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    I thought I would make a guide thats worked for me on making your Schpoonken Loaden's bigger. No nonsense and all tested by me.Basically this will optimize the amount of load you can ejaculate as an individual. All this stuff is actually good for you in general so have a happy and healthy 2011!

    Food, try these foods..

    Organic wherever possible is always better (less agro chemicals and fertilizers makes you Schpoonken Loaden's happy):

    Tomato soup (has Lycopene in it, an antioxidant linked with healthy prostrate), try and have 2 tins during your build up days (see below)

    Brazil Nuts (has Selenium which is linked to healthy prostrate)

    Free range eggs (2 per day, found to thicken up the load, do not over cook fry, excellent protein source which close to bodies own protein, Note: overcooking makes digestion more difficult, I still do mine on both sides (overeasy for our Americano cousins)

    Mineral/Filtered water at room temerature - try and get 1.5 /2L per day intake, spread over the day, not all at once!), at room temp the body absorbs it quicker and easier.

    That is pretty much it for food I am keeping it simple and effective.

    Avoid these foods:


    Obviously do what you wish I am not here to spoil your daily life it's just the above seem not to assist with the Schpoonken Loaden's size, probably to do with effective hydration as much as anything.(Both dehydrate)

    Supplements - basic stuff, no bullshit ones.(not saying they all are)

    Vitamin E 400iu per day (good for your skin and anti carcinogenic)

    Pure Fish Oil (omega 3) seems to work for me up to 3000mg a day.

    Selenium tablets - 1x 200uG(microgrammes) a day (this mineral is increasingly hard to get from food as it is raped from the ground through overfarming and chemical fertilization)

    Zinc good for your swimmers and size of Schpoonken Loaden's

    Vitamin C - no need to go crazy just 2 x 250mg tabs per day

    Always read the label and do not over do the dosing it could be dangerous and will not generate further benefits.

    And build up your load - I reckon 4 days is optimal personally try 3 or 5 for yourself and see what happens. Schpoonkening more often depletes the cum fluids, simple as that.

    Also I bring myself close and relax a while and repeat for a god while, this certainly helps clear the pipes my end when I let it go : ), In fact this is a key excercise in bringing myself to a huge oragasm I have always done it, it might be tricky for some but it works IMO.

    Also try and let your balls hang loosely, not too tight pants/shorts.

    If you are tired/stressed/sick with colds/flu etc you cannot expect top performing loads, it stands to reason the body will divert energy and sensitivity elsewhere. Of course feeling good and confident will help you.

    It might not increase overnight but give it a week or 2 and I think you Schpoonken Loaden's will be optimized.

    Why all this Schpoonken Loaden talk, well it's a double tip of the hat to the GGG German load sprayer films and the Bruno film in 1 go.

    Happy Schpoonken Loaden's

    I am sure it's been spoken about many time before but I am interested in foods that make a real
    and notceable difference to your load size.
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    Can someone tell me what Schpoonkening that is being referred to is?
    What are we taking the pills for?
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