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    England is where i call home,
    I have a question about storing photos, so for a while now i've been saving, nice looking guys photos from the net, some are explicit some aren't, for me i find straight lads fooling around with there mates sexy, so when i see photos like these on the net i'll save them. If a friend is tagged in a album on facebook or something like that i will take photos from there. Is this wrong? or someone's hot nude photo on here, that i want to see when am not on the net i will save, do other people do that?

    I am asking this, as like i said i want to save the photos that i have accumulated from the net on a device that isn't on my computer, i used to have loads of porn from blakemason 40gigs or something silly and i deleted it as i had no more space for it, i don't want to do the same with these photos.

    So i was thinking external hard drive, but i am not too keen on having that in my room or hiding it away. So i was checking out online storage, which i think wouldn't be bad, 100gigs would store these pics some videos and maybe back the things on my comp up too, but at the moment i can't justify paying for it rite now in my life.

    I guess looking at online storage got me thinking would i be able to store pornographic pictures? and even more, pictures that i have saved of other people that i don't even no, but only because i like, how one guy has his pants pulled down and is covering his privates with his hands? So it just got me thinking, do i need to rid of these pics as its wrong? lawfully? morally? i mean if someone else who saw these pics like if my comp went in for repair, where would they stand in on it?

    Like you read in paper or see on the news people having indecent images of minors and all that, i understand where the law comes in on that. But this isn't of anything like that i am 20 my friends my age, some older or a year younger, i hope you understand where i am coming from, the more i wright i feel i am trying to justify something that is wrong. So please do help me out folks lol

    Theres loads of websites that i go on for these pics one being:

    ONLY REAL GUYS - - i have yet to subscribe, but it is just real guys fooling around.

    then theres i think which has amatur lads vids of someone taking a leak. etc.

    Yeah some photos are from here, and some i said are from facebooks and myspaces.

    My question about online storage got me thinking else where so i hope you could answer to me your views on it all, would be much appreciated.
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