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    An erotic story I wrote a few years back. The woman in the story was my muse, and you can see how things ended between us. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think, as there are 5 parts.

    Ladies, if you like it, drop me a line, add me as your friend, or email me....I would love to hear what you have to say, and perhaps you can be my next muse :smile:

    The taxi stopped at the curb in front of the main train station in Paris. As it pulled up I glanced at the clock on the front façade, noting it was just shy of 4:43 pm, a little later than I had planned, but traffic was heavier than I expected. As I walked into the train station I noticed the streets were busy, full of people and trash. I never like big city train stations for that reason, but today I did not mind since I was here to meet you. I briskly walked to the platform, pausing to take in the scene around me. The architecture was typical of the classical French style, having been built in the late 1800s. Expansive steel columns, glass domes, people everywhere, and the smell of steam billowing up from the undercarriage of the locomotive. My vision blurred slightly as in my mind everything went black and white. I could almost picture this station during the war, men in uniform hanging from the windows…..woman and children crying, waving to their loved ones as the train pulled off, perhaps seeing them for the last time. The train whistle snapped me back into reality. I checked myself one last time. I was wearing dark dress pants, a light blue oxford shirt, and a dark dress coat. I did not wear a tie because I wanted to appear casual, not too concerned about impressions, but I had one folded up in my pocket just in case.

    I boarded, showing my ticket to the conductor, asking him where the dining car was. He pointed the way and I headed down the passenger cars. We had agreed to meet for dinner promptly at 5 pm. I had called ahead while in the taxi so I knew you were already at the table waiting. As I walked I became a bit overwhelmed at the opulence around me, the smell of leather, oak, and brass filling the air. When I arrived at the dining car I could see you sitting, looking out the window, but you had not seen me. I checked with the maitre di to confirm that our dinner order was correct. I had also arranged this ahead of time so we would not be interrupted too much when we first met. As I scanned the car I noticed the tables were laid with starched white tablecloths, set with bone china and sterling silver. The staff all wore white uniforms, smartly moving to an fro conducting their business. Taking this all in, I felt a bit underdressed, so slipped back into the hall and put my tie on. One last look in the window and I moved towards our table. As I approached you turned and caught my eye, a broad smile showing across your lips as you faintly looked down, breaking our eye contact momentarily. You stood to greet me and my I felt my pants stir as I took in your beauty. You were wearing an ankle length black skirt, that hugged your curves like a glove, an extremely high slit visible on the side. Your shirt was white, button up, and starched to perfection…..your cleavage just visible above the top button. You hair was pulled up, revealing the soft smooth curves on your neckline, a pearl necklace (at least 10 mms I thought) hung around your neck. Your face was soft and pure, very little makeup on except for the dark toned lip stick which outlined your soft, full lips. For a brief moment, I just stood there, taking you all in, not able to move or speak.

    You stepped forward gently saying “Hello, this has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?” The sweet tones of your voice again snapped me back to reality and I replied “Yes, certainly, but well worth the trip.” I took your hands in mine, leaned into you and gently kissed you on the cheek, pausing long enough to take a deep breath, inhaling your scent. It was an intoxicating blend of your perfume, your makeup, and an odd hint of starch. As I took it in, I again felt a strong pressure begin to build in my pants. I said “Please, Niagral, sit down,” pushing your chair back in as your sat, your head tilted slightly back, your eyes still locked on mine. You turned away, and I leaned down over you, gently whispering in your ear, “Sweet, you looking gorgeous, and tonight I am going to have you!” I heard a small whimper emanate from your lips as I gave you a firm and deep kiss on the right side of your neck, just below your ear, again taking your scent in. As I sat in my chair the wine steward promptly arrived, with a nice selection I had chosen from the Alsace region, a Grand Cru, about 10 years old. I sniffed the cork, a sweet smell with the hint of several fruits in it. I tasted it, noting the wine did not stick heavily to the sides of the glass as I swirled it, stating “Dry, just the way you like it!”

    Dinner went well, the meal was exquisite, the wait staff impeccable, and the chocolate tart for desert was almost heaven, but I recall very little of it all. As you talked to me it was all I could do to pay attention. Your sweet voice blurred as I could only find myself focusing on your beautiful lips, your chin, the slim lines of your neck, entranced by you, overwhelmed by you, captivated by you, wanting to be part of you. My thoughts drifted as you spoke, flashed of you’re your naked body darting into my head, scenes from our many online encounters flooding my senses. I noticed the perfect imprint of your lips on your wine glass, and all I could think was how I wanted to have you wrap them around my cock, now throbbing in my pants, my hands intertwined in your hair as I pulled you into me, thrusting my cock deep into your mouth. I undressed you with my eyes, unbuttoning your shirt, until your ample, swelled breasts were visible, your nipples hard and firm as I sucked them, taking them into my mouth. You took my hand, asking me “J, are you with me, are you listening to me?” I replied, sheepishly, “I am sorry Niagra, I am with you,” and I took stood up, helped you out of your chair, taking your hand. You looked at me, slightly confused, asking “Is everything OK?” I stopped, kissed your firmly on the lips, and whispered into your ear, “It’s time!”

    I led you through the passenger cars into the sleeping cars, stopping at a large oak door with a brass plate on it. Written on it were the words in French, “Petain Suite.” I opened the door for you, you entered, my eyes fixed on the tight curve of your ass and your thigh that was fully visible up the slit of your dress. The room was immaculate, large, very nicely furnished, with a bedroom, and an attached reading/living room. I entered behind your, closing the door, wrapping my arms around your waist, my cock pressing firmly against your ass. You moaned deeply and pushed back against me, reaching around and grasping my ass, pulling me in tightly. I leaned in, kissing your neck deeply, sucking on it, moving slowly up your neck to your ear, “Now, I am going to fuck you!” You turned to me, kissing me hard on my mouth, your tongue driving deep into me, your hands pulling my hips into yours, my cock pressing firmly against your stomach. We tore at each others clothes, your shirt, my jacket, your bra, my shirt. We were like animals, clawing at each others bodies, our lips still locked, our tongues still entwined. I dropped to my knees unzipping your skirt, pulling it slowly down over your hips, slowly exposing your pussy to me. You stepped out of your skirt, a simple pair of cotton underware framing your tight ass, your mound visible beneath the fabric. I placed my face into you, pressing my lips against your cunt through your panties, the raw, musky smell of you overwhelming me. I could see that your panties were wet as I pulled them down, your tight, shaved cunt in front of me.

    I stood up, my hand running up your thigh as I did, a finger gently sliding up into your wetness as I again began to kiss deeply on your neck. You pulled away, dropping to your knees, unbuckling my belt, and pulling my zipper down. As you pulled my pants down around my hips, my cock pushed out from behind my pants. It was only on a rare occasion that I wore underwear, so there was noting to hold me back. You, smiled, taking my cock in your hands, looking up at me, “God, I have been waiting for a long time for this.” You took it into your mouth, grasping my balls, as I watched my shaft disappear into you. Instinctively I grabbed your hair and began to pump your mouth on my shaft, my dream from earlier becoming a reality. It was all I could do you hold back, as I pulled you back up to me, “No, not now, not like this.”

    There was a small couch in the sitting room, so I sat down on it, leaning back against it. I pulled you to me and you mounted me, straddling my hips. You placed the head of my cock into your hole, and slowly eased down on it, the juices running down my shaft as it disappeared into you hungry cunt, a loud moan “Uuunnnnnnhhhhhh” coming from deep in my throat. You leaned back, placing your hands behind you on my knees. I reached behind and grabbed your lower back, providing you more support as you began to grind your pussy into me, my shaft moving quickly in and out. With my other hand I firmly grasped your tit, rubbing it, squeezing it, pinching your hard nipples…..you head arched back, “Fuck yes, God yes, fuck me.” You picked the pace up, your hips bucking wildly now, your eyes closed tightly, your teeth clamped against your lower lip. I sat their, watching your fuck me, my cock and balls soaked in your juice, my hips thrusting up as yours thrust down, your tits bouncing….it was all I could do not to cum…..”mmmmm, yes, fuck me baby, God uunnnhhhhhh, fucckkk me.”

    I pushed you off of me, getting up from the couch, placing you there on your knees. You leaned against the back of the couch spreading your legs for me. I stood behind your, shoving my fat cock deep into your cunt, my balls slamming against your thighs, “uuuuggggggghhhhhh, Godddd.” You reach down to your pussy with one hand and began to rub your clit, working it hard, feeling my cock sliding in and out of your cunt, your hands rubbing my shaft as I drove it deep into your pussy, “Goddddd, yes, fuck me, fuck me harder, harddderrr, please fuck me.” I picked up the pace, grabbing your hair, pulling your head back, arching your back as I continue to pound my cock into you, deep into your cunt. “Unnnhhhhh, mmmmmhhhhhh, fucking bitch…..God…..” my pace quickened as I felt your legs begin to shake, your pussy convulsing, throbbing aroundmy cock, your juices flowing, spraying my shaft and my balls. I placed a hand under your waist, holding you up as I continue to fuck you…..my ass squeezing tightly. “Unnnnhhhh, God, fuck meeee, “ as I pulled my cock out shooting a thick white load of cum onto your ass and your back. You could feel the warmth running down your ass as I collapsed on top of you, both of us laying on the couch in a heap of sweat, and skin. It was all we could do to catch our breath….as I pulled you closely into me, kissed you deeply on the mouth, and whispered, “Thank you, sweet!”

    We caught our breath, slowly, our chests still heaving, straining to capture the air that our bodies craved. It seemed that in our sex ravaged state our bodies had lost control of themselves, focusing all energies on the intensity of our sexual pleasures, and in our rush to achieve bliss we had forgotten that we were mere mortals. I lay there, on my side wrapped around your body, my chest pressed tightly against your back, my hips molded with yours. The raw heat of our passions had dissipated and in its place was a blanket of sensual warmth. We lay still for a brief moment longer, and then you tilted your head back looked me deep in the eyes, as if to say something, then kissed me deeply on the mouth. I placed my hand up under your head, weaving my fingers through your hair, supporting you as we continued to kiss, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. The warmth I had just felt began to leave, growing hotter, as our kissing grew deeper, your chest beginning to heave slightly again, a small whimper coming from deep in your throat.
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