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    :cool:Im 35 and like looking and touching/tasting a large or any penis. Im particular because of privacy but im also not embarassed to admit Im male and like dick. I also love women so can You see the delimma. Im happy with my sexuality and would be nothing other than a man. I would also never force someone to engage in the act with me it is always concentual. I believe youth should be left alone because they are still forming their own sexuality. Adults are to guide not touch, Im an adult.

    Something else that is very important is conversation and a real connection not just admiration. Touch is vital to all humans and i long for male touch not to be degraded for my longings. I do not appreciate any vulgar talk about women nor men because I respect both. Talk in the bedroom stays in the bedroom but it sure better be there.

    There is no such thing as total stupidity just uninformed individuals. There are many uninformed people out there and I long to communicate with not degrade them and expect the same in return. I am cyclical but have the male anatomy and my experiences tell me everyone else cycles in some way or another. I am happy with who I am just not happy with who I get to associate with. I do not like isolation and most of my life I have been in isolation 1 oh 1.

    I am friendly but also diplomatic. I no longer work a situation for my advantage but will definitely stand up for myself If I am violated, Im not afraid to call in reinforcements. I wont show mine on here so don't ask but Id love to chat.

    Remember Im not looking for anything short term and I have experience with long term and know the situations that arise!
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