Oil Rig Workers Sex It Up

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    It was the end of another hard day on the oil rig and Bob was feeling pleased with the
    work he had done. There was that satisfying ache in the muscles that told him he had
    done a good job. But as he sat in the bar and sank a quick beer he realized there was a
    part of him that was far from satisfied.

    He was feeling as horny as fuck and there was still two weeks to go before his shore
    leave. It was hard to get enough privacy on the rig to have a really good stroke off session
    but he would have to try somehow. There was no way he could hold out another two
    weeks without some form of relief.

    'Hey, what's bugging you?' his friend Jack asked.
    'I'm just so fucking horny I don't think I can make it until I go on shore leave.' Bob
    'You should do what I do.' Jack replied softly.
    'What's that?' Bob asked.
    'I get me a piece of ass.' Jack replied.
    'But there aren't any woman...' Bob started 'no, please don't tell me that you...'
    'I do.' Jack replied. 'A hole is a hole is a hole.'
    'That's disgusting.' Bob said.

    'Nah it aint.' Jack said. 'I thought so the first time, but once I stuck it in there...I tell you
    it's just as good as any pussy I've ever had, even better if the guy really knows what he's
    'So who are you getting it off?' Bob asked. He couldn't really think of anyone who might
    be into that sort of thing.
    'You know Chris, the chef?' Jack asked.
    Bob whistled out loud in surprise. Chris was six foot four and built like a brick shithouse
    and with an attitude to match. Nobody fucked with Chris. Well, nobody but Jack, it
    'I don't believe you.' Bob told his friend.
    'It's true. That guy's ass is the hottest thing I've ever fucked in my life. I don't really look
    forward to shore leave that much since I started poking him.'
    'But how? here?'
    'He's got the keys to this store room that nobody else has access to. I tell you what, I'm
    about to go round for a poke in half an hour's time. Why don't you come with me?'
    'No way am I doing that!' Bob protested.
    'Well, just come along and watch.'

    To Bob's surprise he found himself agreeing to go watch Jack fuck Chris' ass. It was the
    craziest thing he had ever agreed to but he was so fucking horny he figured any kind of
    sexual activity was better than none. Chris was a little surprised when he saw Bob in tow
    but Jack soon persuaded him to let Bob join in.

    'Not a word of this to anyone on this rig or I'll bust your ass.' Chris growled, and Bob
    knew he meant it.

    After checking that the coast was clear and that nobody had seen them Chris lead the two
    men in to his store room and locked the door. There were several sacks of flour stacked
    on a pallet on the floor. Chris spread several tablecloths over the bags and Bob realized
    he was preparing a bed of sorts.

    Chris sat his big, bulky frame down on the sacks of flour and pulled Jack towards him.
    Jack was about six foot tall and slender, but built tough as nails. There wasn't an ounce of
    excess fat in his body. Not the handsomest of men, he had one thing that more than made
    up for it in Chris' eyes. When he unzipped Jack's pants and tugged them down to his
    knees he caught sight once more of that length of hose that flapped down over his big,
    fuzzy balls. Jack's cock was eight inches long in the soft and even Bob was impressed.

    Bob watched in amazement as Chris wrapped his meaty paw around that long fleshy cock
    and then milked the foreskin back, revealing a waxy layer of yellowing cock cheese.
    'Oh yes! I see you've been saving your cheese just for me!' Chris said. He sounded
    breathless and strange.
    'Damn! That is disgusting.' Bob cried.

    But that isn't what Chris thought. He greedily lapped at Jack's cheese until he had licked
    the whole head clean. It was now almost a plum colour and glistened with Chris' spit. To
    Bob's amazement that already large cock grew another two inches, putting his seven
    incher to shame. Large vein's bulged along the length of the shaft and Chris was going
    crazy now feeding on that meaty fuck stick. Little gurgling sounds of pleasure rose up
    from his throat where Jack's formidable weapon was now lodged.
    'Hell! How d'ya do that?' Bob asked, but got no reply. Not that Chris could have given a
    reply when he was being so royally face fucked.

    Bob's own cock was now fully rock hard. He might have been disgusted by the thought,
    but his cock had a mind of its own. He whipped it out and started to pound it as he
    watched Chris devour cock like he had never seen it happen before. If only he could
    teach Jenny how to do this. He wasn't too sure, though, about the way Chris' hands were
    tugging on Jack's asscheeks and prying them apart. Every now and then Bob caught sight
    of Jack's asshole and wondered why the sight excited, instead of revolted, him.

    Chris got up off the sacks of flour and stripped off. His big beefy ass was covered in fur
    as were his solid, tree trunk like legs. The man was like a mountain. His cock was beer
    can thick but rather short and stubby, perhaps just three and a half or four inches long. He
    had huge, monster nuts that were surprisingly smooth set against that hairy crotch of his.
    Bob watched as he got a plastic bottle out of his pocket and then started to apply
    something between the cheeks of his ass. Jack winked at Bob as he worked his angry red
    snake, ready for its journey into the depths of the chef's meaty maw.

    'Do you want first go?' Jack asked Bob.
    'Can I?' the words seemed to escape from Bob's mouth. That wasn't what his head had
    meant to say.

    But before he knew what was happening Chris was rubbing some of that slippery stuff all
    over the head of Bob's thick, circumcized cock and making it feel so incredibly good. As
    if it had a will of its own Bob found himself standing behind that pale, hairy man mound,
    as the chef bent over the flour sacks and pushed his rump up in the air, and then guiding
    his hard straining cock into the crack and towards the bull's eye. He cried out in surprised
    delight as his flared cap pushed past the guard of Chris' ring and started to slide into his
    hot ass. Jack was right; to a sex starved oil rig worker this was the best fuck in the world.

    Bob went crazy, gabbing hold of Chris' hips and pistoning into his fiery interior like he
    was a blow up doll. But Chris was built to take it. This thick cock felt so incredibly good
    as it bit into his ass. Later he planned to take Jack's abundant length, but right now he was
    loving Bob's fantastic girth. The harder Bob fucked the more Chris responded; never had
    Bob known sex like this. Usually Jenny was so silent during love making; even the
    professionals he occasionally visited were never this vocal. This man's ass was born to do
    it and it was doing it real good.

    Bob was vaguely aware of Jack stroking his back and starting to slip a hand between his
    cheeks. He thought he'd tell him to stop in a minute or two, but when he suddenly felt
    something wet and warm on his ass lips he lost control. Fuck! What was that. It was just
    the most amazing thing in the world and he bucked back against Jack's face eager for
    more. Jack greedily ate his buddy's butt out while stroking his warm solid thighs. The trio
    were lost in a world of hot, forbidden man sex and Jack wanted it as good as the other
    two had it.

    He gently eased a thumb into Bob's surprisingly loose hole. He waited for the howl of
    protest but none came so he grabbed the lube and worked a dollop into Bob's brown ring.
    Bob shuddered as the lubed up finger invaded his virginal hole. It felt so amazingly good,
    like the finger was sliding up inside his cock and making it even stiffer than it already
    was. Jack worked steadily on Bob's relaxing hole until he judged him ready for the next

    He got up and greased up that ten inch pole of his and gently rubbed it up and down Bob's
    spit and lube slippery crack. Each time it brushed against his pucker Bob whimpered with
    delight. He knew what he wanted but masculine pride prevented him from saying the
    word. Fortunately Jack also knew what Bob wanted and soon began to gently inch that
    hard fucker into his ass. Bob groaned as he felt the pressure on his ring. It felt as good as
    having a really big, satisfying crap, only this time the traffic was going the other way.

    After Jack had eased about six inches into Bob's ass he kept still and let Bob ride his hog.
    The chef was babbling now as he edged closer to orgasm, with his hand flicking madly
    over his stubby dick. Bob bucked against the ramrod in his ass, inflaming his nerves and
    senses. His cock was so hard it hurt and he could feel the soles of his feet start to tingle.
    Each time he stroked back and forth on Jack's slippery shaft it took Bob closer and closer
    to the point of no return. When he heard Chris' animal grunts and growls as he off loaded
    his ball juice it triggered Bob's own explosion. His knees buckled as he lunged all the
    way into Chris' ass and cursed and shuddered as his cock erupted, spewing forth the
    heaviest load of his life.

    At that moment Jack whipped his cock out of Bob's gaping ass and quickly started
    stroking himself off. Ten strokes later he was there, shooting jet after jet of steaming man
    goo onto Bob's back. He smeared the fresh cream with its chlorine like smell into Bob's
    smooth skin while the three of them struggled to get their breath back.
    'Man, that was hot!' Bob said as he withdrew his happy cock from Chris' spunky wet
    'Same time next week?' Chris asked.
    'You bet.' Bob replied with a grin.

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