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    A sad looking guy walks into a bar. He sits down, and puts a package on the bar next to him. He throws down some money, and tells the bartender to pour him a shot, and leave the bottle.

    "Why so sad?" asks the bartender, pouring the drink.

    "This!" says the guy, pointing to the package. The guy opens the box, and takes out a perfect, working model of a grand piano, about 6 inches tall, and sets it on the bar.

    "That's fantastic!" exclaims the bartender. "Why would owning such a wonderful thing make you so sad?"

    "There's more," says the man. He reaches into the box again, and lifts out a tiny, living man, about a foot tall, dressed in formal attire. The little man walks over to the piano, sits down, and begins to play beautiful music.

    When the astonished bartender regains his voice, he asks "But how could this make you sad? This is an astonishing thing! "

    "I'll tell you the story," says the guy, as the little man continues to play a beautiful musical piece. "I was walking in the woods this morning, and I heard this little voice crying out for help. I couldn't locate the source of the sound. Finally, I saw this little leprechaun pinned under a fallen log. 'Please sir! Help me! I'm trapped and can't move! Please lift this log off of me, and I will grant you a wish.' he said. So, I lifted the log."

    The bartender looks at the guy. "Why the hell did you wish for this? Particuarly if it makes you so sad?"

    The guy answers: "I didn't. I guess the leprechaun was hard of hearing. So I ended up with a 12-inch pianist."
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