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    Sep 24, 2006
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    then I will be offline for an indefinate amount of time. I highly doubt I can check this board at our town library while my son is at story hour!

    I will try to get back online as quick as possible or I will go nuts with boredom. I think my mom thinks I'm going to be running around outside with my kid all of the sudden. I haven't even moved and she is looking and suggesting where I should live when I get better.

    LOL, let me get better first then give me a month or two to become stable. But anyhow, I will be saying goodbye a week from today for at least a little while. At least one person from the board will have my contact information and I will leave it to her disgression who to give it to as I trust her judgement.

    I love small town living for some reasons and will hate it for other reasons but at least I will be with my family. Almost everyone on my mom's block would help with my son if I got sick and had to go to the hospital. LOL, half of them are on the ambulance, a nurse, or a doctor as well. But I know all but maybe 2 families on the entire block. Many have lived there since I was a baby or at least in High School.

    I'm sure I will run into old classmates, that is something I don't really care to do for the most part. I keep in touch with people whom I actually consider my friends.
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