Pam and Ethan

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    Pam & Ethan
    by jallen944 ©

    Part 1

    Ethan stopped the GTO in front of Darien’s house and shut off the motor. The blinds in the big front window were open and the light from the television flickered on the wall. He let out a deep breath. He hated coming here.

    He walked up to the house and knocked on the screen door. The inside door was open and Darien’s father was on the couch in his undershirt with a can of beer in one hand and a bag of potato chips in the other. His glazed eyes stared at the television. Ethan knocked but he didn’t respond. He knocked again and finally Darien’s father turned to look.

    "What do you want?" he said, with slurred words.

    "I’m here to see Darien. I got some stuff to give him."

    "What stuff?"

    "Hockey stuff?"

    Darien’s father looked puzzled, then said, "Oh yeah. He’s in his room."

    Ethan opened the door and went in. Darien’s room was at the end of the hall. His father never moved or looked away from the television. Ethan went down the hall and knocked.

    "Yeah, what?" Darien said from inside.

    Ethan opened the door. Darien was sitting in the recliner in the corner, lighting a thin cigarette. In his bed was Iris, naked, covered only with a sheet and a light coating of perspiration.

    "Hey man, what’s going on?" Darien said.

    She waved with her fingers and smiled. "Hi Ethan."

    For a moment he couldn’t speak. She was the last person he expected to see in Darien’s bed. But it was stupid of him not to see it. She was in the club, too. She was one of the girls they passed around.

    Darien inhaled deeply from the cigarette and held it up.

    "Eth, man, you want some of this?"

    "No thanks."

    Darien shrugged with a brief frown and passed it over to Iris. When she sat up to take it the sheet fell away from her large, round boobs.

    "So whattaya got?" Darien said, and plopped back into the recliner.

    Ethan handed him the envelope. "Just some release forms for the hockey team."

    "Is that it? Shit, I could have picked this up on Monday."

    "Coach Riley said he needs to turn it in on Monday, not later in the week whenever you get done with it."

    Darien shook his head. "He is such a prick. If it wasn’t for that deal he got me with that junior team I wouldn’t even play on his fucking team."

    He threw the envelope on his desk. Iris had the cigarette pinched by the end between her thumb and forefinger. She handed it back to him and let out her breath.

    "Sure you don’t want some of this? It’s the best shit I had in a long time."

    "That stuff’s not for me."

    "Whatever, man," Darien said and inhaled deeply.

    Iris pulled back the sheet to reveal her naked body and spread her legs. Blobs of cum dripped from her moist pussy.

    "You wanna take me for a ride? I’m warm and wet," she said, and licked the tip of her middle finger.

    "I can’t right now. I gotta get home."

    She frowned. "Ok. Maybe next time?"

    "Later, man. I’ll see you on Monday," Darien said.

    Ethan hesitated. Were they done? Was he kicking him out? But he didn’t really want to stay anyway, and he was glad to leave.

    The house was empty when he got home. Mom must have been working late again. And where was Pam? She was almost never away from home, until she started hanging out with that Debbie chick.

    He started to make a roast beef sandwich, but only got halfway when someone knocked at the back door. On the back porch was Mrs. Thorn in a short white skirt and cropped top that dipped low and showed most of her cleavage. She smiled when he opened the door.

    "Ethan, dear. How are you?" she said.

    "Fine, Mrs. Thorn. Come on in."

    She brushed past his front side on the way in.

    "I heard your car. I hope you don’t mind."

    "No, I don’t mind. Would you like something to eat?" he said, and went back to the counter to finish putting his sandwich together.

    She put one hand on the counter bar and one hand on her hip and thrust that hip out.

    "Is your mother here?"

    "No. She must still be at work."

    "I see. Well, I thought I’d better let you know that I was talking with your mother last week and she mentioned how concerned she was about you."

    Ethan raised the sandwich to his mouth to take a bite, but stopped.


    "Well, I guess she took you to see a therapist about a condition you have? Is that right?"

    "Yeah, that’s right."

    She came closer and leaned against the dishwasher with her arms crossed, which squeezed her big boobs together like they were going to bust out of her low cut top.

    "She says she’s worried about you being sexually overactive. Now you must know that I had to pry this information out of her. She did not want to talk about you that way in front of me," she said, and reached out to touch his arm. "Anyway, she also mentioned that you got your father’s ... equipment, and then some, and she’s already found evidence that you have a strong desire to put that equipment to use, shall we say."

    Her eyes glanced down at his crotch. He was certain he had something down there for her to look at. Just the sight of her on the back deck in her revealing clothes was arousing. By now he had a stiff, obvious lump hanging down the leg of his jeans. She smiled.

    "Well, of course I asked if there was anything I could do to help. She insisted she could take care of it, but when I offered to talk to you about it she was very grateful."

    "That’s very generous," Ethan said.

    "I knew you would think so."

    "What do you wanna talk about?"

    "Let’s talk about your equipment."

    "Sure. What about it?"

    She leaned closer and he could see down the front of her low top. This game was fun but he was anxious to get to the good part.

    "Well, your mother told me about the incident in the car when she bought condoms for you, and how she touched your equipment." She glanced at his crotch again and licked her lips. "She was alarmed at your size and was afraid you might damage those nice young girls you see. Would you mind if I ..." she said, and pointed at the front of his jeans.

    "No, go ahead."

    She unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand in. Her warm fingers caressed the length of his shaft. She was standing in front of him, her face only inches from his. He spread his legs wider.

    "I think I understand what she was talking about. Have any of your girlfriends complained about your size?" she said. Her voice had become softer.

    "Not really. I try to be gentle with girls."

    "I bet you do. Frankly, I think your Mom is jealous of them. I think she wants you for herself."

    He winced. "Are you nuts? You think my Mom wants to do it with me?"

    She nodded. "Is that so hard to believe?"

    "But she’s seeing a guy."

    "Do you think he satisfies her? She needs something more. She needs what you have right here," she said and squeezed his cock.

    He was too shocked to answer. He remembered the day his Mom rubbed his dick in the car. She made it feel really good, but to have sex with her? He never considered that.

    Mrs. Thorn unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down. His hard cock jumped out. She dropped to her knees in front of him, took it in one hand and pumped slowly.

    "What about your sister? Pam’s body has filled out very nicely. Have you fucked that girl yet?" she said.

    "I wasn’t thinking about fucking her."

    "Well get with it, son. Haven’t you ever noticed the look in her eyes when she’s near you?"

    He didn’t answer right away. The answer seemed so obvious that he felt stupid.

    "I guess so."

    She licked the side of his shaft. "Let me know when you get around to it. I’d like to ask her how she liked it."

    She sucked the end of his cock deep to the back of her mouth, where it touched a soft area and made her gag. She squeezed her lips tight around the shaft and moved her head back and forth, smearing saliva along its length. He watched the way her puffy lips stretched around his cock, and he watched the top of her head bob back and forth. He could even see down her top to her swelling cleavage. But his mind was on Pam.

    What if she was right? What if Pam wanted to have sex with him as badly as he wanted to have sex with her? She had grown up a lot in such a short time. For so long she was just a skinny little girl and now she had the hottest, tightest body of any girl he knew.

    He closed his eyes and pretended it was her in front of him with his cock in her mouth instead of Mrs. Thorn. Her mouth was smaller and would have to stretch even wider. Her jaw might not even open that wide. She would turn her eyes up to look into his while she moved her head back and forth. Would she be as good at giving a blowjob as Mrs. Thorn? No, she would be better.

    He would cup her soft, puffed out cheeks in his hands and lace his fingers behind her neck and pull her closer. His cock would slide deeper into her mouth. She would gag, like Mrs. Thorn, but she wouldn’t stop there. He would squeeze her head tighter and pull harder, pushing with his hips at the same time. Pam would gag more and tears would run from her eyes until she swallowed, and his cock would slide down her throat an inch at a time. When her nose was in his pubic hair she would look up at him again with those big, beautiful eyes and try to smile around the thickness of his shaft.

    Ethan groaned and started to cum. Before he realized it was Mrs. Thorn blowing him and not Pam, he had dumped most of his load in her mouth. She yanked his cock out of her mouth and spit his sperm into a puddle on the floor.

    "Goddamnit Ethan. What have I told you about cumming in my mouth?" she said, and wiped her mouth with her hand.

    "Sorry. It was an accident."

    She stood up and wiped the cum from her hands with a dish towel.

    "You were thinking about Pam, weren’t you?"


    She put her hand around his slimy, hard cock.

    "I’ll forget about it as long as you got enough in here for one more fuck."

    "Sure, I can do that. Where do you want to go?"

    "I want you to show me your room. I want you to fuck me there."
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    Part 2

    He took her hand and led her upstairs to his room. He stood by his bed and she looked around at the hockey items, the pictures of girls, the books on the shelves, and the DVDs and video games stacked by the television.

    "You have a nice room. How long have you played hockey?" she said.

    "Since I was about five."

    She removed her top and laid it over the back of his chair. "I read about you once in a while in the newspaper. I hear you're pretty good."

    "I just try to do my best."

    She wiggled her hips out of her tight slacks and put them over the chair with her top. She reached around to unhook her bra and pulled it away. Her heavy, round boobs wobbled and bounced, and her pink nipples were hard points at the tips.

    "You're modest. That's so cute. You need to get those pants off, son."

    Ethan pulled his t-shirt off over his head and threw it on the end of the bed. Mrs. Thorn pushed her tiny panties down her long legs and dropped them on the chair. He let his jeans fall to the floor. Her eyes stared at his cock and she licked her lips.

    "Have you ever fucked any of your girlfriends on this bed?" she said, and crawled on his bed on her hands and knees.

    "No, never."

    She folded her arms and laid her head down, with her ass stuck way up.

    "I'm so happy that I get to be the first."

    "I'll try to give you something to remember."

    He climbed on the bed behind her and put his hand on her round ass. His hard cock bobbed and swung side to side, and she watched it over her shoulder with a smile on her lips. He rubbed the head along her moist slit and her back arched in, pushing her ass a little higher.

    "Don't tease me, baby. I came here to get fucked, not teased," she said. Her voice had the tone of a young schoolgirl.

    "I'll tease you if I want. It gets you hot."

    "Come on, Ethan. You know I don't like it when you-"

    He shoved his dick into her pussy and the rest of her words faded off into a soft moan. He squeezed the flesh of her hips and pulled her back tight against him.

    "What were you saying?" he said.

    "I don't remember."

    She was warm and tight around his cock. He held her that way for a while, with it buried deep inside her, and rocked back and forth. She pushed herself up on her hands and knees and tried to pull away, but he held her tight. She reached back and pushed against his belly, but still he did not let go. Eventually her strength gave out and her head dropped back to the mattress.

    "Does it hurt?" he said.


    "Is this what you wanted when you came here to fuck me?"

    He shoved his hips forward. She squealed and nodded, biting her lower lip.

    "How do you know I wasn't saving myself? How do you know I don't have a date tonight and I was saving my cum for her?"

    She pushed herself up on her arms again and looked back at him over her shoulder. Her long hair had fallen over her face.

    "I don't care about those bitches you call girlfriends. I just want you inside me."

    He pumped hard with his hips. His belly smacked against her ass and her wet pussy made slurping noises around his cock. She sunk slowly to the bed and he rode her all the way down. Her big tits were flattened on the mattress and bulged out at the sides. He lay across her back and rocked his hips against her round, soft ass. She purred and her ass pushed back.

    Outside the window a car door slammed and Ethan froze.

    "Oh shit," he said.

    "What? What is it?"

    He climbed off of Mrs. Thorn and went to the window. Mom's car was in the driveway, and she was at the sidewalk, talking to the old man from down the street who was walking his white dog.

    "My Mom's home. You have to get out of here."

    Mrs. Thorn groaned and got up to get her clothes.

    "We should have started this ten minutes sooner. I wanted your cum, at least."

    "I'll give it to you next time."

    She tucked her heavy boobs back into her bra. He wanted to watch her dress, but kept his eye on Mom. That old man could really talk when he got started, and he hoped he was in the middle of one of his long stories.

    "I can't find my panties," Mrs. Thorn said.

    "Forget about them. I'll bring them over later."

    He put his hands on her shoulders to rush her out, and she turned and stopped him.

    "Relax, hon. You stay here. I'll go down and meet your Mom. I'll tell her you let me in and I was waiting to talk to her about ... something, I don't know. I'll make it up."

    She stepped into her tight slacks, kissed him on the cheek, and went downstairs. He looked out the window again, standing to the side so no one could see him naked. They were just in time. Mom waved goodbye to the old man and headed for the front door.

    He fell backward on his bed and let out a deep breath. That was close. Mom would freak if he knew he was doing it with Mrs. Thorn. He just wished they had enough time to finish. Now he had an aching hard on, and there was no way to get rid of it unless he got himself off. He squeezed his cock in his fist and moved it up and down the shaft in long, slow strokes.

    Was there anyone he could call? Mandy was probably home. She might even want to help get him off. If only he hadn't seen Iris again.

    "Ethan, would you do me a favor?" Pam said from the door.

    He sat up quickly and reached for his shorts, but they were on the floor by his desk. She had already come into his room. He stood up with his back to her, facing the window, and shuffled toward his shorts, hoping no one from the street could see him.

    "Would you tie my bikini?" she said, as if she didn't even notice that he was completely naked.

    "Sure. Right now?"

    "Yeah. Debbie's here and we're gonna work on our tans. What are you doing?"

    "Nothing. Why?" He bent down and picked up the shorts and held them over his groin.

    "Because you're naked."

    "Yeah, well, I can be naked in my room."

    "Turn around so I can see you."

    He turned around slowly. His erection swayed heavily and his face felt warm. He lowered the shorts. Pam just smiled and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Her pink nipples stood out at the tips of her boobs, but he saw them for only a second before she turned around and covered them with her bikini top. He leaned forward to tie the thin straps at her back, trying not to let his dick poke her in the ass.

    "Whose are those?" she said, and pointed the black, lacy panties on the floor by the chair.

    He cleared his throat. "Mrs. Thorn's."

    "Why do you have Mrs. Thorn's underwear in your room?"

    "Uh ... She left it here."


    He finished tieing the strap at her neck while she held her hair out of the way. She was quiet, but she didn't have to say anything. He knew what she was thinking. She knew his secret, that he was banging Mrs. Thorn. She was also wondering if Mom knew about it.

    "All set," he said.

    He stepped back and let his hands drop to cover his erection. When Pam turned around she had a small grin like she was keeping a secret.

    "Thanks," she said, and leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her hand pushed his hands out of the way and squeezed his dick. Her kiss on the cheek turned into a quick kiss on the lips, then she was gone, bouncing out of his room and down the stairs.

    He let out another deep breath. His mind spun so that he had trouble figuring out what was real. What was it he really wanted? Maybe what Mrs. Thorn said was true. Maybe Pam wanted him as bad as he wanted her. The possibility of sex with her made him burn with desire, and made his dick so hard it ached. He closed the door before Mom came up and saw it and also figured out that he was fucking Mrs. Thorn, or worse, assumed that he had just done it with Pam. With his hand on the door, he paused. Would that be so bad?
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    I'm impressed... do we get the next installment soon?
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    Florida, Americas penis
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    Part 3

    Mrs. Thorn and Mom were in the kitchen, talking about something. Pam didn’t stop to listen. She waved and said hi as she went through the kitchen to the back door. She did not stop to tell Mrs. Thorn that she found her panties in Ethan’s room.

    She pictured her in bed with him, lowering herself on his huge cock and bouncing on him until he filled her with his warm cum. The image in her mind made her jealous, and for just a minute she hated Mrs. Thorn for it. How come he could fuck an older woman and he wouldn’t do it with his own sister?

    On the back porch, Debbie was sitting on a towel with her legs crossed, smearing tanning lotion on her long legs and arms. The smell of cocoa butter was very strong. Under her shorts, Pam was wearing her bikini bottoms. She slipped the shorts off and sat on the towel next to Debbie’s.

    “Would you put some of this on my back?” Debbie said, and handed her the bottle of lotion.

    Pam squirted a blob of lotion in the palm of her hand and rubbed it on Debbie’s back. She held her long, black hair in a ball on top of her head.

    “What happened to you after the party?” Debbie said.

    “Nothing. I just went home early.”

    “Did you find anyone to fuck you?”

    “No. I just went home,” Pam said. She finished with the lotion on Debbie’s back and handed the bottle to her.

    “Turn around. I’ll do your back,” Debbie said.

    Pam spun around and lifted her hair out of the way.

    “You should have stayed. Joey Molino fucked me twice. It was great. I bet I could have got him to do it with you, too, if you were there,” Debbie said, and smeared lotion on Pam’s back.

    Pam clenched her jaws, and her face burned. What was it going to take to get her to stop talking about Joe like that? What did she care how many times they did it together? If he wanted her so badly, he could have her.

    “What guys have you been hanging out with?” Debbie said. She snapped the lid of the lotion bottle shut and tossed it on top of the pile of her t-shirt and shorts.

    “No one, really. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

    They laid down beside each other on their backs, stretched out on the towels. The warmth of the sun soaked into Pam’s skin, soothing her entire body.

    “What about **?” Debbie said.

    “What about him?”

    “You should go out with him. He’s got a pretty big dick. I’m sure he’d fuck you with it.”

    “Have you seen his dick?” Pam said.


    “Did you have sex with him?”

    “Of course. That’s how I know he has a big dick.”

    Pam shook her head. “I don’t just want a guy who has a big dick. I want something more.”

    “Then you should go out with **. He doesn’t have a big dick but he loves to lick pussy,” Debbie said and laughed. “Oh, oh, I know. You should go out with **. He’s gay. I think you can fix him. Besides, I wanna find out how big his dick is.”

    “I don’t know.”

    “And you’ll never know until you can fuck him.”

    Debbie stood up and her shadow fell across Pam. She covered her eyes and looked up.

    “I’m gonna get something to drink. You want something?” Debbie said.

    “Yeah. Something cold.”

    Debbie went inside and Pam closed her eyes again. The warmth was beginning to make her uncomfortable. She was too warm, and it was starting between her legs. Debbie had got her mind thinking about different boys and what they might have between their legs, and now she couldn’t get it out of her head.

    Debbie came out of the house and the coolness of her shadow blocked the sunlight again. Pam opened her eyes, shielding them with her hand again. Debbie handed her a bottle of Pepsi and sat down on her towel.

    “I just saw your brother in the kitchen. He’s pretty cute. I think he was checking me out,” Debbie said, and twisted off the cap of her Pepsi.

    “What was he doing?”

    “He said he was going to wash his car. He’s got an awesome car.”

    “My grandfather gave it to him. He owned it from a long time ago.”

    Debbie set her bottle down and wiped the oil on her arms. She had a smug grin on her face.

    “Does Ethan have a big dick?” she said.


    “Because when I just saw him in there he was wearing these shorts and he had a huge bump sticking out in front. I bet he’s pretty big. Have you seen it?” Debbie said, looking over the tops of her sunglasses.

    Pam shrugged. “Maybe a couple of times.”

    Debbie touched her leg. “For real? How big is it?”

    Pam held her hands apart. “About this big.”
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    Part 4

    Debbie snorted. “Bullshit. No guy is that big.”

    Pam shrugged again and reached for her pop.

    “No way. Are you serious? A cock that big would kill me.”

    “I touched it once when he was sleeping. I think he was having a dream.”

    “You touched your brother’s cock? Why don’t you let him fuck you? Are you afraid it would hurt too much? I would be,” Debbie said.

    “I don’t know. I’m not that big down there,” Pam said, and looked down between her legs.

    “I wanna find out for myself how big it is,” Debbie said and stood up.


    “He’s gonna wash his car, right? Let’s go see if he’d like some help.”

    Pam stood up with her, reached for her shorts and pulled them up before she noticed that Debbie decided not to bother with her shorts. Pam hesitated before she pulled up the zipper, but it was too late. She already had them on and she would look stupid if she took them off again. Now Ethan would be able to get a good look at Debbie’s ass and wouldn’t even glance at hers.

    The car started and roared and they both jumped. Debbie’s hand went to her chest and she was panting.

    “I didn’t know his car was so loud,” she said.

    “It’s fast, too.”

    They went through the back door into the garage. Ethan had backed the car out to the driveway, where he had a bucket and the hose.

    “Hey. What’s up?” he said when he got out of the car.

    “Are you gonna wash your car?” Debbie said. She walked toward him with her hands clasped behind her back and her bare feet patting on the cold cement garage floor.


    “Can we help?”

    “Sure, I guess.”

    Debbie stood next to him and swiveled her hips and pushed her chest out so her boobs strained against her bikini top.

    “What do you want me to do?”

    Pam rolled her eyes. Did she have to make herself so obvious? And Ethan had a huge bulge in the front of his shorts. Debbie was right about that. He was hard when she found him in his room. If he was just doing it with Mrs. Thorn, why was he still hard?

    Debbie got the sponge out of the bucket of soapy water. Ethan had the hose and sprayed the car. Pam stood in her spot with her hands at her sides, burning with disappointment. Debbie always got the good stuff. Everything good always happened to her.

    She went into the garage to find another sponge. She rooted through the cabinets at the back of the garage but the best she could come up with was an old towel. She took it anyway. Maybe she could clean in the tight spots, like on the shiny silver wheels.

    When she came back out, Debbie was wringing out the sponge on her chest and the soapy water ran all the way down her body and legs to the ground. Ethan was ogling her and grinning. Pam’s arms dropped to her sides and the towel fell from her hand. How was she supposed to compete with that?

    Debbie held her arms over her head and turned like a dancer, churning her hips and pushing her butt out. Ethan turned the hose on her and washed off the foamy soap with a fine mist. Debbie laughed and cupped her boobs in both hands. Pam shook her head. His car was not even getting washed.

    Ethan pointed the hose at Pam. A long stream of water arced over Debbie’s head and the fine mist made a rainbow.

    “You wanna get cooled off too?” Ethan said.

    “No,” Pam shouted and covered her face with her hands, but the water rained down on her. She sucked in her breath. It was icy cold.

    “Here, do it with this,” Debbie said and thrust the soapy sponge at her.

    The soap splashed in her eyes and stung. Pam screamed and tried to get away, but ran into somebody with a hard thud. It must have been Ethan because his strong arms wrapped around her. His hand thrust down the front of her shorts. She couldn’t believe what he was doing. He had something cold in his hand and it pressed against her mound, sending a chill up her spine. She arched her back, and just as she realized it was the nozzle of the hose, he squeezed the handle and the icy cold water shot straight into her pussy.

    She stiffened. The feeling was incredible, like she was going to explode with an orgasm, and the cold water was filling her pussy.

    “Oh my God,” she said, and shuddered.

    Ethan released her and her feet touched the ground, but her knees were too weak to hold her up and she collapsed.

    “Are you ok? Did I hurt you?” he said.

    Pam wiped the soap and her wet, stringy hair from her eyes.

    “I have to go inside.”

    She pushed herself to her feet and ran to the house on trembling knees. In the kitchen she collapsed again on the floor, shaking all over and dripping wet. Her insides were full of cold water. She could feel it slosh in her belly when she moved. The back of her bikini bottom was wedged in her crack, sealing her pussy shut.

    Holding the edge of the counter, she pulled herself to her feet. It was a struggle to keep her legs squeezed together so all that water didn’t come gushing out and make a puddle in the middle of the kitchen. Just as she made a first step toward the bathroom, Mom came down from upstairs. She crossed her legs and leaned over the counter on both arms. One of Ethan’s car catalogs was right there. She grabbed it and flipped it open.

    “Hi honey. Whatcha doing?” she said.

    “Nothing much. Just hanging out.”

    Mom looked around the kitchen. “Where’d your friend go?”

    “Oh, she’s out front with Ethan. They’re washing his car.”

    “Is that why you’re all wet?”

    “Huh? Oh, yeah. Ethan sprayed me pretty good,” Pam said. The water was leaking from her pussy. She hoped Mom didn’t notice. She also hoped the water didn’t make her belly swell. She would think she was pregnant.

    “Ok. Well, I’m going out to dinner tonight with Ron, if that’s all right with you?” Mom said.

    Pam shrugged. “Sure. Why not?”

    “Good. I’ll tell Ethan,” Mom said and went to the front door.

    Pam rolled her eyes. Finally. She didn’t care who she had dinner with as long as they went out. She closed the catalog and hobbled toward the bathroom.
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    Part 5

    "What happened to her?" Debbie said, and put her hands on her hips.

    "I don't know. I hope she's ok," Ethan said. He threw the hose down in the grass like it was a dangerous snake he just killed.

    Debbie chuckled. "I bet you just popped her quarter."

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know. Got her off?"

    He stared at the front door where Pam went inside just a few seconds before. What if Debbie was right? What if he got her off with the hose and she was too embarrassed to let them see?

    Mom came out of the house all dressed up and told him she was going to dinner with Ron.

    "Pam's in the house and she's acting a bit funny," Mom said.

    "I'll check on her," Ethan said.

    "Ok. You guys have fun tonight. Get a movie. I left some money for a pizza."

    Mom got in her car and drove off. Ethan picked up the hose again. There was nothing left to do but finish washing his car. Debbie dropped the sponge in the bucket of soapy water.

    "Do you mind if I ask you something?" she said.

    "Sure." He sprayed the rest of the GTO. Only one side of it had been washed.

    "I heard from some of the girls that you got a really big dick. I don't believe them."

    He stopped spraying the car. "Which girls?"

    Debbie shrugged. She had a defiant look in her eyes. "I don't know. Just some girls, ones you probably fucked."

    He kicked at the hose. "What about it?"

    "Is it true?"

    "What do you care?"

    "You know my brother got me pregnant, right?" she said.

    "Yeah. So?"

    "He got me pregnant because I found out he had a big dick, I mean really long and really fat, the kind of dick that stretches my pussy, you know? Anyway, when I saw his dick all long and hard like that, I had to fuck him."

    Ethan watched her for a minute. The sun glared off the shiny chrome pieces on the GTO and made him squint.

    "Is that why you wanna know, so you can decide if you wanna fuck me?" he said.

    "Well ... Yeah, I guess."

    He scoffed. "What should I care how big your brother's dick is?"

    She pointed at his crotch.

    "Looks like it means something to you."

    He looked down. His hard dick was pushing out the front of his shorts like he was hiding a canoe in his pocket.

    "You really want me to show you my dick?" he said.

    Debbie crossed her arms. "No. Not if you don't think it's big enough to turn me on, I don't wanna see it."

    "Fine. Then I guess you don't wanna see it."

    He started spraying the car again. Debbie's arms thrust down to her sides and her hands clenched into fists. For a moment she looked like she was going to blow up.

    "If it's so big, why don't you just whip it out?" she said in an angry tone.

    Ethan shut off the hose. "I could. What are you gonna give me?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "I mean if I show you my dick, are you gonna show me your pussy?"

    She crossed her arms and sneered. "Let me see your dick first."

    He looked around. "Let's go in the garage."

    He took her hand and she followed him to the back of the garage. There were a few people on the street, but none of them could see what they were doing from that angle. He unbuckled his belt and pushed his shorts down. Debbie's mouth fell open.

    "Oh shit. It's huge."

    He held it up and pulled the skin back.

    "Is it as big as your brother's?" he said.

    Her fingers reached out and touched it tentatively.

    "It's about twice as big."

    She took it in her hand and he let go. Her hand was warm and she squeezed gently, moving it back and forth slowly.

    "Now let me see yours," he said.

    She bit her lower lip. "Ok. But not here."

    "Why not here?"

    "I want someplace more ... private," she said, still pumping his cock.

    "How about my room?"

    She shrugged. "That'd be ok, I guess."

    Ethan stuffed his cock back in his shorts and buckled up.

    "Good. Go up and wait for me. I'll be there in a few minutes."

    She grinned at him and ran in the house like it was her birthday and she was going to get a big surprise. He put the GTO back in the garage, put the hose away, and dumped the soapy water. For some reason he was in no hurry. Debbie was all right, but did he really want to fool around with her? Not really. He'd much rather fool around with Pam. He wiped a spot of dirt off the fender, then rubbed his erection through his shorts. He had been hard for a long time, so long it ached. Since Mrs. Thorn wasn't around to help him with that, he'd see if Debbie could do something about it.

    He went inside and up to his room. He stopped outside the door. Both girls were there, and they both smiled at him.

    "Hi Ethan," Debbie said.

    Pam had taken off her shorts and they were sitting on his bed, watching the television. He was suddenly very nervous. He didn't expect Pam to be there. Would he still bother with making Debbie show him her pussy? Was there any chance she would help get him off?

    "What's going on?" he said.

    "Not much. Just watching tv," Debbie said.

    "Do you mind if I change my shirt?"

    "Go ahead," Pam said.

    They were both watching him and smiling. He was tense, but what did he have to be nervous about? He was just taking off his shirt, and both girls had already seen his hard dick. It didn't help, though. He was still nervous.

    He took the wet shirt off, threw it in the corner and got a clean, dry shirt from his dresser. The girls were still watching him, and Debbie was staring at his crotch.

    "You wanna watch a movie?" Pam said.

    "Sure. Which one?" Ethan said. He reached for the rack of DVDs over his desk, but she pushed the play button on the remote.

    "How about this one?" she said.

    The movie came on and it was a porno he borrowed from Darien, right in the middle of a scene where a guy was pounding his cock into a girl's greased up ass, and she was moaning out loud. All three of them stared at it.

    "That one's ok. I got some better ones over here," he said and reached for the rack again.

    "We wanna watch this one," Pam said.

    "Yeah. You wanna sit right here?" Debbie said. She scooted over to make room between her and Pam.

    He tried to think of a reason why he couldn't sit there, but nothing came to mind, so he sat between them with his hands over his lap. The video didn't help. Another guy came in and fucking the girl's pussy while the first guy was fucking her ass. The girl moaned louder.

    Ethan's erection ached more. He tried to cross his legs to keep it from showing too much, but there was no way he could do that without bending it in half. He tried to let his legs spread a little wider. His knees were already touching the girls knees on either side. He turned his head down to look away from the video, but all he could see were Pam's smooth, tanned legs and Debbie's smooth, tanned legs. If he turned his head a little to either side he could see up to their crotches, where a tiny triangle of fabric disappeared between each of their crotches.

    Pam was smiling at him and he looked away quickly. Had she figured out how uncomfortable he was? How could she not notice? He finally gave in and moved his hands and shifted to try to get comfortable, which only made the swelling of his erection more obvious. Pam was still smiling at him.

    Debbie licked her finger and rubbed at a spot on her thigh, turning her hip so her whole leg was visible.

    "Are you uncomfortable?" she said. Her hand touched his leg, very close to the long ridge.

    "I'm fine," he said.

    Her fingers moved over the ridge of his hard cock and he tensed.

    "Would you like to take this thing out and make yourself more comfortable?"

    He glanced at Pam, hoping she had not noticed, but she was watching the whole thing and rolled her eyes. He swallowed hard. It was easy to see what she was thinking. Sure, Debbie was being very obvious, but he didn't care. If he didn't bust his nut soon he was going to blow up.

    "Would that be all right?" he said, and cleared his throat.

    "Yes," both girls said at the same time.

    He chuckled. They giggled too, as if they were as nervous and anxious as him. His palms were sweating. He couldn't believe he was doing this in front of his sister, but there was no going back. He unfastened his belt. Pam and Debbie were grinning at each other. He pushed his shorts down and pulled out his cock. The girls each let out a soft sigh.

    The movie was still going and no one was watching it. The girls were staring at his dick and he was trying to judge their reactions, Pam's especially.

    "Ethan? I'll let you touch me pussy if you let me touch your thing," Debbie said.

    He leaned back, propping himself up on his arms. His cock stood straight up in the air.

    "Go ahead."
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    Good story, im hard and waiting for more (lol) I'd like to see this story get a little perverted and take it to its logical conclusion. where he finally nails his ***. (OK... am I a bad person now?)
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    norridge il
    im liking the story keep it comeing no pun intended:biggrin1:
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    Part 6

    Debbie put her hand around it and stroked slowly. He sighed. His heart was pounding in his chest. His dick looked ridiculously huge in her hand. She didn't look too sure of what she was doing, though. It was a thrill that they were doing it in front of Pam.

    "Does that feel good?" Debbie said.

    "Yeah. Do it like this."

    He put his hand around her's and pulled it down harder, and he groaned.

    "That feels better?" she said.

    "Yeah. That makes me feel like I wanna cum."

    Debbie giggled. "Do you wanna try this?" she said and angled his cock toward Pam.

    She looked at him and blinked. He was holding his breath. This was what he waited so long to feel. What if he came as soon as she touched him?

    "Sure," Pam said.

    She reached for it and put her hand around the shaft. Ethan groaned and closed his eyes. It was better than he imagined. Her hand was warm and her fingers sent tingles from his cock through the rest of his body. She squeezed tight and moved her hand from the tip to the bottom and back.

    "How's that?" she said.

    He opened his eyes. She was smiling at him.

    "That's really good," he said.

    Debbie crawled up to him and started licking his neck. He turned to look at her and she kissed him. He found the tip of her tongue with his tongue. Her soft breasts flattened against his shoulder. She pulled her lips away with a smack and looked at Pam.

    "You like playing with your brother's dick?" she said.

    "Yeah. I wanted to do this for a long time."

    "I'll let you play with it any time," Ethan said.

    Debbie laughed. "I bet you will. I used to have fun when my brother let me play with his dick. Then when he got me knocked up he went and got a girlfriend and he never lets me touch him anymore."

    She rubbed the head of his cock while Pam stroked the shaft, and with her other hand she rubbed his balls. She was staring at it and the tip of her tongue poked between her lips, like she had something more on her mind. But it was Debbie who made the move first.

    "I wanna suck you now," she said.

    She leaned over him and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Pam let go and sat back, watching Debbie's head move up and down. Ethan noticed a pained look in her eyes. What was that all about?

    Debbie looked at him with a smile. She had saliva on her chin, and more of it running down the side of his cock.

    "It's so big. I can't get all of it in my mouth," she said.

    "Keep trying. Show me how deep you can take it."

    "Ok," she said with another big smile.

    She closed her puffy lips around the end and bobbed her head, working it deeper into her mouth a bit at a time. He groaned and closed his eyes and fell back on the bed.

    "Most guys love it when I suck on their cocks. I'm very good at it," Debbie said and went back to sucking him even harder.

    He propped himself up on his elbows to watch. Pam was watching too, but she didn't smile when he looked at her. He wanted to ask what was wrong. She probably wanted a turn at sucking his dick, but Debbie wasn't giving her a turn. He'd love it if she sucked him. Why wasn't she telling Debbie to give her a turn?

    Debbie sucked her mouth off of his cock with a loud, wet slurp.

    "I'd love it if you fucked me with this thing," she said. She got up on her knees and pushed down her bikini bottom before he could answer.

    "Sure, I guess," he said.

    Still Pam didn't say anything. Debbie crawled on top of him and straddled him with her legs. His hands went to her waist. The shaft of his cock brushed against her pussy and she rubbed herself on it.

    "Pam, give me some help with that, will you?" Debbie said, looking over her shoulder.

    "Sure," was all Pam said. She took Ethan's cock and lined it up with Debbie's pussy. She lowered her hips a bit and the head pierced her tight slit. She bit her lower lip.

    "Mmm, that's gonna be a tight fit, baby. I don't know if I can get it all in," she said and wiggled her ass.

    "Let me give you a hand with that," Ethan said.

    He pushed down on her hips with both hands and about half of his cock plunged into her pussy. Her mouth fell open and her eyes bulged.

    "Oh my God. I can't believe you did that," she said.

    "Did it hurt?"

    Her head nodded. Her mouth still hung open.

    "Does it feel good?"

    She thought for a second, then the corners of her mouth turned up.

    "Yeah, it does," she said. She wiggled her ass again. "Damn, boy, I never been stretched open like this. I never got so full of cock before."

    "I still got more. Are you gonna take it all?"

    He looked at Pam. She smiled at him, but it lasted only a moment. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and turned away. Debbie let her weight settle on his waist and the last inch of his cock was swallowed by her pussy.

    "How's that?" she said. She sat up straight over him and brushed her dark hair away from her face with her fingers.

    "That's better. Let's take this off, too," he said and put his hands on her round tits.

    She untied the bikini top and whipped it off. He squeezed her bare boobs and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. She threw her bikini top on the floor by the door just as Pam was going out. He opened his mouth to call her back, but Debbie dug her nails into his chest and pressed herself down on his cock and all he could do was groan.

    "God you feel so good inside me," she said. She was moving her ass up and down, letting his cock slide out of her pussy, then slide all the way back in. She was biting her lower lip and moaning.

    Ethan's hands were on her boobs, holding them like handles. She was warm and wet and tight around his cock, and he was unable to concentrate on how good she felt. Watching Pam walk out of his room still bothered him. What did he do to make her leave? He was hoping this was finally his chance to do it with her.

    Debbie bounced harder on him and he forgot about Pam. She let out a gasp and collapsed on top of him. He wrapped his arms around her and thrust up with his hips. She squealed over and over. He moved his hands down her back to her ass and pulled her down hard.

    She was weak and helpless in his hands and he could do anything to her he wanted. So why didn't he want to? Why was it that what he felt for her was not passion or lust but anger? He wanted to fuck her, but it wasn't just that. It was something less.

    He threw her off and she bounced on the bed beside him. For a moment she had a look of fear in her eyes, then she grinned.

    "I didn't know you liked it rough. You're always such a nice guy. That's cool. I like it rough, too," she said, and let her legs spread wide.

    "I'll give it to you rough," Ethan said.

    He grabbed her ankles and shoved them up to her shoulders, bending her in half. She squealed.

    "Ethan, what are you doing?"

    "I'm gonna fuck you hard."

    Her mouth hung open and she was panting, almost like she was about to cry. Her eyes stared at his huge cock, which swayed like a pendulum between his legs, only an inch above her wet, pink slit. Her arms were pinned under her legs and she was unable to move. This was the way he wanted her, totally helpless and under his control. He lowered his hips until the tip of his cock brushed the puffy lips of her pussy. She whimpered and her lower lip quivered.

    "Don't ..." she said in a soft murmur.

    But he did it anyway. He dropped his weight on her and his cock plunged into her pussy. Her eyes bulged. He pulled back and jammed his cock in again before she could catch her breath and moan. Her brow furrowed and she looked like she was in pain, but he didn't care. He wasn't going to stop to check on her.

    The bed rocked and banged against the wall. He used all of his strength to lift himself from her slender, delicate body and pound his cock deeper into her pussy again and again. She was moaning, or maybe screaming in his ear. He didn't care about that either. Something about the way she treated his sister made him want to scare her, or even hurt her.

    She stared up at him like she was trying to plead with him when she was unable to speak. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth and the only sounds she managed to make were pathetic whimpers and gurgles. There was nothing he wanted to do more than spill his seed into her.

    His back arched and he groaned out loud. The first eruption of cum made his entire body convulse, and the rest of his cum flowed from his cock with one painful spasm after another deep in his groin. He covered Debbie with his body and let it all pump into her.

    When it finished he was the one limp and weak and unable to move. Her voice was a muffled squeak from somewhere beneath him.

    "I can't breathe," she said.

    Ethan pushed himself up on his arms. Their sweaty skin peeled apart like two sheets of adhesive. Her face was red and her stringy hair crisscrossed her face like a web. Her heavy panting made her nostrils flare.

    "You can take it out now. You probably got me pregnant," she said.

    "You didn't expect that when you asked to see my cock?"

    "I didn't expect you to dump your wad in my pussy."

    He released her ankles. With her arms free she pushed up on his chest. He lifted himself from between her legs, drawing his cock from her pussy. It came out with a wet sucking noise, followed by a gush of cum that spilled on the sheet under her ass. She rolled out from under him and grabbed her shorts and bikini.

    Ethan lay on his side, propping his head up with his arm. His wet, sticky cock lay across his thigh. Debbie put her shorts on and paused to stare at it with a strange desire in her eyes.

    "If I don't get pregnant let's do it again, ok?" she said, holding the bikini over her plump breasts.

    "We'll see."

    She nodded, but looked a little sad. "Ok. I gotta go."

    "I know."

    She put on the bikini top and ran out of his room. He sighed. That was the third girl that afternoon that ran out of his room. Was it him?
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    Part 7

    The sink was piled with dishes and Mom was pissed. They were supposed to be done before any of the ladies arrived for her yard party. Pam had put them off as long as she could, hoping they would go away. In the back of her mind she understood why Mom was mad. But would she admit that? No way.

    She turned on the water in the sink and waited for it to get hot. What pissed her off was that Ethan had finished cutting the grass and all he had to do was take out the trash and he was free to go back to playing video games in his room, or whatever it was he did up there.

    She picked up the first dish, a greasy pan with hard cheese baked on the edge. It wasn't fair. She could think of a million things she could be doing in her room, and most of them she could do with her clothes on.

    She filled the sink with hot, soapy water and stuck her hands in. Before she was done with the first few dishes, someone rang the doorbell. She waited for Ethan or Mom to get it, but they weren't around and whoever it was rang the doorbell again.

    "I'll get it," Pam shouted, and slapped the brush in the soapy water, which splashed on her blouse. She spit out a silent curse, washed the soap suds from her hands and blouse, and went to open the front door.

    It was a girl, not one of the ladies for Mom's party. She looked like one of Ethan's friends, and she was wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt that were a couple of sizes too small for her chunky body. She had really big boobs that stretched the front of her tight shirt, and she wasn't wearing a bra. Her jeans were low on her hips, exposing the straps of her thong underwear, and the short shirt revealed her soft belly with a ring in her navel and a tattoo on her hip. She stopped chewing her gum and smiled.

    "Hey. Can Ethan come out and play?" she said.

    "Who are you?"

    The girl on the other side of the screen door chuckled. "You're cute."

    Ethan came in from the garage and saw her. His eyes lit up.

    "Iris. What are you doing here?" he said, and opened the door to let her in.

    "I came over to see if you wanna get busy."

    Ethan scratched his head. "I can't. My Mom's home."

    Iris touched his chest with her index finger.

    "That's ok. She won't hear me scream if I got your cock in my mouth. What about you?"

    He glanced at Pam. His face was bright red.

    "Is this your sister?" Iris said with a quick smile.

    "Yes. This is Pam."

    Iris gave him a big kiss with her tongue in his mouth and rubbed the front of his shorts. He gasped when she pulled away, and looked at Pam.

    "Why don't you go back to what you were doing?" he said.

    Iris grinned at her. Pam frowned, but went back to the kitchen. Already, she hated that girl. It was so easy for other girls, like her or even Debbie, to get her brother. Why was it so hard to get him to share what he had with her?

    Ethan watched her walking into the kitchen for a second. He was sorry to be so rude to her, but he suddenly had a burning lust for Iris, and he was rapidly growing stiff in his shorts.

    "Where's your Mom now?" she said.

    "She's in the back yard."

    "Is your room up there?" she said, pointing up the stairs.

    He looked in the direction she was pointing. "Yeah."

    She grabbed his hand and practically dragged him up the stairs.

    "Great. I can jump you and she'll never know."

    He followed her ass up the stairs. It was a bit bigger and rounder than other girls, like Pam's, but it was still hot, especially squeezed into those tight jeans. And from the way her boobs jiggled and swayed under her shirt, it was painfully obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. At the top of the stairs she turned left and went straight to his room, as if she had been there before. She stood inside the door, looking around.

    "Wow. I like your room. These are all your movies? I haven't seen any of them. Are any of them dirty?" she said with a sly grin.

    He shrugged. "A couple."

    He had his hands in his pockets, hoping to cover the swelling that was pushing out the front. Iris didn't seem to notice, however. She touched the post at the foot of his bed.

    "This is a nice bed. How many girls have you fucked on it?"

    "Just a couple."

    She pulled her t-shirt up over her big, round boobs.

    "Wanna make me next?" she said.

    She put her arms around his neck, tilted her head to the right and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He opened wide and let it in, swirling his tongue with hers. There was no hiding the bulge in his shorts any longer. Her soft belly was pressed against it. He reached up and squeezed her boobs, and that made her moan.

    "Your hands are so warm. I like it when you touch me."

    She ground herself on his erection, then put her mouth back on his.

    He wanted her badly. There was something about her that wasn't quite right. Maybe she was too pushy or too bossy, he wasn't sure what. But he didn't care about that. She had a soft, warm body and she knew how to use it like skinny girls didn't, and he wanted to use it for himself. He let his hand slip down into the back of her jeans, but she backed away.

    "Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you?" she said.

    "I'm right where I wanna be."

    She giggled. "You're a lot cockier than the last time we fucked. You used to be kinda shy. What happened?"

    "Maybe I just found out girls like what I'm carrying," he said, and rubbed the lump in the front of his shorts.

    She leaned back on the bed with her legs spread, staring at the lump. Her nipples were stiff.

    "Yeah, cockier. You got a lot cockier."

    He pressed his knee to her crotch. She said "Ooo," and lifted her ass off the bed to push back.

    "What did Darien mean when he said you were in the club?" Ethan said.

    "The club? You know about that, baby. All the girls are in the club."

    "Really? Who are all the girls?"

    "A lot of girls. Girls you haven't met yet. Some don't even go to our school. We just like to fuck hockey players. Especially ones with big cocks."

    She reached up to unbuckle his belt and pull down the zipper.

    "I thought we had something special," he said.

    Iris snorted. "You're the one who's got something special." She reached into his shorts and pulled out his dick and sighed. "Oh my. You don't know how much I've missed you."

    Ethan had another question he wanted to ask, but forgot what it was. She was stroking his dick slowly and licking her lips. He couldn't wait for what was going to happen next.

    "I'm gonna lick your cock. Is that all right?" she said.

    "That's fine with me."

    "Good. I'm gonna lick it right here."

    She lifted his dick and ran her moist tongue over the head.

    "I like the taste of your cock, baby. Can I lick it one more time?"

    "Go ahead."

    "Thank you," she said. She stuck her tongue way out and licked up one side. "Uh oh. It looks like I got this side wet. Is it ok if I got this side wet, too?"

    "Yes, it's ok."

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    great stuff man keep it up
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    Birmingham (GB)
    keep it up man! oh yeh put some mesurements in there :p boobs size and dick size such like tht ^^
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    Dallas, Texas
    Disregard this.
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    Part 8

    She tickled the other side of his shaft with the tip of her tongue, letting it flicker back and forth as it moved closer to the head. Her lips stretched wide and she sucked on the tip. Her tongue poked into the tiny hole at the end. She leaned forward, sliding his cock deep into her mouth over her tongue. The head touched the back of her mouth and made her gag and she pulled it out.

    "Damn, baby. I thought I was gonna choke." Then she grinned and her eyelashes fluttered. "Guess that wouldn't be such a bad way to die, I mean with your cock in my throat."

    "Have you ever tried that?"

    "Tried what?"

    "To swallow a cock? You know, take it down your throat?"

    She gave him a funny look and laughed.

    "That's crazy. Where did you hear about that?"

    "I saw it in a movie. Let's try it. I bet you can do it," Ethan said, and pushed his cock toward her mouth.

    She started to open it to let him in, then snapped her lips shut tight and turned her head away. She smiled, but it was a nervous smile.

    "I don't think I want to try that. Why don't you get with ** on that? She's into kinky shit like that."

    "I think you can get it in," he said.

    She snickered and stood up, but it was an impatient snicker, like a parent with an obstinate child.

    "I can think of someplace better we can get it in. Sit down. I want to show you my new tattoo."

    She sat him on the edge of the bed and turned around so her ass was in his face. She unbuckled her wide belt and pushed her jeans down on her hips. She was wearing tiny, pink panties that were wedged between the cheeks of her ass. On her left cheek was a tattoo of a gold star with a pair of crossed hockey sticks and a hockey puck in the center.

    "What is it?" he said.

    "It's the new sign for our club. Do you like it?"

    "You should put a condom in it somewhere."

    Iris laughed. "We don't use condoms, silly. We like to feel the cum in our pussies."

    He grabbed her panties and yanked them all the way down her legs with her jeans.

    "Don't you worry about getting pregnant?"

    She shrugged. "It's a chance we take. Makes it more exciting that way, don't you think?"

    She bent forward at the waist, spread her legs over his and reached down between them for his cock. He leaned back on the bed to watch her guide it to her pussy.

    "Does it need to be any more exciting?"

    "With some of the guys, yes. With you, not really."

    She rubbed the head of his dick along the wet slit of her pussy and rocked her hips like she was dancing to a slow song. She let it pierce her opening, pushed herself down a bit and flinched.

    "Damn, baby. I forgot how it hurts," she said.

    "Take your time. It'll fit."

    She had her hands on her knees. The first inch or so of his cock was already in her pussy, and there was a lot more to go. She lowered herself slowly on it, moaning softly with her mouth closed. Every few inches she paused, as if to allow herself to adjust to the stretching. She moved her ass up and down, sliding her pussy on the top half of his cock.

    "Ooo baby, that feels so good," she said.

    He ran his hands up her thighs and squeezed her ass.

    "You got the best pussy. Of all the girls in the club, you got the tightest, wettest pussy," he said.

    She looked back over her shoulder. "How do you know that? You haven't fucked all the girls yet."

    "I'll get to them."

    He grabbed her hips and pulled her down. Her weight settled on his lap and his entire cock buried itself deep in her pussy and she yelped.

    "Oh my ..." she said.

    "Did that hurt?"

    "A little."

    "You had all of it inside you before."

    "That was a while ago, baby. I fucked a lot of guys since then. None of them were nearly as big as you," she said.

    "Then you just need to fuck me more often."

    She giggled. "Is that a promise?"

    Her ass moved up and down. His cock slid in and out of her pussy with a wet sucking sound. She moaned softly from deep inside with her mouth closed.

    It felt good to fuck her again. Ethan let his hands glide up her sides from her full hips to her boobs and squeezed. Sure, it made him jealous to see her in Darien's bed, but he could let that go. After all, it wasn't like he was saving himself for her. There was Mrs. Thorn, and there was Debbie ...

    "Oh, I almost forgot. Darien wanted me to ask you a favor," she said, still moving herself up and down on his cock.

    "What is it?"

    "He wanted to know if you would take care of that paperwork for him."

    He molded her tits and pushed his own hips up off the bed.

    "Why doesn't he want to do it?"

    Iris shrugged. "He said something about keeping him off the team."

    He stopped squeezing her tits. "What team?"

    "You know. The juniors team. For the Junior World Cup."

    He stopped pumping his hips and took his hands off her.

    "You came here to ask me to lie for Darien?"

    She twisted around to look at him as far as she could with his cock still in her pussy.

    "No, that's not true," she said.

    He lifted her off his cock, dumped her on the bed and stood up.

    "He put you up to this, didn't he?"

    She couldn't answer, and couldn't look him in the eye.

    "I think you should leave," he said.

    "But baby, I haven't made you cum yet."

    She reached for his sticky cock, but he pushed her hand aside.

    "Just go."

    She looked angry when he thought she might be hurt. She didn't move for a minute, avoiding his eyes, then got up to put her jeans back on and pulled her shirt down over her tits.

    "You're making a big mistake," she said, and walked out of his room.

    He waited until he heard her going down the stairs, then let out a deep sigh and flopped on his bed. He couldn't help but feel disappointed. He wanted her so bad. His cock was still rigid and tall, and ached to feel the inside of her pussy again.

    But there was probably no chance of that ever happening again. She was mad at him and he didn't understand why. Wasn't she the one who was trying to manipulate him? He sighed again, put his hand around his cock and started to rub.

    The sliding glass door opened and Mom came in from the back yard. Her flower-covered work gloves were dirty and she was pulling them off. She came into the kitchen, where Pam was still washing dishes.

    "Where's Ethan?" she said.

    "He's in his room," Pam said, with her hands in the warm, soapy water, but it was too late when she realized what she had said.

    "I need him to help me set up those tables before the party starts," Mom said.

    Pam panicked. If Mom caught Ethan in his room with that girl she'd freak. She grabbed a knife that she had just washed and cut the side of her finger. The sudden, stinging pain made her eyes water. Mom was starting up the stairs. Was Iris a moaner? Mom would hear her from there. Pam grabbed the nearest glass, smashed it on the counter and screamed. Mom came running back to the kitchen.

    "What happened? What happened?" she said.

    Pam held up her hand, with a drop of blood running over her palm.

    "I got cut."

    "Don't move. There's glass everywhere."

    Pam tried not to grin. She wasn't going anywhere, as long as Mom didn't go anywhere, either.

    She stepped carefully over the broken glass on the floor and took Pam's hand. She washed away the blood with warm water.

    "It looks like a small cut. I'll get a bandage," she said.

    Pam pressed her finger on the cut, where a little blood was still leaking out. Mom opened the closet by the bathroom and got a bandage from the box on the shelf. She put it on her finger, and together they swept up the broken glass.

    "Do me a favor. Find your brother and tell him I need him in the back yard. I don't know what made him think his work was done," Mom said and went back out to the back yard with her flower-covered gloves.

    The doorbell rang just as the sliding glass door closed. Pam let out a sigh. At least Mom hadn't caught Ethan with a girl in his room. She went to open the front door. Standing on the porch was an older woman with graying hair. She smiled at Pam.

    "Hello. I'm Dolores. You must be Pam."

    "Yes. My Mom's in the back yard."

    She opened the screen door to let her in and led her to the back yard, where Mom was arranging flowers on one of the tables. Before she closed the sliding glass door someone was coming down the stairs and she went to see who it was. Iris came down alone, and she looked mad about something. Did they have a fight?

    "Where are you going?" Pam said.

    Iris stopped at the bottom of the stairs like it was her house and Pam was the stranger.

    "I have to be somewhere," she said and opened the front door.

    "Did you suck Ethan's cock?"

    Iris stopped again and had an annoyed look on her face.

    "You're pretty nosy, aren't you?"

    Pam crossed her arms. "Did you suck him?"

    Iris let go of the door and put her hands on her hips.

    "Since you want to know so bad, I fucked your brother. He's got a big, fat cock and he should fuck you with it to shut your mouth."

    She walked out and slammed the door. Pam jumped. In a low voice she said, "Maybe I want him to fuck me with it."

    She looked to the top of the stairs. He was still up there. His door was open. She could see the light from his room. And he had just got off. She closed her eyes and imagined him laying naked on his bed, spent, with his long cock laying over his thigh. But Iris was pretty ticked when she left. How could she have that cock inside her and go away mad?
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    good story is the rest in another post or just not here yet?? if in another plz tell awesome story
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    Thanks for your comments.

    The rest of the story gets into situations that might be objectionable to some readers.

    If you would like to read the entire book of stories about Pam and Ethan, please send a private message with your e-mail address, or contact me at jallen @ burpingfrog . com (without the spaces).

    I will be happy to e-mail the complete, unedited e-book.

    Part 9

    She went up the stairs, turned the corner and raised her hand to knock on the door frame, but he was laying on his bed, completely naked, just as she had imagined, except that his cock wasn't limp and laying across his thigh. It was hard and thick and stood straight up, and he had his hand around it.

    She gasped. His eyes snapped open. For a second he was frozen, just staring back at her. He sat up, grabbed the pillow from behind his head and covered his lap.

    "Mom wants ... What's wrong?" she said.

    "Nothing. Why?"

    She took a step into his room. He looked frightened.

    "Iris left in a hurry. Did you guys have a fight?"

    "No. She just ... It was, you know ... Nothing."

    She walked to his bed. It was crazy, but she felt like she was being pulled toward him. He moved and she knelt beside him on his bed.

    "What's wrong?" she said again.

    He shook his head. He had one hand under the pillow.

    "It hurts."

    She tried to slip her hand under the pillow, but he pushed it away.

    "Can I see it?" she said.

    "What are you talking about? You're my sister." He hugged the pillow tighter to his lap.

    "I've seen it before. I've even touched it. Don't you remember?"

    "I remember. I was there."

    "Then what's the problem?"

    He shook his head. "It just feels strange to expose myself to my sister."

    She reached for the pillow.

    "I'm not gonna do anything. I just wanna look at it."

    He let go of the pillow. She pulled it away and his penis jumped up, startling her.

    "My god. It's so big," she said in a low voice.

    She tingled all over. It was as if she had never seen it before. It was deep red and the thick, dark veins that ran along its length pulsed with blood. She licked her lips.

    "Did Iris make you cum?" she said. She squeezed her hands into fists and pressed them into her thighs. It took all her control not to reach out and touch it.

    "No. Nothing came out."

    "Did you guys have sex?"

    A shiver tickled her spine. He was right. It was a strange feeling to sit next to her brother and talk about sex when he had his cock out like that.

    "Yeah, sort of. We didn't finish."

    She nodded. Out of the corner of her eye she was looking at his cock. Her heart was pounding. That they didn't finish was something she didn't need to be told.

    "What made you guys quit?"

    "She lied to me," he said, with a touch of venom in his voice.

    Pam nodded again. She could hear the anger and hurt in his words. It didn't really register, though. She was looking for details. The more he told her, the hotter she got. It was all a really bad idea because she wouldn't be able to control herself if she kept it up, and she was dying to know more, anything if it meant she could sit there another minute with his cock so close.

    "What did she lie to you about?" she said. Her throat was tight, which made it difficult to talk.

    "She wanted me to cheat on some paperwork for Darien. She didn't come here to have sex with me."

    "What a bitch," she said.

    "Yeah. I guess I better get back to helping Mom with those bushes," he said and stood up.

    She blinked. Where was he going? He reached for his shorts and she could only stare at his huge, swaying cock. How was he going to keep that hidden from Mom?

    "Wait. You can't leave now," she said. Her heart was pounding faster.

    He stopped with his shorts halfway up his legs.

    "Why not?"

    She hesitated. That was an excellent question. Why not?

    "Because ... Because you're clearly in discomfort. Look. You can't go out there like that."

    She pointed to his cock and he looked down at it, hanging from his front like the end of a firehose.
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