One wifes story



Envious: Found this on the net.

I've been married three years and I'd been with 5
guys before marrying my husband. All of the guys
(including my husband) seemed to be about the same size,
maybe between 5 and 6 1/2 inches. My husband and I
rented a beach house with some friends last summer.
There was a guy who was a friend of our friends that
spent a weekend at the house - he was kind of an
arrogant, macho type. But I must admit he had a tremendous
body and what seemed to be a pretty sizable bulge in
his swimshorts.
I was asleep in bed with my husband that Saturday night when I heard
some sounds coming from the living room. It sounded like someone
groaning, as if they were ill or something. My husband sleeps like a
log, so I got up to see what was going on. As I approached the
entrance to the living room I saw two people on the couch, the guy
sitting in a semi-upright position and the woman sitting astride him,
positioned so that her back was facing me. They were obviously
having sex and the groaning I'd heard had been this woman. I must
have gasped when I saw this because the guy peeks from around the
woman and sees me, and its Mr. Macho of course. The woman is very
into it and doesn't appear to hear anything. Well, I'm stunned for a
moment and just standing there when Mr. Macho grabs this woman by
the asscheeks with each hand and slowly starts lifting her ass up.
As her ass starts going up I see that this guy's cock had to be 3
inches wide (as in diameter). I kept waiting for her ass to stop
raising but it keeps going and soon I'm looking at about 10 inches
of this guys cock and the head of his cock is still in her! This was
the biggest dick I'd ever seen by far - it was incredible to me
that this woman seemed able to take almost all of it. Mr. Macho just
kept staring at me as he began bringing this girl up and down on his
massive cock very slowly, giving me a view of his gigantic cock. It
was like I was paralyzed - he's looking straight at me, the girl
seems to having continuous orgasms - the whole scene was surreal.
Finally I composed myself and walked back to my bedroom.

To make a long story short, everyone but Mr. Macho left for the
beach the next morning. Right after we reached the beach I announced
that I'd forgotten my sunglasses and had to go back to the house. I
didn't really know what I was going to do, but I wanted to be alone
with Mr. Macho. As luck would have it, Mr. Macho was showering in
the outdoor shower stall at the back of the house. Thinking he was
alone at the house he came in the back door after toweling off stark
naked. He didn't see me right away and started walking to the stairs
leading to the bedrooms on the second floor. His flaccid cock
was enormous, considerably larger than my husband's erection, and
the sight of this enormous cock swinging as he walked had me
dripping wet. Just as he started heading up the stairs I cleared my
throat so that he'd hear. Well, he sees me and looks at me for a
moment without even starting to cover himself up and he starts
walking towards me. As he's walking his thing is getting bigger and
by the time he reached me I just dropped to me knees and took this
thing in my hands and took as much as I could into my mouth. We
fucked, and somehow managed to fuck two more times that weekend
without anyone suspecting a thing. The sex was amazing, unlike
anything I'd ever experienced with my husband or anyone else. He
didn't even have to thrust. He'd just slowly penetrate me and then
we'd stay stock still for a minute and then I'd just start spasming
on his gigantic pole - I had 6 orgasms the first time we did it. I'll
tell you, size matters, A LOT!