Okamoto condoms? Anything as good but bigger

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by DoctorZZZ, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I've tried a lot of condoms, but I really like the crown skinless condoms, made by okamoto. They are pretty much the same size as regular trojans, but a bit wider, but very negligible. To be honest they are the only condoms I have used and orgasmed vaginally with my girlfriend. I usualy last a long time, 1-2 hrs. Second round usually shorter, dont know why. But I have to admit that they are a bit too small. Not horribly tight, but they do cause some discomfort and are a bit hard to put on, but fine once I get past the head. The thing that bothers me the most is the ring,it is way to tight and I get a pretty deep and red ring after an hour of sex. I dont notice until after we're done and I take it off, but it does hurt at that point.

    But other than the size issue, they are great, almost feel like I'm wearing nothing, and she loves them. No latex smell, and she says they feel way better than any she's ahd before. I used to use magnums, but like I said I cant cum in them. Tried some durex and lifestyles with larger headroom, nah. I've also noticed that my penis gets pretty sore after sex, i dont know if its because she is really tight, takes 5-10 min just to get in, or if its just because we make love for such a long time. I am hoping its not the condom as we both love them. Its just she seems to think "she" is the one hurting me and I really hope that is not the case either. I hope its just the length + passion that caused it.

    I've ordered some beyond seven condoms, made by the same company. same size i think but different latex so I'll give them a shot.

    I asked a similar question in a thread, just asked what condoms you guy's use. Obviously everyone says magnum, but I'm looking for something that is as good as the crown and not just one that fits. Honestly, most of you "big guys", can you really honestly say you cant fit in a regualr condom...?

     Crown Skinless Skin Condoms  | Condomania Online

    My major gripe about magnum and xls is that they are actually thinner than the crowns at the base, wtf. By only 1 mm, but still. I get the same ring from magnums and magnum xls as I do now with much better feeling condoms.

    opps just checked and the beyond sevens are actually thinner, 50mm. So that sucks as I already ordered. Oh well I'll give em a shot anyways, maybe different latex will be better idk.
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    Can't say that I've used Okamoto condoms, though I've heard positive reviews regarding some Japanese condoms.

    I've used condoms that are 59 mm at the base.

    And in honesty, I can fit into the smallest condoms I've found available for sale too.
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    My rx used that on me and it felt no different from being fucked by someone wearing a trojan, i guess more for him than me
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