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    Mar 30, 2005
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    Ok, since December of this year, I have lost 80lbs,
    yeah, you heard me... 80 pounds..
    a very strick diet, and being active really helped, no excorcising ( see I cant even spell the word ) ;) just sheer will power...
    and.. well my wife having a affair prolly helped it along..
    I am currently 189lbs and I am 6'1" tall... I know I am still heavy, the question I am posting is this:
    anyone here lost a LOT of weight?
    how did you get rid of that loose skin?
    what about the "love handles?"
    any help?
    I am thinking at this stage in the game, actually going to the gym, working out and running is going to be the "icing on the cake" - I didn't even go off my diet for my bday ;)
    so, what do you all think? any help?
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