1. B_gnaglefleeg

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    Feb 13, 2005
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    As a long time, fairly silent member of the site who happens to be of a more average size than most here, I was just wondering if you guys could recommend any other websites for the more modestly endowed in the trouser department?
  2. viking1

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    Dec 2, 2006
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    There is measurection.com which is a small penis support group. You can read some of the open forums without joining. mma2om.com has some stuff like this, or so I have heard...it is however aimed at bi or gay people and most of it is not open unless you join. sex-project.com has all sorts of sex
    related discussions. There is also afraidtoask.com with sex discussions.
    femalefirst.co.uk also has sexuality sections for men as well.

    You don't say how big you are and I can't tell by your pictures. There is nothing in those pictures to give reference to your size. If you use your hand around it or a soda can beside it or a ruler that would give a visual reference.

    They don't take to well to average or above at measurection from what I have seen. I don't belong there but I do read some of it.
    It is more of a pity party and not nearly as good as LPSG.
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