Our Penises and the Problems It has Provided

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    Over the past few days I have actually come to the realization that while most of the men on here we all happen to be well endowed additionally it appears that a small population of us have had issues with our penises that for better or worse has skewed our mindset. I wanted to make a thread that chronicled each of these stories:

    Age: 29

    Like many I discovered jacking off all on my own. It was a few weeks after I discovered I could actually pull my foreskin behind my head. It was tough to do at first but it became easier and easier as time progressed. This was when I was 11. I really hadnt had an erection yet and I didnt know what one was at the time.

    The summer I learned about jacking off I had a wet dream. I thought something had broke, I went to my school's library to see what the issue was. I looked in a medical book and learned the term masturbation. I went to my best friend at the time and asked him about it to which he exclaimed, "My dad says only dudes who dont get any do it". This was my first bout with what is a chronic issue in the Bahamas, one where men feel ashamed about jacking off.

    A couple of days went by and curiosity got the best of me. I tried to replicate what the book in the library said while I was in the bath tub. I moved my foreskin up and down and the sensation was mind numbing. I really couldnt believe it. Then it happened. The sensation got really intense. I actually screamed. Blood came out of my penis. I started to tear up cause I thought I did something wrong. I allowed a few days to pass and when I thought I was in the clear I went back to this pass time. Again the sensation was there and the explosion was just as good. This became a favorite pass time of mine and as I went through high school I would do it if not every day then every other day. But I felt ashamed because every guy I knew made fun of it and not one ever admitted to it. So I hid my pleasure in this practice from all and lied when asked about it.

    But there was one thing I hated about it. The soreness in my penis afterwards. At first it was just a mild discomfort that I attributed to me being rough. But as my practiced changed the discomfort didnt. Then one day when I was about 15 I think I went a little to rough. My penis was rather large then and my head was of a nice size. Whenever I was hard my foreskin would only ever come back as far as the tip. This one session I tried to get it back as far as I could because the sensation there was great. I had to stop. I looked at my penis and saw several splits in the skin. I went into the shower and the soap burned. Oh it burned.

    This would happen several more times throughout my teen years.

    I then experienced sex at 18. It was great, but I never would go more than one round with my girlfriend because my foreskin would take a brutal beating with her tight pussy. She ridiculed me for this not knowing my pain. I then went to college and while the girls there didnt ridicule me they would always comment that it seemed like I just wanted to get off and was not concerned with them getting off seeing as I always just went one round.

    2 years into college I had a steady girlfriend. We had really rough sex one night. My frenulum teared. I pushed her off me like she was diseased. I ran to the bathroom with my instantly-went-soft dick in hand and looked at my frenulum. It looked like dead meat. I went in the shower and afterwards I actually put a bandaid on my penis. That didnt help. I went to the college medical office the next day and told them what happened. They put two stitches in my penis and told me not to have sex for 4 weeks. Said girlfriend exclaimed she couldnt go that long without it so I was dumped.

    I didnt have sex for 6 months. That was it!

    The next few years I asked everyone who I could and read everything I could. I visited 4 doctors with no success. One even went as far as to recommending the unsightly dorsal slit. And then I talked to my uncle. He had undergone a circumcision after he was married because his frenulum snapped from it being too short and it cause him to have phimosis. He told me he had no issues with it and I should give it some thought.

    I thought for 2 years.

    Then in the summer of 2004, the day before my sister's graduation from high school, I got circumcised. The doctor said no sex for 6 weeks but I could "play" after two weeks. Two weeks couldnt come fast enough. The morning of the deadline I got up, turned my computer on and opened up several porn sights and started the download. The first wank session was rough. I didnt know what I was suppose to do and I still had some stitches in so I couldnt be rough with it. The feeling and sensation I remembered was all still there. I was pleased. Then after a few minutes I felt the familiar train coming to the train station. I couldnt believe it. It was coming really fast. I leaned back...POW...I hit the frikkin ceiling of my apartment. Best cum of my life via hand at that point.

    I was thrilled.

    I got to try it out many times and the soreness was gone. The tearing was gone. I could wank 8 times in a row and cum till I couldnt cum anymore. I had to test it out on a girl. And oh did I.

    And now I stand here feeling rather complete.
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