NY Times conservative columnist on same-sex marriage

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    Perhaps I am way off the target, but I look at marriage as a set of protections for both parties in a legal agreement. If partners have been living together and decide that they have an open arrangement which allows for bringing additional friends in and out of the relationship, and they are both able to make the relationship work from day to day, then there is no issue. I tend to look at gay partners as being more open through communication as to each others needs, wants, and desires, in a way that straight couples can't comprehend. I see partners as having worked through many of the thorny issues as a pair before getting married and taking on the additional responsibility of mutual support and property rights. I see marriage equality as legal protection for couples from infringement from outside family in times of stress. I also hope for the day that DOMA slides into the history books as a bigoted act designed to deny protections to loving partnerships. Once DOMA is gone, many of the issues around retirement are solved, and there will be a national framework to protect the structure of all marriages.
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