So, sex was something Chris saw very little of.
    It wasn’t that he didn’t want to have sex. Chris was still young and full of hormones. He had been told by previous lovers that he was a great lover. And, he loved sex. Everything about it. He loved the kissing, the exploration, the sensations. No man had ever left his bed sorry that he gotten in it. But, alas, the options just weren’t there.
    Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Chris did have his sights set on one person at work. Dr. Brown.
    Dr. Brown was a physician that worked in the ER with Chris often. In his late 30s, Dr. Brown was an interesting specimen of a man. Around 6’2, he was a few inches taller than Chris. He kept his hair cut short…military style. He was balding, but his balding combined with his short hair made him very sexy. He had an olive tone to his skin, and what hair he did have was a light brown. Like Chris, he seemed to be in surplus of hormones, because his arms were covered in light brown hair. And, beneath that hair was solid muscle. He was also in the reserves and sometimes was away from work for a few weeks at a time serving the military. His military training gave him a very sexy body. He possessed powerful arms and was no doubt all muscle. His chest was almost too big for his scrub tops. He was simply a hot, hot man. Women in the ER often wanted to measure his arms or legs just to see how big they were because he was so big and strong. Chris wondered the same thing and often wondered about the sizes of other parts of his anatomy, too.
    Chris never let his feelings be known. Dr. Brown was a divorced man and by all appearances loved the ladies. He had been rumored to have had affairs with several of the young female nurses that were exceptionally pretty, so Chris never let his attraction go any further than his fantasizes. Dr. Brown certainly didn’t seem the type to suck dick or any such thing.
    However, Dr. Brown didn’t make that easy. When he and Chris worked together, he was often very nice to Chris, being quick to help out with patients and always greeting him in the hall with a warm smile and a “How are you Chris?” He was often very complimentary of the work that Chris did, and he was very quick to give Chris a pat on the back or a squeeze of the arm for doing well with the patients.
    One particular day, Dr. Brown was in the break room when Chris took lunch. He was watching ESPN and was very into whatever game was on. Chris simply took his lunch and sat down opposite of Dr. Brown at the table.
    Dr. Brown looked especially sexy that day. He was wearing physician scrubs, and his scrub top was V necked. Chris couldn’t help but notice his strong neck and the tangle of chest hair that poked out of the top. His chest looked strong and massive as the fabric stretched across it. He desperately wanted the good doctor to stand up to see if he could tell anything about what was in his pants, as scrub pants often elude to how much a man is packing in his underwear. However, Dr. Brown was not standing up today, and Chris was left to focus on the sexy mess of chest hair coming out from his shirt and his massive chest. Chris felt himself start to drool and his cock start to swell and stiffen with excitement.
    Dr. Brown noticed him and quickly turned the TV off. He smiled that same sexy smile at Chris and said, “Hey buddy. How’s it going? Is it busy out there?”

    Chris smiled sheepishly and replied, “It’s not too bad. I got Andrea covering my patients while I grabbed a quick bite.”
    Dr. Brown laughed at this. “Yeah, you gotta eat while you can here. I just finished eating myself.”
    Dr. Brown continued. His eyes scanned the room to see if anyone was there, but it was just him and Chris in the room. He said, “Chris, I am glad it’s me and you back here. I need to talk to you.”
    Chris had just picked up his sandwich to take a bite. But, the intense look on Dr. Brown’s face made him put it down. Whatever he needed to talk about seemed like it was going to be serious….
    For the next few minutes, Dr. Brown confided to Chris that he was a lonely man. He told Chris that he and his wife had gotten divorced about a year ago. He told Chris that she had left him for another man because he worked too hard and wasn’t there for her. He talked to Chris about how despite the many rumors about him, he wasn’t a guy who screwed around. And, he also told Chris that he often got tired of the comments about his muscles and physique.
    “I know I am strong, but I am in the military. You have to be strong to protect yourself, Chris. I ain’t trying to impress nobody.”
    Chris nodded. He didn’t care why Dr. Brown looked the way he did, he just liked that he looked that way. And he was touched that the good doctor was sharing so much of himself. But, the reasoning seemed off, and he wondered why he was telling him this. And especially why he was telling him this now.
    Dr. Brown continued talking about how hard it was to single. He said that he really wanted to have someone in his life, but when you worked as hard as he did and had to carry crazy hours, it made dating hard. He also said that he hated going home alone at night, and that work was often the only thing that kept him going.
    “I know what you are saying, Dr. Brown. I am single too. And, it’s weird, because I never thought I would be at 30. But, it is hard to date and go out and find someone when you work like we do.” Chris found himself saying in response.
    “Chris, as good looking as you are and as easy as you are to work with, I can’t believe you haven’t gotten something going on. Surely, you have some hot girl on the side or something.” Dr. Brown said.
    Chris found himself laughing a little. He thought for sure that Dr. Brown knew he liked the fellas, but he guessed that maybe he didn’t. He simply smiled back at Dr. Brown and said, “Nope. No women. Not me.”
    Dr. Brown gave him a funny look. Then he said, “Chris, are you gay?”
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