One inch covered by belly?

Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by D_aco04hcx, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    yesterday i was playing with my cock and by pushing at its base with a finger i could feel that there is at least an inch of it that is within the pube (i don't know if this is correct but you have to apologizd me as i'm italian and my english isn't that good). what this means, is it normal or what? is than part of the cock that can make you have it longer by excercises like jelq et cetera?
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    Jan 1, 2000
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    dsimmons01: If you mean by "belly" that you have some excess fat around the base of your penis.. then yes, that could cover up some... in which case losing a little weight would show a little more length...
    but if you just mean you feel your penis seemingly continuing inside your body.. it does do that. I guess potentially you could get more of the into the outside... but it isnt something i would try to hard for. The way it is setup now is by design, so your best bet is to keep it that way.
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