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    I've never done with before, but here it goes. My name is 'tyler. I'm 20, bi, not out, masc, fit, and like to live actively. I'm looking for someone around my age, and IN my area. Just heads up, I'm kind of picky and I THINK I know what I want. I'm looking for someone good looking (I'm kind of shallow sorry), masc, athletic, smart, and goal oriented. I'm a university student, and hope to have a good successful life afterwards. I'm not too sure what I'm looking for besides someone I can have fun with. Fun doesn't mean fucking. I'd like to have somewhat of a bf is we click, but friends are also cool. Fucking can happen, but i don't want it to be the centre of everything. I want to have fun, be serious, play sports, workout, and tell stuff to someone who actually wants to listen, and who I want to listen.

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