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    This is a copy of a photocopy from a magazine called 'Old Crocks'. I believe it's true.

    74 year old Jim from South Wales has found the ideal way to doze off in the afternoon. His wife says, ' Jim has always been extremely active in the bedroom department but now, as we no longer have sex, I make up for it by a daily hand massage. He lays on the bed, I get out his old man and after a couple of shakes he has an erection and quickly ejaculates, after which I tuck it away and he drops off for an afternoon nap.'

    Appararently, Jim is still extremely productive as his wife goes on to say.
    'We used to use a condom but on a pension found it too expensive so I used a rubber glove but this got very messy and I needed it for the washing-up. However, if I don't catch it, he spurts all over the bed and I've got to clean it up as he's fallen off to sleep. Now I use a large milkbottle and he empties into that. Sometimes our neighbour, who is widowed, calls in to watch or hold the bottle for me. Sometimes, if I'm tired, I'll hold the bottle and she relieves him.'

    As 9'' Jim says, ' I've always needed relieving every day, and I'm not stopping now.'

    Correction. The first line should have read, ' 94 year old Jim.......'!!!
    True! There's hope for us all.
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    Winky, winky, nudge, nudge.
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