Old VHS tape about celebrities & their stats andsex lives

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by MesseJetcalfe, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Just before the "at."
    Does anyonje else remember a production that came out in the 90s (I think), with claimed ex-lovers (non famous) of celebrities discussing their (supposed) sex lives together? I remember picking up a copy for cheap in the remainder bin at an x-rated establishment. Unfortunately no longer have the tape.

    Some details given by these vengeful "exes":

    1. Michael Jordan is hung huge (I think the girl discussing him was a porn starlet of some type).

    2. Charlie Sheen is average to big, but always rock hard.

    3. One girl compared Leo DiCaprio's to Tommy Lee's.

    4. Jerry Seinfeld is on the small side, comes very quickly, but has a very big "load."

    5. Axle Rose's dick is average size and "bright pink."

    6. There was even a woman on there talking about a gay affair she had with Vanna White (who supposedly likes to get oral from other women).
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