Obama & Immigration Reform - Silent Raids & Audits

Discussion in 'Politics' started by B_VinylBoy, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Interesting story in the New York Times this weekend...
    Instead of the usual raids that have been implemented on factories & farms to arrest illegal immigrants, the current administration are sending federal agents to scour company records for illegal immigrant workers instead.

    Immigration & Customer Enforcement have done audits on more than 2900 companies and have levied a record $3 Million in civil fines this year alone thus far. The goal is to force corporations to fire illegal immigrants all at once, instead of the usual roundup of ones on duty at the time an actual raid is done. Some companies, such as Gebbers Farms in Brewster, Washington, have replaced more than 500 undocumented workers due to these new measures. As for the illegal immigrants caught in the sweeps, they face termination of employment but not deportation. Instead, they are brought through the proper channels to become legal citizens in this country.


    Sounds like a much more humane way to deal with immigration if you ask me. Maybe the folks in Arizona should take notes?
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