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Palm Springs, CA

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by AllHazzardi, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. AllHazzardi

    AllHazzardi Experimental Member

    Oct 19, 2004
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    Palm Springs, California
    Hi! I'm Rob in person. I'm a classically trained gentleman with a childish heart that is just fun-loving and loving everything, trying my best to leave out nothing. I'm really interested in meeting some ladies from the area. I'm unfortunately a professional poor person, I usually can only afford to buy half your drinks for the night if we be out at a bar, or a club, or wherever you so fancy.

    I'd really label myself as "date-able" rather than "marriage-able". It's no fear of commitment, I just find myself too indecisive when it comes to long term settling and love- a side effect of loving everything, everyone, and everywhere for what it is, who he or she is, and for being the way it is. In that order.

    It's not really an escort by any stretch, but if you fancy company, and don't mind a reversal of a traditional scenario, I'm almost always available. Group meetings at bars are also fun times waiting to happen, especially in the after-hours.

    Look forward to seeing who is in the area, Gentlemanly Gee-whiz Guy, AWAAAAAYYYY!!!
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